Sunday, January 1, 2012

Vacation's End

Entry: seven hundred twenty-two.

I've been pretty inactive since about two weeks ago. Burnout, the doctors said. I didn't have the mental fortitude to be active out in the wide open galaxy and participate in the endless destruction of shaped metal throwing rocks out the back.

They told me to take a vacation.

There were terms. I could continue skill training, but Tranquility neocom access was cut down to a minimum. Singularity simulator access remained open, as well as any of the other entertainments I could find. Sleep was also a major requirement, and lots of it.

For two weeks, I didn't participate at all, and I have to admit, it felt like a burden was lifted off my shoulders. I knew I would come back eventually, but I felt lighter for not constantly trying to push myself to do better and better on the killboards. I had no corp responsibilities, no CTAs to attend, no roams to go to, and none of the frustrations and joys that go with any of them. The absence was the drug, and it was a blissful one.

For those two weeks, I played some games via jacking in from the quarters at 49-U6U. My new favorite has been this particular one called Skyrim. From my youth, I played Daggerfall, and Skyrim played in the first person view is exactly like it. Good memories and a great game, who can argue with that? I also took one day in the Singularity simulator to practice some combat with contacts of mine.

That particular simulation activity was a bit hodge podge, and we just ran around shooting each other, but there was no thrill. Eventually we tried some fleet and gang stuff after testing solo fits against each other, but it was getting late for everyone, and we only got the one fleet versus fleet fight to happen before going.

Still it was a learning experience. My solo combat remains poor. Testing the Tornado AC fits tells me it's either rubbish or I'm flying it wrong, the answer likely being both. Fleet combat remains good for me: something about being part of a group makes it easier for me to make better decisions. I intend to keep working on my solo skills with Singularity from time to time, but it will be a while before I feel half decent enough again to even think sideways about solo roaming. It sure puts a new respect in me for solo roamers. Offhand I know of a few, but let's not name names and blow their covers for the unwary.

Two years as a pilot have come and gone and I don't regret any of it. I'm looking forward to the third. In a few days, I'll have been a null-sec resident for a full year. Truly, I've never experienced a place more vibrant and energetic than null, and I hope to never leave.
Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. I've been on an EVE break for the last few weeks, tendonitis in both arms :(

    I've caught up on a lot of TV series (Homeland was very good).

    But by the gods, I REALLY need to kill something in EVE. I need that rush.