Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pandemic Legion Actually does suck

Entry: six hundred fixty-six, supplemental one.

Over the past week, we've seen a recent resurgence of Pandemic Legion in the area.

When I first moved into Delve, it was pretty clear that they were taking control of one of the Blood Raider systems, PR-. They were around for a little bit, and then suddenly vanished.

Did they move? Did they lose interest? Did they take a break? I can't honestly say, but I can say what I see now.

Since coming back, PL hasn't been up to anything noteworthy except utter unexceptionalism. Kingmakers for hire with the heavy artillery, they seem to have forgotten how to use the smaller armaments more commonly available on markets. I refer of course to Supers and Subcaps respectively.

When PL does get it in them to do something, they don't have what you'd expect from a notorious mercenary alliance. Numbers are low on roams, topping out at twenty to thirty when they do happen. Roams themselves only appear to make it one system over, where large tech two bubbles are anchored on the undock and PL sits at range on the undock with Sniper-fit HACs and Battleships. From there, they simply insta-kill anything that undocks. To further their gatecamping aims, they set up drag bubbles from the gates toward the station, and snag any careless travelers to dock that way as well.

So, let's recap. A roam to the next sytem, to sit on a station in sniper subcaps for an hour or two with anchored warp disruption bubbles, with a fleet numbering between twenty and thirty.

Sounds pretty goddamn boring. To be honest, if that were me, I'd be questioning what the fuck I was doing with my life that THIS was how I got my shits and giggles. Upon examining this question, I'd quit the capsuleer life and go dig ditches. At least I'd get buff and have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Before you, casual browser of these public logs, thinks I'm raging at getting killed in this fashion, I dare you to find a recorded kill of me being killed in this fashion by PL. It did happen once against TEST/Goons a few weeks ago when the docking session change timer changed from thirty to ten seconds and I wasn't aware, but that's it. If you can find any recorded killmail of me dying to PL on the 1DH-SX undock, I'll eat my words. That said, it won't happen, as of now anyways.

So, back to the issue. What's fun about sitting on the undock for a few hours shooting fish in a barrel? I don't know quite honestly, since they aren't even looting wrecks like the Orphanage does, which declared war on Cascade Imminent today by the way. Maybe they feel like they're ruining someone's day, and maybe they are, but those are some pretty cheap thrills. I'm not sure, but even on bad days I think my right hand is more exciting a prospect.

Considering what PL recently considers elite pilot versus pilot, it's a pretty easy argument to make that Pandemic Legion actually sucks right now. Low morale, no imagination, no excitement, too much isk, and pointless ventures. To those of you in PL having to put up with this, I hope you fix it, or that you find something more worthwhile. If you don't, my condolences for your miserable existence.
Computer: terminate recording.

Blue List

Entry: six hundred fifty-six.

Yesterday was terrible for fleets for me.

With the news that Nulli was moving down to partake in the Delve thunderdome, and with few Cascade FCs online during my hours of operation, I'm usually left with Brick and Morsus FCs that are tired of roaming against Goons and want to roam against AAA or Nulli or Vera Cruz. Don't get me wrong, they're not bad FCs, and I enjoy flying with them. The issue here in the blue list.

Morsus and Brick are, to the best of my knowledge, blue only with each other and Cascade and Krysis, no longer Atlas since Atlas has been merged into Cascade.

Cascade, on the other hand, is blue to the following: Against All Authorities, Nulli, Vera Cruz, Krysis, Morsus, Brick, and respective renters. Essentially, this means that targets are limited to Goons, Black Legion, and random neutrals in the Delve area, and post DRF alliances left in the northern end of Catch.

I understand the diplomatic reasons, but let's be frank: Cascade members are not pleased with the way things are going combat wise. When most of the region is blue, and your FCs aren't taking out fleets or even online, you get frustrated. Brick and Morsus FCs on the other hand are having a great time, forming fleets all the time and roaming about, and also hunting Cascade friendlies, which we can't shoot at without having to worry about being booted for awoxing or reimbursing friendly deaths.

So you say to me, at this point, "Well why not take out your own roams?"

That's just what I intend to do. I'm starting corp first. Numbers will be small, ie five to six, but I'll be forming suicide fleets since our alliance FCs aren't doing much. When I get the hang of it, I might start taking out alliance wide fleets, and if participation is strong, perhaps blue list fleets. All targets however will be those that Cascade can engage, which is really the limiting factor considering the blue list.

For my first fleet, we'll see how suicide Whelp Canes do. No matter how well we do, it's better than sitting in station all day or roaming twenty jumps out to watch blues engage blues.
Computer: terminate recording.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 Minutes of Heaven and Hell

Entry: six hundred forty-nine.

Yesterday, between 02:00 and 03:35 was combat heaven in Delve.

Within a few minutes of flicking on the neocom, the call for support came across the Delve intel channel.

[ 02:00:36 ] Shiro She > nyx tackled  K-6K16 Solar System
[ 02:00:48 ] Zealot Hill > ????????
[ 02:00:48 ] Doctor OGT > NYX IN K-6
[ 02:01:13 ] Shiro She > nyx tackled K-6
[ 02:01:33 ] Tauron Torres > freindly nyx or hostile?
[ 02:01:33 ] Max Paralax > ours or hostile?
[ 02:01:36 ] Ahhaa > coming
[ 02:01:43 ] Doctor OGT > HOSTILE!
[ 02:01:44 ] Hakawau > hostile
[ 02:01:47 ] Zealot Hill > owmw
[ 02:01:51 ] Naternine > fleet up for it?
[ 02:02:01 ] Naternine > omw too
[ 02:02:15 ] Gyrn Fzirth > x for nyx kill
[ 02:02:18 ] Truen1ght > x
[ 02:02:20 ] Bo Bojangles > link the nyx pilot
[ 02:02:22 ] Naternine > x
[ 02:02:22 ] Hakawau > Hot Drop O Clock Drake/Cane

Within minutes the support fleet had formed up on the jumpbridge in F20Y-, and then bridged into K-616. The order was given to warp to the D-3 gate, and upon arrival there was only a friendly Thanatos wreck in the way of capital ships and a Goon Dominix at the gate. We partook vengeance on the Dominix, which still had aggression and was waiting out the timer to jump. He didn't stand a chance.

We spent some time covering the gate while, apparently, some more capitals were trying to get out of system, before heading back through the jumpbridge to join a new fleet. The Nyx in question, piloted by Zungen, had apparently not been tackled, and had warped off and cloaked when local spiked against him.

About five minutes after leaving K-616, I reshipped to an Artillery Hurricane. Commands were being yelled over the new comms in the new fleet about who to primary and where. Without hesitation, I undocked and warped to F20Y-. I, unfortunately, missed out killing this Hurricane, and initiated warp to the only other gate in system when the order was given to align to the sun, where the hostiles were warping out to. TEST and Goons had formed a fleet to destroy the fleet just prior to this, where we had been covering for capitals, and had planned to cut us off at the 1DH- gate in F20Y-.

FC: "They're jumping? Everyone jump into 1DH! JUMP JUMP JUMP GET POINTS!"

Boom. Boom. Boom. Boom.

FC: "Did anyone see where they warped to?...PR? Warp PR and jump through, get points! Destination broadcast. We'll chase them a few jumps and if we don't catch anything, we'll turn around."

Computer: "Programming route to Y-2ANO."


No kills resulted from the chase, and the fleet had stopped in 1DH- to reship, I myself switching from the Artillery Cane into the trusty Crusader. Intel reported a Black Legion gang in  1-SMEB, and the FC had us move to 6Q-R50. We stopped in A-E on the 6Q- gate while the FC jumped in and scouted the situation for us. He reported that nothing was on the A-E gate, nothing that they were towards the 1-SMEB gate in their Sniper Munnin gang, and seconds later they landed at range on the A-E gate.

We jumped 1DH- and warped to PR- to chase an FCON frigate gang roaming around, but we didn't manage to get any of them pinned down for the kill.

The fleet warped back to the A-E gate in 1DH- just as Black Legion jumped in. As I landed, warp bubbles were up everywhere and Black Legion was fairly well spread out, making fighting them a real issue for our tacklers and long range Battlecruisers.

FC ordered the jump into A-E, and Black Legion followed shortly after we wasted a Romanian Legion Lachesis trying to escape Black Legion.

What followed was seven minutes of heaven and hell, in A-E on the 1DH- gate.

Computer: Begin playback from 03:19:00.


Sytem: A-ELE2
Region: Delve
Sovereignty: The Blood Raider Covenant
FC: Lucian James

[ 03:19:37 ] Orbiting quiet death (1000m)
FC: "Ca in a Scimitar! Broadcast!"
[ 03:19:39 ] Lucian James (Gila) has started trying to warp scramble "Casu Adywe (Scimitar)"
[ 03:19:42 ] You have started trying to warp scramble Casu Adywe (Scimitar).
[ 03:19:45 ] Your group of Dual Light Pulse Laser II barely scratches Lucius Thrawla (Muninn).
[ 03:19:50 ] Orbiting the amen break™ (2500m).
[ 03:19:56 ] Hobgoblin II's belonging to Lucius Thrawla hit you.
FC: "Next! Fe in a Munnin! Broadcast!
[ 03:19:57 ] Nijal Lun has started trying to warp scramble "Fel Istrom (Muninn)"
[ 03:19:58 ] Fel Istrom's Munnin explodes.
FC: "Sp in a Scimitar! Get points on the Scimitars!"
[ 03:19:59 ] Dethmourne Silvermane (Lachesis) has started trying to warp scramble "spongyguy24 (Scimitar)"
[ 03:20:00 ] Astalia Black [(Drake) has started trying to warp scramble "Mfume Apocal (Muninn)"
[ 03:20:00 ] Hobgoblin II's belonging to Lucius Thrawla hit you.
[ 03:20:00 ] P8REIT Munnin explodes.
FC: "Sh Munnin Broadcast!"
Me: "Overheat repper and activate!"
Computer: "Activating."
[ 03:20:03 ] Lucian James (Gila) has started trying to warp scramble "Shaulla (Muninn)"
[ 03:20:04 ] Hobgoblin II's belonging to Lucius Thrawla hit you.
[ 03:20:05 ] yunofitebrackregion? is too far away to use your Warp Disruptor II on, it needs to be closer than 24,000 meters.
[ 03:20:07 ] Parnasas (Lachesis) has started trying to warp scramble "Imperator Trajanus (Scimitar)"
[ 03:20:10 ] Rocco Sidesack (Hurricane) has started trying to warp scramble "Ghostn9e (Muninn)"
Computer: "Warp Drive active. Warp tunnel will collapse at unknown location. Armor restored, deactivating repair module."
FC: "Sh down! New Primary!"
[ 03:20:36 ] (info) This person is either not a member of your fleet or not present in this solar system.
Me: Shit, he must have been podded..."
Computer: "Warp Drive active. Approaching 1DH-SX stargate in A-E."
[ 03:21:00 ] From Corp Chat: "Lost my Stiletto True, coming back in my Hound."
[ 03:21:13 ] You cannot do that while warping.
[ 03:21:18 ] The Corp is too far away, you need to be within 33750 meters of it but are actually 44859 meters away.
[ 03:21:25 ] The Corp is too far away, you need to be within 33750 meters of it but are actually 61964 meters away.
[ 03:21:35 ] Parnasas (Lachesis) has started trying to warp scramble "Dogs Huntin (Hurricane)"
[ 03:21:42 ] The Corp is too far away, you need to be within 33750 meters of it but are actually 97325 meters away.
[ 03:21:49 ] The 35M is too far away, you need to be within 33750 meters of it but are actually 91695 meters away.
[ 03:22:05 ] Orbiting Dick Thor (500m)
FC: "Seraphim primary!"
[ 03:22:10 ] The Seraphim Tai'Shan's is too far away, you need to be within 33750 meters of it but are actually 41611 meters away.
[ 03:22:12 ] Orbiting Seraphim Tai'Shan's (500m)
[ 03:22:28 ] Hobgoblin II belonging to Lucius Thrawla hits you.
[ 03:22:29 ] Your group of Dual Light Pulse Laser II places an excellent hit on Seraphim Tai'Shan (Muninn).
[ 03:22:32 ] Hobgoblin II belonging to Lucius Thrawla hits you.
[ 03:22:33 ] Dual Light Pulse Laser II deactivates as Seraphim Tai'Shan's begins to explode.
[ 03:22:33 ] Orbiting Mummy (20000m)
Me: "Overheat repper and activate!"
Computer: "Activating."
[ 03:22:39 ] Warrior II's belonging to BigChols hits you.
Computer: terminate recording.
[ 03:22:43 ] Warrior II's belonging to BigChols heavily hit you.
[ 03:22:47 ] Warrior II's belonging to BigChols heavily hit you.
[ 03:22:50 ] The Munch 2 is too far away, you need to be within 33750 meters of it but are actually 42317 meters away.
[ 03:22:56 ] Nijal Lun (Drake) has started trying to warp scramble "Addrake (Muninn)"
[ 03:22:58 ] Warrior II's belonging to Hexman hit you.
[ 03:23:01 ] 720mm Howitzer Artillery II belonging to FearBytes barely scratches you.
[ 03:23:03 ] Warrior II's belonging to BigChols heavily hit you.
[ 03:23:06 ] Warrior II's belonging to Hexman hits you.
[ 03:23:10 ] DJB16 (Rapier) has started trying to warp scramble "Lucius Thrawla (Muninn)"
Computer: "Warp Drive Active. Small Armor Repairer II requires 40.0 units of charge. The capacitor has only 37.7 units. Deactivating. Exiting Warp. Warp Drive Active...Warp Tunnel collapsing near Lucian James."
[ 03:24:10 ] slasher99 (Rifter) has started trying to warp scramble "Lilith Suspiria (Muninn)"
Computer: "Warp Drive Active."
[ 03:24:19 ] Small Armor Repairer II requires 40.0 units of charge. The capacitor has only 16.6 units.
Computer: "Warp Drive Active."
[ 03:24:42 ] The yunofitebrackregion? is too far away, you need to be within 34375 meters of it but are actually 55119 meters away.
[ 03:24:55 ] Orbiting BRAWLER (15000m)
[ 03:25:00 ] Warrior II's belonging to Hexman hit you.
[ 03:25:00 ] 720mm Howitzer Artillery II belonging to muhadin barely scratches you.
[ 03:25:04 ] Warrior II's belonging to Hexman hit you.
[ 03:25:08 ] Warrior II belonging to muhadin and Hexman heavily hit you.
Computer: "Warp Drive Active."
[ 03:25:11 ] Interference from your warp prevents your systems from functioning at this time.
Computer: "Warp Drive Deactivated."
[ 03:25:13 ] You have started trying to warp scramble Estar Tarns (Muninn).
Computer: "Warp Drive Active...armor restored. Exiting warp. Warp Drive Active. Exiting warp near Lucian James."
Me: "Warp to the selected wreck."
Computer: "You are unable to align or warp to the selected object because your warp drive is unable to lock onto it."
[ 03:26:47 ] Approaching Corticarte
[ 03:26:50 ] Approaching Corticarte
[ 03:26:53 ] Warrior II belonging to Hexman places an excellent hit on you.
[ 03:26:57 ] Warrior II's belonging to Hexman and muhadin strike you perfectly.
FC: "They're warping out! Grab points!"
???: "They're gone."
FC: "Ok guys, good fight in local. Two minutes to loot the field. Start with the yellow wrecks, then the white, pop anything you can't take. I'm not going to leave them anything. Give back white wreck loot if you can."


[ 03:29:18 ] Jumping to Stargate (A-ELE2) in 1DH-SX solar system

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Status Check

Entry: six hundred forty-five.

Combat hasn't been super interesting lately. It's been there, and it's been fun and invigorating, but worth logging? Not in my opinion.

To my knowledge, Cascade/Atlas has continued its anti-freeport operations. The problem on my end is not being able to participate.With freeporters, ie Goons/TEST/TNT/FCON/FA being a largely EU timezone, not much makes it my timezone in which I can participate during the US timezone.

These timezone issues have also nipped in the bud my attempts at bomber squadron runs. DBRB (DaBigRedBoat) hasn't been coming around much lately, I don't really know why.

One of our allies has gone away, however. Warped Aggression disbanded sometime recently, and remaining corporations transferring into Atlas or Cascade have been transferring sovereignty from WA to us or Atlas, or taking it for us.

It's just unfortunate that I don't have much to give in the way of updates to my listeners.
Computer: terminate recording.

Monday, October 10, 2011

The Jagged Alliance

System: 1DH-SX
Sovereignty: The Blood Raider Covenant
Region: Delve
Time: 23:39
FC: Je'hira Osiris

FC: "Destination is broadcast. Iron Fighter is our bait Raven. Iron, start burning and yell when you get tackled by something."
Computer: "Setting destination to SVM-3K."
FC: "Iron, can you hear me?"
*over chat Iron replies: Yes, my mic is broken is though"*
???: "This is great, a bait raven with a broken mic."
*laughter comes out over comms*


System: 0-HDC8
Sovereignty: Cascade Imminent
Region: Delve
Time: 23:54
FC: Je'hira Osiris

FC: "Anything Iron?"
Iron: "Nope."
FC: "Ok, jump into 8QT-."
Iron: "Link?"
FC: "You're a lazy bastard, aren't ya?"
Iron: "Yep."
???: "It's the next system through the only other gate!"
*laughter comes across comms*
Iron: "8QT- is clear."
FC: "Alright, set destination to CZK-. Scream if you see anything."


System: FAT-6P
Sovereignty: Against All Authorities (Vulnerable)
Region: Catch
Time: 00:05
FC: Je'hira Osiris

Iron: "Whoa! Lots of neuts in here!"
FC: "How many?"
Iron: "Hmmm...looks like about eight. Nothing's on scan and I'm not aggressed. Warping to CZK- gate."
*brief pause*
Iron: "There's a bubble at the CZK- gate!"
FC: "Are you being aggressed?"
Iron: "No..."
FC: "Ok, engage the bubble. Guys, orbit the gate at five hundred."


System: CNC-4V
Sovereignty: Ushra'Kahn
Region: Catch
Time: 00:08
FC: Je'hira Osiris

FC: "Tackle the Ishtar! Tackle the Ishtar!"
[ 00:07:53 ] (notify) Baetezu has started trying to warp scramble "PathetiQ"
[ 00:07:55 ] (notify) DrDomino has started trying to warp scramble "PathetiQ"
???: "He's re-approaching!"
FC: "Get webs!"
???: "Point!"
[ 00:07:57 ] (notify) Approaching Stargate (CZK-ZQ)
???: "Scram!"
???: "Web!"
 [ 00:08:13 ] (notify) Approaching Smile
[ 00:08:17 ] (None) Jumping to Stargate (CNC-4V) in CZK-ZQ solar system

Truen1ght: "Four hostiles jumping into you!"
???: "He's down!"
FC: "Gate fire gate fire! Bubble bubble bubble! Myrmidon!"
???: "Myrm pointed! Down!"
[ 00:09:04 ] (None) Jumping to Stargate (CZK-ZQ) in CNC-4V solar system
FC: "Broadsword is primary!"
[ 00:09:18 ] (notify) Baetezu has started trying to warp scramble "xtreamer"
[ 00:09:18 ] (notify) Wigbold Beck has started trying to warp scramble "xtreamer"

FC: "Blackbird is primary, blackbird is primary!"
[ 00:09:22 ] (combat) Your group of 150mm Light AutoCannon II barely scratches Epofhis (Zealot), causing 35.3 damage.
[ 00:09:24 ] (notify) You have started trying to warp scramble Epofhis (Zealot).
FC: "Zealot zealot zealot!"

[ 00:09:26 ] (notify) DestroyEraseImprove has started trying to warp scramble "Epofhis"
[ 00:09:26 ] (notify) Calistra Vacanos has started trying to warp scramble "Epofhis"
[ 00:09:28 ] (notify) Jackoleon has started trying to warp scramble "Ashkente"

???: "Point on Drake!"
???: "Zealot down!"
FC: "Apoc! Get a point on the Apoc!"
[ 00:10:04 ] (notify) Borazlak has started trying to warp scramble "thehand (Apocalypse)"
???: "Blackbird's down!"
FC: "Come on guys, kill that Apoc!"
???: "He's going down!"
[ 00:10:44 ] (notify) J5b Phased Prototype Warp Scrambler I deactivates as 2far begins to explode.
FC: "Get points!"
???: "Drake pointed!"
???: "Cane pointed!"
[ 00:11:14 ] (notify) 150mm Light AutoCannon II deactivates as Ibis of Doom begins to explode.

???: "Cane webbed!"
???: "Scram!"
???: "Scram!"
[ 00:11:44 ] (notify) DrDomino has started trying to warp scramble "BrYars (Hurricane)"
FC: "Kill the Cane!"


System: CNC-4V
Sovereignty: Ushra'Kahn
Region: Catch
Time: 00:18
FC: Je'hira Osiris

FC: "Gate flash! Bubble up! Pilgrim!"
[ 00:18:05 ] (notify) Approaching -0-
FC: "Get the decloak get the decloak!"
[ 00:18:11 ] (notify) Speed changed to 2219 m/s

???: "Get him!"
???: "Scram!"
Truen1ght: "Scram!"
???: "Web!"
[ 00:18:18 ] (notify) Approaching -0-

Truen1ght: "He's done for!"
[ 00:18:23 ] (notify) Orbiting -0- (2500m)
[ 00:18:28 ] (notify) 150mm Light AutoCannon II deactivates as -0- begins to explode.
FC: "Pod him boys!"


System: CZK-ZQ
Sovereignty: The Jagged Alliance
Region: Catch
Time: 00:41
FC: Je'hira Osiris

FC: "Everyone warp to station and engage the Phobos!"
Computer: "Warp bubble collapsing."
[ 00:41:36 ] (notify) PathetiQ has started trying to warp scramble "Alucard Strat"
[ 00:41:39 ] (notify) PathetiQ has started trying to warp scramble "Iron FighterX"
[ 00:41:41 ] (notify) Orbiting 1222 (1000m)

???: "Scram!"
???: "Web!"
FC: "Overload!"
???: "Mass Undock!"
FC: "Keep shooting until he starts getting reps!"
[ 00:41:52 ] (combat) Your group of 150mm Light AutoCannon II lightly hits PathetiQ, doing 54.8 damage.
[ 00:42:01 ] (combat) Your group of 150mm Light AutoCannon II lightly hits PathetiQ, doing 48.7 damage.
[ 00:42:10 ] (combat) Your group of 150mm Light AutoCannon II hits PathetiQ, doing 53.2 damage.
[ 00:42:17 ] (combat) Your group of 150mm Light AutoCannon II hits PathetiQ, doing 57.3 damage.
???: "He's getting shield reps!"
FC: "Everyone warp off! Regroup on 4NBN-!"
[ 00:42:32 ] (notify) Aligning to CZK-ZQ I
Computer: "Warp Drive Active."


System: 4-07MU
Sovereignty: Cascade Imminent
Region: Catch
Time: 00:57
FC: Je'hira Osiris

[ 00:57:44 ] (notify) Approaching T
[ 00:57:50 ] (notify) Martin Codax has started trying to warp scramble "Rawshanchik (Punisher)"

FC: "Ignore the Punisher! Re-approach the gate!"
[ 00:58:04 ] (notify) Approaching Stargate (49-U6U)
[ 00:58:07 ] (notify) Je'hira Osiris has started trying to warp scramble "xtreamer(Broadsword)"

[ 00:58:08 ] (combat) Light Neutron Blaster II belonging to PathetiQ barely scratches you, causing 85.2 damage.
[ 00:58:08 ] (notify) PathetiQ (Phobos) has started trying to warp scramble you!

[ 00:58:10 ] (combat) Light Neutron Blaster II belonging to PathetiQ lightly hits you, doing 129.4 damage.
[ 00:58:15 ] (combat) Light Neutron Blaster II belonging to PathetiQ lightly hits you, doing 149.4 damage.

Computer: "Shields Collapsing!"
Me: "Overheat repper and activate! Orbit Phobos at five-hundred meters!"
[ 00:58:27 ] (notify) Orbiting 1222 (500m)
Computer: "Hostile fleet landing."
FC: "Burn out of the bubbles and warp off!"
Computer: "Warp Drive active."
[ 00:59:09 ] (notify) Loading the Projectile Ammo into the Projectile Weapon; this will take approximately 10 seconds.
[ 00:59:34 ] (notify) Small Armor Repairer II requires 40.0 units of charge. The capacitor has only 28.9 units. Armor at forty-two percent integrity."


[ 01:23:54 ] (notify) Approaching Stargate (1DH-SX)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bombing Run

Entry: six hundred thirty-six.

I woke up yesterday with a resolution: wait for an enemy fleet, and bomb them into oblivion. I was hoping to gain insight into two key aspects of bombing: first, that I had set up enough pounce bookmarks along with the correct rally spots, and second that I had correctly set up those rally spots and could remain cloaked at all times until the bomb-insta-warp command was given.

Yesterday was a huge success. Not necessarily in deathing, but in testing.

As is well known, Cascade/Atlas are basing out of 1DH-SX, as are Brick Squad and Morsus Mihi. This means that when the enemy is looking for a fight, they come to 1DH-. They'll pass through the neighboring systems of PR-, A-E, or that other one that starts with a Z, but they always end up in 1DH-. This meant that two things are certain to happen: interdiction bubbles on the station undock, and gatecamps.

Situation A:
Intel came across that a thirty man Goon gang was in 1-SMEB. Goons live in Y-2ANO, which is to say that they were on the wrong side of 1DH- to get home and would have to come through the A-E gate or Z gate. The Z gate is almost never used, so I pounced the A-E gate, then rallied, adjusted my position slightly, aligned to PR- within thirty-five kilometers of the A-E gate, and waited cloaked.

I waited for an hour, watching intel. There was quite a bit of traffic, but nothing worth bombing.

Finally, the Goon gang jumped in. Even better, a friendly dictor warped in and bubbled them. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't going to hold off just because he was there.

Align PR-. Twenty-nine kilometers, decloak, bomb, warp PR-.

That Sabre pilot was pretty pissed. I admit, I would have been too, as I contributed the lion's share of damage to his death. He convoed me and I paid him back for his loss.

After I had warped out, a defense fleet warped in on the gate and cleaned up. Only three Goons had aggressed the Sabre before I opened fire, and it was those three that died to the defense fleet. What were they? Two battlecruisers and a Sleipner. One bomb, three enemy kills, sixty million in payout, and easily three hundred million in Goon losses.

After my bomb, the Goons jumped back to A-E and roamed some more, with the defense fleet chasing them, but it didn't seem as though they were killing the Goon fleet.

Situation B:
Some time later, I saw DBRB (DaBigRedBoat) crop up in intel. Intel put him a few systems out, but DBRB doesn't travel without an entourage. I knew for a fact he would either be cyno-ing a fleet, or a fleet would be with him.

I camped out at a rally ten from the station, but forty-five from the undock, and waited. Perhaps an hour later, he finally showed at the 1DH- undock, and after baiting friendlies on the undock, he lit a cyno. His Goon fleet bridged in and immediately began killing off friendlies.

I had aligned as the fleet began to move. At five kilometers from station, I decloaked, bombed, and warped. I probably hit the majority of the Goon fleet, but only managed to kill a Rifter.

I came back, set up shop, and found them warping to the PR- gate. I warped to my rally on the PR- gate, and waited as they jumped out. It didn't take long before they jumped back in. As they slowboated the re-approach to the PR- gate, I aligned to A-E, and at thirty kilometers, decloaked, bombed, and warped.

After that, I got off another two bombs on the Goon fleet at the station undock, and another two at the PR- gate. My solo bombing wasn't enough by far, but I'd shown without a doubt that my bookmarks are properly set, and that I can bomb them with impunity.

I'd like to think I terrorized them a little bit as well. 
Next Steps:
Now that the bookmarks are set and I know how to bomb quickly, effectively, unrestrained, it's time to get a bomber wing up. For now, I intend this to be a corp only operation consisting of one interdictor and five to seven bombers. We'll be able to accomplish spectacular deathing on the order of entire fleets.

They won't be fights, they'll be massacres.

Computer: terminate recording.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Immersion (OOC) (BB 29)

Seismic Stan: "EVE Online is renowned for it's depth. Its backstory, gameplay and social aspects are all qualities that draw players in. What does immersion in EVE Online mean to you?"

It's pretty simple from my end.

In most games, you have to mold yourself to fit the world. This is not the case in EVE, where the world molds itself around you. EVE changes for you just by what you want to do. Want to be a pirate? EVE lets you do it, and your consequence is low security status. Want to scam people? Pilots will be rage-mailing you in no time. Want to join in null-sec? You'll find yourself living the very stories you read on EN24 and wondering, "Why is this different from what I remember?"

By simply logging into EVE, you are immersed. You don't have to pretend to be a pilot, you are one. You don't have to pretend to be a bastard, or leader, or a fighter, or a lone wolf: you are those things. EVE has simply given you the safety net with which to utilize those aspects of yourself that might otherwise stagnate.

You can choose to roleplay, but that's not any more or less immersion than not roleplaying, simply a different form of immersion. It's third person immersion instead of first person. Roleplaying still relies on you though, and the character you roleplay can never be more or less than you are.
You are who you are. EVE requires only your participation that it may mold the universe around you. If that's not immersion, nothing is. To quote an overused phrase, "EVE is Real."

Monday, October 3, 2011


Entry: six hundred thirty-three.

I initially came online thinking something might be going on. Neocom stats showed approximately twenty-six thousand users. Granted, this number was twenty-thousand down from last year, but this is the new norm. After being online for a short time, I got the gist of what was going on.

Nothing. Everyone was docked. Everyone was waiting for a fleet. Everyone was shitting up local. Everyone was doing nothing, and making no move to do anything about it. The desire to do anything wasn't there among the locals in 1DH-SX.

I occupied myself with something else, closing down the Neocom but keeping alliance comms open, in case someone actually wanted to do something. Two hours later, Archie put together a roam for Arty Canes.

Form-up took an hour, but the fleet finally reached approximately ninety strong, mostly Hurricanes, a few Scimitars, a few tacklers. We got bridged from 1DH- to just outside PDE-.

The scout reported a Goon Alpha fleet on the other side of the gate. A brief standoff, then Archie gave a farewell speech and Leroy'd us in.

Bubbles went up, I activated the MWD. Burn burn burn sebos online. "Primary, secondary!" called Archie. "New secondary! Tertiary! Get out of the bubbles! Scimitars get reps on me! Primary! I hope you guys got a target caller, or you're warping out. No?"

Someone else called for a warp out as I warped away. Fighters had begun engaging me as I left the warp bubbles, forcing me to vacate the field as I expected little in the way to shield reps given the small fleet of Scorpions. I knew that the Scimitars would be perma-jammed before we had even jumped in. I escaped, shields barely functioning, a quarter of the Hurricane's armor slagged to hell.

Enemy combat probes were deployed. Our fleet bounced safe spots non-stop for fifteen minutes before going silent. Fleet members engaged shutdown protocols, the Neocoms shutting down with them, but managing to keep fleet comms open.

Thirty minutes later, the fleet powered back up. Identifiers populated Local. The fleet jumped one system and docked. Intel reported heavy activity, both Goon and Black Legion. Fifteen minutes later, Goons and Black Legion had a standoff, which was broken fifteen minutes after that when Goons jumped into Black Legion and destroyed them. 

Battlecruiser fleets do not work against typical Goon Alpha Fleets.
Thirty minutes later, we moved out back to 1DH-. Intel appeared clear except for a small camp in PR- between the 1DH- and NOL- gates. Several minutes later, we cross-warped the enemy gang in PR- running the camp as they attempted to warp in at range on our fleet on the NOL- gate.

We didn't care. We wanted to get back to base and be done. We jumped into 1DH- and docked. 

I stood down almost immediately and disconnected from the Neocom. We lost that engagement, straight up. Only a handful of pilots didn't burn out of the bubble while engaging, resulting in obvious ship destruction.
Still, given that we were clearly outmatched and Leroy'd in, we still caused a fair amount of damage.

Computer: terminate recording.