Monday, November 29, 2010

The Death of Education

I was beyond surprised, and elated, to find out about the Learning Skills going the way of the Dinosaur. Huzzah! Score one for common sense!

I was also extremely happy to hear that all 1 million skillpoints I have in Learning can be put towards anything I want ^_^ See, I recently (yesterday) acquired Cruiser V, and Logistics III. Unfortunately for my 70km scimitar (2 Large Shield Transporter II's, AB II, and 2 Invuln II's as the cap suckers), I will require Logistics V to be cap stable. I mean, If you're a Logistics, you're only purpose is to constantly repair shields, and relying on cap charges just won't do the trick. It can extend that 1 minute out to 5, I guess, but cap stable is where you really want to be because:

1) you're a logistics, constantly repping
2) you're 70k away, meaning you really want that AB going to keep in range if people start moving away
3) If you do get targeted, you need the invulns to buy you time to get away while repping your mates
4) God forbid an Arazu comes along, but you'll need that AB to make it out of scram range while repping your mates and tanking some incoming fire

I would have liked to pump those Skillpoints into Battlecruiser V, but, you know, if you can't fly a ship half decently you really shouldn't, so Logistics really needs it. I can spend a month on Battlecruiser V if I can get Logistics V up first, as it's generally more useful in fleet engagements than if it weren't.

In other news, my EVE break is (obviously) over. Guess I was feeling EVE'd out, and I just took a 2 week vacation. I did play some Starcraft 2, but not as much as you might suspect. There was alot of Real Life stuff that took place that interfered, not to mention keeping up on those SC2 tournaments, like MLG Raleigh and Dallas, and then Dreamhack (very recent). Since my EVE break is over though, I will be moving some assets to low sec, generally being a pirate, maybe some slight slight slight mission running out there. Unless a war comes along like tomorrow, this will happen, becaues high sec without war is just mission running, industry, and trade. Not exactly the glory days I was looking for if you know what I mean.

At the moment I have no idea what changed/has happened with the corp, but my guess will be very little as there appear to be no corp mails stacked up in my inbox, which is the sort of thing that usually happens in my experience when the corp is taking a drastic change or moving immediately towards a new goal.

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