Sunday, September 30, 2012

The first few days in NCdot

Entry: eight hundred ninety-eight.
Picking up from last time, Militaris has somewhat successfully started its trial run with NCdot for membership. I say somewhat successfully,because despite the idea that we should only be moving what we need, somehow moving seems to be still going on. Honestly, I don't really get it, unless they're moving everything.
People don't make a whole lot of sense.
True to a Nulli source I have some contact with, EU timezone is getting all the good fights and US timezome is making CFC forces either stand-down or, and I quote, "hit your staging towers", despite us hitting their CSAA towers or tech towers. So while the EU pilots get fights, and the AU pilots are planting invasion structures at will, the US pilots are bashing structures. There are worse ways to spend your time though, believe it or not, and every tech moon we take means more ship reimbursement.
Fleets form up relatively fast, with the longest formup being fifteen minutes. I must admit, it's a nice change from the traditional hour or two hour long formups or pretty much every coalition and alliance I've been a part of to date. Small gang fleet formups seem to be roughly fifteen minutes to an hour since they aren't broadcast over Jabber like CTAs are.
I was told I would have to put up with severe trolling and elitism, also from my Nulli source. I've seen the least amount of trolling and elitism here as opposed to anywhere else. The other alliances and coalitions were far stronger trolls, with the exception of Against All Authorities not being good at trolling, but being fairly strong in the elistist attitude. I make these generalizations towards the FCs and supporting commanders, such as logi anchors etc, not in regards to the general fleet, although again NCdot has the least of all these in the general fleet as well. At least for now anyways.
As I mentioned, it's only been a few days, so we'll see later on if things change. If not then that's quite good.
Watching intel and the formup channels, it seems that there are plenty of roams and defense fleets going up in response to enemy roams or lack thereof, so I'm not finding a problem with that. I do see however that the attitude of high cost, high powered ships, does not stay on the warpath, however, and gets carried out through roams and defense fleets as well. I haven't seen a single fleet that wanted any tech one ship except for tier three battlecruisers. That means that using other tech one ships will pretty much only happen on corp roams.
I did almost get awoxed today, although at this point I don't know if it's due the NCdot renters being retards or if the pilot was an actual awoxer. Basically, I was flying around making tacticals at every stargate, my mission to make them for every stargate in the region and sell them, and this renter decides he's going to destroy my ship.
I was in a speed fit Claw, he in a Sabre. You can guess how much success he had (hint: zero). He was so unsuccessful that when I called him out in intel as being an awoxer, when I was asked for proof I didn't have any because he didn't blow up my ship, didn't manage to land a single bullet on me, and my systems don't log 'failed attacks'. Just a tad frustrating there. 
Anyways, after evading him like the sad sack of pilot he was, I continued about by business. I'm about seventy to seventy-five percent finished. The last part I have to do is section near Tribute, but it looks dense enough in terms of stargates per system that it will likely take me more than a few hours to complete it.
Overall, the experience I've had with them has been positive, the bad things about it largely being outside of anyone's control. I do wish more of my corp was able to join, ie stop moving stuff and just get in fleet, but as mentioned above, people are strange. Let's just hope for their sakes we get in, or all the stuff they moved in will be jailed in NCdot stations without possibility of parole.
Computer: terminate recording.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Failure is no longer an option

Entry: eight hundred ninety-five.
It's hard to believe it's been eighty-five days since I last kept track of which day in my life I'm at. Strange coincidence it happened on such a round number too.
Cascade Imminent has officially become a defunct entity as of perhaps two hours ago. The provided link gives public access to the announcement and all that it entails. The short version is essentially this however:
One: Archie's recollection of our history as an alliance, minus a chunk in the middle where we didn't do much in Detorid before TEST/PL/etc vs Southern Coalition happened in Delve then Querious and now at 49-U and 4-07.
Two: Why the alliance is going under. He was burnt out on running it, and the two people he would have let run it wouldn't. He doesn't want anyone ruining his alliance, so no one will get to.
Three: How proud he was/is of the alliance, especially at the final battle where the alliance put out the most members on field in its history, totaling one hundred eighty nine distinct personalities. I caveat that with personalities, as some personalities are twisted enough to span several bodies, ie "alts".
Four: The timezone wars with Unthinkables, how bad they really are, how the war was really a stalemate and no one could win in a "us vs them" scenario. Also how they stirred it up just as we went to deploy to Delve as part of SoCo.
Five: FAIL's history with Against All Authorities, why FAIL wasn't a pet, and why he never understood why everyone thought FAIL was a pet.
Six: Two corporations from FAIL will be on trial runs with NCdot. The two corporations in question are Miltaris Industries [UDEAD] and Southern Comfort [SOCO], arguably the two largest and most active corps from FAIL. No mention was made of modro [MODRO], so its unknown if they were never offered a trial run, if they were offered it and rejected it, if they decided to join with Irukandji and stay in Detorid, or if they are leaving.
After the meeting, UDEAD and SOCO changed comms channels and got a brief run down of what was expected in the future in order to pass the probation for entry into NCdot. From what I can tell, it's basically what the alliance was already being steered towards, ie high powered expensive ships in a tight doctrine. Basically what you'd expect from a dedicated combat group. 
My corporation, at least, has pretty much completed its evacuation. Even I managed to, albeit I had to move every ship myself to Curse over the course of what seems to be about 16 hours. Having evacced that stuff, and learning how far away the target systems are, I'll probably fly them up and engage in combat with them immediately before getting the next one.
As for how I feel about the change...I don't want to join any part of the CFC again, where the highlight of the day is mostly a DBRB fleet, which while not bad, aren't what I'm looking for. I like that the HBC is a new entity, but prior dealings with TEST leave me not wanting to go there as well, even though Montolio is so damn charismatic he almost makes me want to join the HBC cause. I'm not a fan of triple A, even though they haven't done me any wrong. I don't resent them, but I don't particularly like them either for some reason that I can't explain. As for Solar and associates up north, I feel as if they were simply more of the same, waiting to implode.
Then again, NCdot is supposedly known for imploding over and over again. I get the feeling that this is the sort of change I'll end up liking though, and I don't know why I feel that way.
What a day.
Computer: terminate recording.

Friday, September 21, 2012

A Midnight Message

I had this dream...I have to record the message I got from it. I'm pretty sure this was no ordinary dream.
"I'll always be with you, but I won't be your babysitter. If you need my help, I'll give it: just follow my lead. My only requirement, here and in the next world, is that you be honest with yourself and with me."
"Don't break our deal, or you may find not me when you need me."
I won't if I can help it.
Computer: terminate recording.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Splits are hard

Entry: I swear I'll start dating these again, but I'm lazy...
A couple days ago, I started up a corp fleet at the request of the CEO. I ended up getting three other corp members to come with me: two were frigate, our only tackle, and myself and Jebac were the two DPS. I decided to avoid Unthinkables this time, my experience being double falconed still rubbing a bit raw on my last loss, and headed for a system owned by some group called Paganism alliance.
After getting into system and failing to locate any of their ratters, we managed to stir up a small fleet to come after us. I coordinated my group until I finally decided to engage on a stargate.
A Hurricane landed first, I called him primary. I figured that between my Brutix and Jbac's Harbinger, he'd go down pretty fast. A Crow landed soon after and was dispatched by my own frigates. The first Hurricane fell, and Jebac and I started on the second, but unfortunately weren't going to be able to take it out in time. I ordered the frigates home, Jebac and I losing our battlecruisers and escaping in our pods.
I actually feel pretty good about that fight. Sure, I lost half the fleet, indeed all the raw damage potential of it. However, we were sorely outmatched, fighting two to one and still managing to draw even in terms of kill/death ratio, and actually almost even on ISK in that fight. I do think I messed up a bit though, when I dropped by EC-600's on the primary and not the secondary. I have a feeling Jebac dropped his drones on the primary, so we took far more damage that we should have.
I do still need to learn how to split up an enemy group though. I wasn't very good at it all, which is why so many of the enemy landed on us so quickly. I doubt I'll be able to practice short of actual combat though, so I'll just need to tough it out.
Computer: terminate recording.

Monday, September 17, 2012

As is always the case

Entry: ....ah hell...
As is always case, as soon as I speak up, things change. The previous entry about fifty tops suddenly turned in nearly one hundred pilots on a CTA last night. Certainly not all FAIL, but I think eighty or so was FAIL.
We pretty much beat Unthinkables into the ground. Read it and weep.
For those unwilling to look at the damage, that's twelve dead tengus in exchange for dead tackle and couple battleships. True, they killed more ships. Also true, they lost seven point eight billion ISK in exchange for two point five, and skillpoints on top of it. One unlucky Unthinkable lost two tengus, and thus lost skillpoint twice.
I admit, I get a little giggle out of that. It's too bad for them they don't have reimbursement and we do.

As for how the fight went down, we fought on a stargate, and they kept range at eighty plus kilometers. We had a grand total of three guardians and three oneiros, ie six logistics, for ninety-five percent of the two fights that make up this battlereport.  I'm pretty sure they had more logistics.
Computer: terminate recording.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The State of Things

Entry: ...who the hell knows. I'll figure it out next time.
I think my lack of updating has shown how little there really was to take note of in the last two months. The Southern Coalition is still stuck in 4-07, whether by design, resistance, or apathy, I don't know. Either way, SoCo is currently failing in its grand mission to push back the TEST incursion and reclaim space.
I don't really question why Init Mercs, Raiden, and Initiative took up with the HBC, ie the Honeybadger coalition. Grind and whelp with triple A for no gain, or move on for new opportunities. In the same position, I honestly probably would have made a similar choice.
FAIL has returned to Detorid. I feel this is in part the lack of progress repelling the HBC, and also in part to deal with neighbors to the north harassing our renters. I only recently came back from a two month hiatus and discovered this.
I'll be honest though: alliance activity is down across the board as far as I can tell. Combat ready numbers seemed to have dropped to about 50 strong at any one time, as opposed to 70 before that, and 90 before that, and 140 before that. FAIL doesn't seem to be failscading so much as slowly withering. I'm hoping that will change, but hope seems dim given the pattern of things.
In those two months, the small gang combat seems to have disappeared in the area. Maybe it's just my atrophied skills, but I'm definitely having a harder time getting a fight, even in station systems where I can buzz around for an hour in a battlecruiser before getting people to even just outright murder me. I'm sure I'm doing something wrong, and I don't know what that is yet, but something else seems off about the activity levels.
And that's really everything there is to say about anything.
Computer: terminate recording.