Monday, November 29, 2010

The Death of Education

I was beyond surprised, and elated, to find out about the Learning Skills going the way of the Dinosaur. Huzzah! Score one for common sense!

I was also extremely happy to hear that all 1 million skillpoints I have in Learning can be put towards anything I want ^_^ See, I recently (yesterday) acquired Cruiser V, and Logistics III. Unfortunately for my 70km scimitar (2 Large Shield Transporter II's, AB II, and 2 Invuln II's as the cap suckers), I will require Logistics V to be cap stable. I mean, If you're a Logistics, you're only purpose is to constantly repair shields, and relying on cap charges just won't do the trick. It can extend that 1 minute out to 5, I guess, but cap stable is where you really want to be because:

1) you're a logistics, constantly repping
2) you're 70k away, meaning you really want that AB going to keep in range if people start moving away
3) If you do get targeted, you need the invulns to buy you time to get away while repping your mates
4) God forbid an Arazu comes along, but you'll need that AB to make it out of scram range while repping your mates and tanking some incoming fire

I would have liked to pump those Skillpoints into Battlecruiser V, but, you know, if you can't fly a ship half decently you really shouldn't, so Logistics really needs it. I can spend a month on Battlecruiser V if I can get Logistics V up first, as it's generally more useful in fleet engagements than if it weren't.

In other news, my EVE break is (obviously) over. Guess I was feeling EVE'd out, and I just took a 2 week vacation. I did play some Starcraft 2, but not as much as you might suspect. There was alot of Real Life stuff that took place that interfered, not to mention keeping up on those SC2 tournaments, like MLG Raleigh and Dallas, and then Dreamhack (very recent). Since my EVE break is over though, I will be moving some assets to low sec, generally being a pirate, maybe some slight slight slight mission running out there. Unless a war comes along like tomorrow, this will happen, becaues high sec without war is just mission running, industry, and trade. Not exactly the glory days I was looking for if you know what I mean.

At the moment I have no idea what changed/has happened with the corp, but my guess will be very little as there appear to be no corp mails stacked up in my inbox, which is the sort of thing that usually happens in my experience when the corp is taking a drastic change or moving immediately towards a new goal.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Decisions Decisions

After reading some of the other blogs I follow (two in particular (name1, name2)), and agreeing with their analyses, I find myself wondering how EVE will continue to grow, much less keep current players.

Null sec has become super cap city. PvP is relegated for those with a downpayment of almost a year of playtime. Industry is more work than play and still requires at least a month commitment.

It's no wonder I find myself playing Starcraft 2 more than EVE lately. Starcraft is, put simply, more fun, and more challenging. It's not to say that EVE is a bad game, but it could be better.

And so lately I've found myself hardly logging on at all. Is it even fun anymore?

And after a little thinking, and not playing, I find myself realizing this: High Sec no longer interests me at all. Without wardecs, all that's left in high sec is trade, industry, research, mining, and missioning. With the recent Starcraft 2 playtime I've got, I'm finding 1v1 or PvP in general much more fulfilling, useful, and fun,  than PvE.

So, if PvP is what it's going to take, then I have one of two options: 1) Engage in constant low/null roams alone or with buddies 2) join Factional Warfare 3) move to low sec and remain in the current corp 4) change corps to a low-sec or null sec corp.

The way I see it, 4) isn't entirely appetizing simply because of the ditching friends issue. 1) could work, but I feel it will rather quickly lead to 3), which precludes me from taking part in wars that involve high sec without sever ratting to increase my security status, and for 2) to happen, I need to stop training Truen1ght and train Anjali, like I promised.

Since the corp is currently going on low sec roams every week, I think I can hold off long enough to get Anjali trained up to interceptor and have her join Factional Warfare.

I suppose I could hop on Morrdack a bit more, but I don't know, something feels a bit off about it right could just be that Morrdack has been inactive for a good while, but it could also be that when I do hop on, seems like no one else is. It's a bit strange, but I suppose I should expect that from an alt corp.

Good news though, Minmatar Cruiser V is almost done for Truen1ght, and when it is, Anjali trains up, forms a 1 woman corp, and goes to fight the good fight against the Caldari scum by joining the Gallente militia.


Monday, November 1, 2010

Battlecruiser IV and Two for One (out of character)

I finished Battlecruiser IV today. HUZZAH! What does this mean? That I am 60 DPS more fiendish than before! What does this mean in terms of the 900 DPS overheated Hurricane?

That I'm still forever away, because it assumes maxed drone skills, maxed assault missile skills, and maxed gunnery skills. Of those, I am likely to get maxed gunnery skills in a semi reasonable amount of time (2 months). After that, it's Minmatar Cruiser V and then the Logistics to max, because Logistics ships are insanely useful for the rest of your fleet, especially if everyone you fly with is Caldari or Minmatar and shield tanks like crazy.

Nothing new there, Minmatars tend to shield tank for damage, everyone knows this, except, of course, me a few months ago.

I saw recently today that CCP is offering the first 6 months half off for a new account.

I admit I am sorely tempted. However, I need to think a bit. I'll never dual box, ever, for any reason. I'm already trained up to mine in a Covetor with pretty decent skills and can even do Mercoxit, my weapons skills are level IV straight across except for the few level V's that were necessary, and my Spaceship command skills are pretty much right there with it (from frigate to battlecruiser, tech 1 anyways. Tech 2 only assault frigs are level IV and cov ops III). Research and Industry suck, but I don't want to be productive anyways. So, if I did get a second account, what would I do with it? I suppose I could go all Amarr with it and try that style of fighting, but I'm already REAL close since I have Battlecruisers and Cruisers and Destroyers at IV. It'd seem like a waste (albeit an interesting one) to get another account.

So, I'm just going to have to pass unless someone I know wants to buy an account through me. It'll be that person's credit card too, not mine. If we have to use mine, oops! too bad.

I had an idea, and I wonder how many people I could get interested in it. I'd create an Alliance called "The Empire Strikes Back", then gather up as many empire corporations as I could and wage a war between EMPIRE space and null sec like none ever seen before. I bet it'd be beyond what Incursion hopes to bring to the table, and it'd be news like no other.

Seriously, I want it to happen, and I don't even care if I don't make the Alliance. Question is, how many corporations and people could I get to actively participate? How many would be necessary to actively participate to match, or even better, outnumber null sec forces? Surely, in either case, the EMPIRE production chain would be TONS stronger just because of the stations available for research and invention and production.

Sure, we wouldn't make many capitals, but as I well know, capitals and supercapitals and titans are not the end all be all. I knew that before the recent NC invasion into the Dronelands from killmails I'd seen by AHARM and CCRES pilots. I saw one where it was I think 4 strategic cruisers versus 2 carriers and a few t2 ships, and the guys in the strategic cruisers called it a FAIR FIGHT, and they WON on top of that, which just totally blew my mind. Apparently I can't find the killmail because I suck, but I saw it, and there it is.

And for the pirates, if you did choose to participate, I have the perfect role for you: supply line harassment. We'll cover the major attacks, forcing the null sec guys to pile on with us or else lose EVERYTHING in systems we attack, which opens you up for ripping their supply lines apart, and if you were so interested, ripping apart infrastructure or pinching them in at transit chokepoints, or even joining us in battle. I well realize that you are pirates, and as such are just as likely to attack us as them, however, how could you let the opportunity to grief null secers pass you by, and practically for free at that? Rat their plexes, steal their rocks, cut off their ice fields, reinforce towers and destroy infrastructure in the most annoying least convenient way possible. It's pillage and plunder all day, it can't go wrong as long as the rest of us are forcing their attention to us, right?

My end goal with this alliance is simply a scourge where the sole goal is to destroy everything in null sec. Everyone who claims that EMPIRE space is for sissies gets a lesson the hard way, that is, with a boot up their asses and a face full of shame. From there, people can start fresh, and all the old names could start again or fail from the experience. Once the scourge has passed, the Alliance would simply be disbanded and remembered as one of those epic times in EVE history where a war so huge was fought that it was truly galactic in scale, where the powerful were laid exceedingly low and the low demonstrated dominance over all. Indeed, with the reset of null space, the new null sec corporations may well be the old EMPIRE ones, with the old null sec ones disbanded.

And how would I manage this alliance, which would have so many members that a huge amount of trust would be necessary to administrate it?

CONCORD's control.

It would be a huge effort, but nothing worth doing is easy, and anything worth doing inspires you to make it happen. Perhaps one day in the near future I will.