Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Massive Fight at LXQ

You saw it here first (if you don't watch Expect to see a more in depth report on soon, so I won't try to spice up what boils down to the following:

-a- went to reinforce a station, xxDeath drops a titan, which got murdered and PL came to save it.

The guts of the battle are essentially that -a-/nulli/other blues  vs PL/NCdot/xxDeath in LXQ. PL/NCdot/xxDeath eventually dropped quite a few supers and titans, most of which got bubbled and put under severe pressure from the -a-/nulli subcap fleet.

Over the course of an hour to two hours, this battle took place. A small Cascade interceptor roam burned to help while pinging alliance for support. I arrived for the final five supers to die, picking off enemy bombers as I could. A temporary cease fire was arranged between goons/test/-a-/nulli/cascade/en garde/etc while enemy supers were being destroyed.
Bubbles were everywhere. The grid was ridiculously bad, disappearing some twenty km above the fight, and near the end flickering in and out even while orbiting the last Aeon at ten km. As soon as that last Aeon went down, the free for all ensued. Cascade gtfo as fast as possible.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Political Deployment to Curse

Entry: seven hundred seventy-six.

It's known enough at this point that I don't mind talking about it now. Chances are it was well known, before we even redployed, that we would be going to Curse, more specifically H-ADOC.

As to why we're deploying...that's another issue. While on the front of it we are trying to evict Red Alliance and xxxDeath, and that is what alliance leadership wants us to think, I've come to learn another aspect of our deployment.
It's pretty much unquestionable right now that Against All Authorities are the alpha dog when it comes to politics in the south. Sure, there's Nulli, Cascade, NEM3SIS, Red Overlord, and a host of other smaller alliances, but they rule the pack, so to speak. The why likely stems from numbers of supers and active pilots willing to grind structures for days and nights on end as opposed to anyone else, but maybe from some other things as well aside from the active combat force their reputation.
So, with that taken in context, the latest reason I've heard about why Cascade is on deployment stems from Red Overlord wanting to take Querious, and as far as I know they asked Against All Authorities if they would allow this. For now, Red Overlord is not being allowed this action, but Cascade is essentially on probation. Hence, the recent rash of anti-DRF activity. It still remains to be seen, if such action is allowed, whether AAA would reset Cascade as well or whether they would watch the fight and support the victor. Cases could be made for both situations in the future.

It's interesting to realize how past politics play into this current dilemma we face. Early on, just after AAA lost GE-8JV to the DRF, Cascade left LGK-. The diplomatic explanation was that we needed to defend our space as well. The situation as I saw it was simply that Cascade members were angry at Maka, and in order to continue to fight the DRF while stemming the rage about Maka, we had to move to support Morsus and Brick in Delve. We then, of course, barely engaged in any sovereignty warfare during my timezone, and when we did, it was against the Goons Freeport Invasion of Delve. Looking back, and even I mentioned this at time of our redeployment from LGK- to 1DH-, it felt like we were abandoning AAA. I had a feeling it would come back to haunt us.

And now here we are, at the mercy of AAA, only in their good graces for the time that we support their goals. One can hardly blame them.
Cascade has sort of had its break, and sort of not. The last three weeks were mostly CTA free, but were still restricted on ratting until last week, which was open season on Blood Raiders in Querious. As of a few days ago, Cascade has been staging in H-ADOC. As an alliance, I get the feeling the members feel exhausted, and I personally still feel run ragged in terms of war action, as if I've sprinted a marathon and have been allowed to slow down to a jog for last few miles. Leadership is doing its best, as far as I can tell, to keep the alliance safe and active, but is having to do so at the cost of exhausting members because of past political decisions, whether really for our benefit or not.
As for how long we'll be in Curse, I've guessed a month to a month and a half, while I've also heard two weeks at best. Only time will tell I suppose.
Computer: terminate recording.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

AAR Renter Roam #2

Entry: seven hundred seventy-two.

Took a few renters who were getting a little bloodthirsty on a roam today. This was the second of such roams and was meant to be a small wolfpack of Assault Frigates. We totaled eight by roll out. We roamed up through Curse toward Litom, as intel reported a small camp there. Intel also came across a TJA fleet of sixteen deeper into Immensea, but I feared they would be leaving soon and thus set destination for Curse. Practicing on renters helps me train for leading corp roams while not having to worry about whelping a corp fleet.

Engagement 1:
First kill was a triple A renter in a Geddon. He was dead as soon as he landed on gate with us. I didn't engage, but my fleet did, and made short work of him.

Engagement 2:
Jumped into RMOC- and warped to outgate. I called a hold, then called a jump and warp as the enemy fleet came up on scan. Battleships with a Brutix. As I landed, only the Brutix and a Tempest remained, the Tempest warping to my ingate. As my fleet issued warp to the outgate, they had a moment of utter confusion as a Tempest landed at them. I reordered the warp to my gate, scramming the Brutix and establishing orbit while the Tempest at my gate warped off. My fleet eventually landed and destroyed the Brutix. The enemy fleet landed as it entered structure, killing one of my fleet and preventing my escape while my fleet warped out. I was destroyed a minute later some two thousand meters from the gate. Arch took over as temporary FC while I reshipped.

Engagement 3:
Chased a xDeath gang (2 canes, Oracle, Sabre, Jag) a few jumps and warped to the D87E- gate in K-B. We lost a Taranis due to a slightly delayed warp command on the pilot's part, while the rest of us watched him die one hundred kilometers away. We jumped into D87E- and engaged there on the K-B gate  hoping to take a few of them with us. One our fleet was two jumps behind and reported enemy reinforcements inbound, to which I called a warp out. We lost a Vengeance and took none with us. Only after did I learn that the reinforcements were two jumps behind.

Analysis of Engagement 1:
Nothing to learn. The pilot was dead as soon as he entered warp, even knowing we were in local and neutral to him.

Analysis of Engagement 2:
Need to maintain better fleet control and fleet needs to obey FC orders even if they do see a Tempest land on their position. Made the correct call to tell pilots to warp out if under fire. Questionable whether sticking around to destroy the Brutix was the correct call: came out minus two assault frigates for one gank Brutix.

Analysis of Engagement 3:
Downright bad engagement. Should never have taken this fight. We had two ships with a TD onboard, which made me think we could TD the canes and wipe out the Sabre, Jag, and Oracle before needing to bail. This was not the correct call, as I did not account for drones, nor for the Canes packing scrams.

Computer: terminate recording.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Head Recruiter

Entry: seven hundred seventy-one.

As of a few weeks ago, I became head recruiter for my corporation. It didn't exactly turn out how I thought it would though. It seems being a junior recruiter shelters you from the truth a little bit.

The first and obvious thing to deal with are spies. Sometimes they pose as alter egos or relatives of pilots already in your organization. How do you handle that? I handled it by not doing anything with the application until I spoke with the pilot the applicant claimed to be an alter ego of. As it turned out, my corpmate knew nothing of this 'alter ego', and I was able to promptly reject the application and place it on my DNR list, or Do Not Recruit List.

Beyond that things start to get a little blurry.
Let's say you have several knew recruits, and they want to bring in a friend who may be, in essence, a newborn, when it comes to meeting the goals of your corporation. How do you handle this without risking your new recruits leaving? I don't know if I did the right thing, but I decided on a course of action and am following through. Those new to combat, who don't get the benefits of their sponsors actually helping them are the ones I train. My training isn't easy though. Your average newborn claims to want to PvP, but does not, and will not unless you force him. I do not let them do anything other than PvP except under very special circumstances for their first month in the corp. If I find out they've been ratting instead of engaging in PvP all the time, it's the boot for them.

Yesterday was an example of this: I had just gotten the newest recruit settled in to do combat, and then we got the notice that the alliance was standing down for ten days. Thanks alliance. So, I let him rat for ten days knowing that roams would be sparse, and that he has yet to go through RIP (Retraining, Indoctrination, Punishment). Unfortunately, a roaming gang caught him while he was ratting and killed him. I gave him an ultimatum at this point: PvP or leave. I have his ratting ships, so he will not be able to rat until I give it back to him, which will be at the end of the next deployment if he stays, or sooner if he decides to drop corp.
But why did I let such a fresh into the corp? As I mentioned, this was to prevent losing other corporation members who have demonstrated a desire to fight and a desire to stay with us. If I take him and am forced to kick him, it goes over much better than outright rejecting his application. The hard truth is that getting in as a fresh is all about who you know, not what you know. Staying in, however, is entirely about what you know. I strongly dislike the need to accept this sort of fresh into corp when others must be rejected outright; it smacks of hypocrisy to me. Unfortunately,  it's the least risky of the options presented to me, so I have no choice but to take it.
Another issue is the time it takes to process all of this work. I am surprised at how much time it takes to run background checks, how often I need to accept new members into corp despite a closed recruitment status, and also surprised by the interviews. Some of the applicants are perfect, clearly geared towards fighting, although many an interview start with the applicant saying all they want to is PvP and learn, usually with an emoticon following their sentences to convey a false sense of excitement. It's been easy to sort out the fakes: they are too happy, they don't ask questions, they yes-man you, and every one of them says they want to learn to PvP.

Those I am allowed to reject outright I tell to start by engaging in PvP in low-sec, that I won't take them before they prove themselves. I don't expect stellar combat records. I expect a combat record that shows a basic level of competence. I can't rely on kill/death ratios, or ISK destroyed/lost ratios though, I have to delve into killmails themselves to determine whether it was reasonable said pilot lost his ship, won a good fight, or had a very stupid loss.

Those I can't reject are on a strict probation. Disobeying one of the three core rules results in an immediate kick from the corporation.
As for applicants I want to join my corp, they ask questions. They don't get excited, they don't make many claims, and they don't use emoticons. They state simply that they want PvP, and when I lay out the requirements, they ask questions that could affect them getting what they want. Even if the applicant has no combat record, it is clear that the applicant is going to engage in PvP without me pushing him. He understands that he only needs to meet the requirements to stay in the corporation.
Here's the requirements for new recruits to my corporation:
1) If there is a CTA, join it.
2) Get 40-60+ kills your first month (varies)
3) Stay out empire while the alliance is under a war-dec
4) Avoid stupid losses. Some allowances are made, but repeated losses in that fashion result in being kicked. An example is getting killed while ratting, or flying eighteen jumps through hostile space with an Orca.
With that I think I will finish. To those that read, if you handle recruiting or are looking to handle recruiting, I hope this gives you an idea of how to deal with some of the issues that come up.
Computer: terminate recording.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Catch is De-Thunderdoming

Entry: seven hundred sixty-eight.

As of perhaps a week ago, AAA took 77S- over from the Red Alliance and its renters. A few days after that, AAA began moving their base of operations from LGK- to 77S-, no doubt with the intention of persuing this war of revenge against a main DRF entity when there was a DRF.

Firesales went up in LGK-. Some corpmates picked up some nice ships at discounted rates. I picked up an AHAC Munnin on the cheap in that way also. Just as I went to buy said Munnin, there was an alliance. I missed the introductory portion, but the main point was repeated several times, even in the scant five minutes I was in the meeting.

Cascade Imminent will be moving back to Querious within a week. We will spend approximately two weeks building up the war chests on personal and corporate levels. After that time period, Cascade Imminent will deploy to some new warzone that has yet to be specified. Catch is de-thunderdoming in that sense. Fewer pilots will around to engage in any sort of combat.

My ISK is on somewhere out by AAA, as Delve is about as dead as it gets right now, and the north is a fair distance away only to end up blapped by Titans.

I have a bone to pick about our so called deployments, however. By and large, we never seem to really go anywhere far from Querious.  Even Stain is relatively close by, a mere fourteen or so jumps. Delve was even closer. That one time we deployed home was just retarded, they should have said "We're defending our space", not "We're deploying to 49-U." If we're going to deploy, we should actually deploy, instead of just getting out of the parking lot.

On our two week break, I'll be looking into booster production. Most of the boosters will be for corp/personal use, but it may end up spiralling into running my own little cartel. That would be interesting. Implementing this will take some time however, as I need to train up Drug Manufacturing as well as the skills that allow a person to use boosters without completely crippling himself.
Computer: terminate recording.

Friday, February 10, 2012


  Session Started: 2012.02.09 21:53:38
[ 21:53:40 ] (None) Jumping to Stargate (SV5-8N) in WD-VTV solar system
[ 21:53:48 ] (notify) Approaching Blatter Ball

Computer: Enemy Harpy has warped. Warp Drive Active, destination Stargate 9KOE-. Exiting warp tunnel. Enemy Harpy in range four thousand meters.
Me: Orbit five hundred! Scram!
[ 21:54:39 ] (notify) Orbiting Blatter Ball (500m)
[ 21:54:43 ] (notify) You have started trying to warp scramble BringTheLuminosity (Harpy).
[ 21:54:49 ] (combat) Your group of Gatling Pulse Laser II hits BringTheLuminosity (Harpy), doing 55.3 damage. Light Ion Blaster II belonging to BringTheLuminosity hits you, doing 213.9 damage.
[ 21:54:53 ] (combat) Light Ion Blaster II belonging to BringTheLuminosity barely scratches you, causing 88.0 damage.

Computer: Warning: transversal is too great to compensate for turret tracking.
[ 21:54:55 ] (combat) Light Ion Blaster II belonging to BringTheLuminosity barely scratches you, causing 100.0 damage.
[ 21:55:01 ] (combat) Light Ion Blaster II belonging to BringTheLuminosity barely scratches you, causing 74.5 damage. Your group of Gatling Pulse Laser II places an excellent hit on BringTheLuminosity (Harpy), inflicting 80.3 damage.

Me: Activate SAR!
[ 21:55:06 ] (combat) Light Ion Blaster II belonging to BringTheLuminosity barely scratches you, causing 28.9 damage, lightly hits you, doing 118.2 damage.

Computer: Warning, hostile fleet jumping in at stargate 9KOE-.
Me: "Shit burn off! Shit shit shit!"
[ 21:55:17 ] (notify) Blatter Ball is too far away to use your Warp Scrambler II on, it needs to be closer than 9,000 meters.

Me: Burn Burn Burn Overheat!
[ 21:55:25 ] (notify) Small Armor Repairer II requires 40.0 units of charge. The capacitor has only 39.3 units.

Computer: Enemy Harpy engaged by enemy fleet, taking heavy fire. Warning: Interdiction bubble deployed. Warning: Hostile Sabre on approach Hostile Harpy destroyed. Warning: Hostile Taranis in pursuit, speed six thousand five hundred. Warning: MWD warping to heat damage.  Current speed is five thousand five hundred. Warning: Hostile Dramiel in pursuit.

[ 21:55:40 ] (notify) External factors are preventing your warp drive from responding to this command.

Computer: Warning: Capacitor at critical levels. Warning: SAR Deactivated. Warning: Capacitor at critical levels.
[ 21:55:45 ] (notify) Aligning to WD-VTV VIII - Asteroid Belt 1

Computer: Warning: Armor Integrity critical. Warning: Capacitor at two percent. Warning: MWD is burning out.

Me: Just hold on baby, hold together a little longer...
[ 2012.02.09 21:55:52 ] (notify) Kristo Ledjfou (Dramiel) has started trying to warp scramble you!

Computer: Warning: MWD shut down.
Me: ...dammit.
[ 21:56:09 ] (notify) Aligning to WD-VTV - Star
[ 21:56:11 ] (combat) 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II belonging to Kristo Ledjfou barely scratches you, causing 35.9 damage.

Computer: Warning: MWD burnt out. MWD offlined.
Me:. ..crap...
  [ 21:56:14 ] (combat) 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II belonging to Kristo Ledjfou lightly hits you, doing 60.4 damage.
[ 21:56:17 ] (combat) 125mm Gatling AutoCannon II belonging to Kristo Ledjfou barely scratches you, causing 43.0 damage.

Me: Warp out! Warp out!
[ 21:56:26 ] (combat) Warrior II belonging to Kristo Ledjfou places an excellent hit on you, inflicting 38.3 damage.

Computer: Warp Core stability restored. Warp Drive Active. Target: Star.
Me: ...holy shit... *shuddering relieved sigh*
[ 21:56:57 ] (notify) Small Armor Repairer II requires 40.0 units of charge. The capacitor has only 20.9 units.

Me to Local: "That...was extremely lucky."

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Taste of Badass

Entry: seven hundred sixty-two.

Me: Computer: Begin audio playback from two eight twelve mark twenty-two fifty-two.

Computer: Beginning playback.


[ 22:52:59 ] (notify) Aligning to Stargate (SV5-8N)

Computer: Warning, enemy Stiletto approaching, speed four thousand five hundred.

[ 22:53:05 ] (notify) Aligning to Stargate (9KOE-A)

Alucard Strat: "Fleet warp 9KOE- gate and hold. I need eyes on that gang."
???: "NCdot warping 9KOE- gate in WD-."
Alucard Strat: "What are they in?"
???: "Cynabals, Vagabonds, a few Scimitars, a Sabre, and Arazu."
Alucard Strat: "Fleet hold on gate."

[ 22:53:53 ] (notify) Orbiting enemy Stiletto (500m)
[ 22:53:55 ] (notify) Finger Puppet (Stiletto) has started trying to warp scramble you!
[ 22:53:57 ] (notify) You have started trying to warp scramble Finger Puppet (Stiletto). Finger Puppet (Stiletto) has started trying to warp scramble you!
[ 22:54:02 ] (notify) External factors are preventing your 1MN MicroWarpdrive II from responding to this command
[ 22:54:04 ] (combat) 200mm AutoCannon II belonging to Finger Puppet heavily hits you, inflicting 79.7 damage. Your group of 200mm AutoCannon II hits Finger Puppet (Stiletto), doing 154.8 damage.
[ 22:54:07 ] (combat) 200mm AutoCannon II belonging to Finger Puppet heavily hits you, inflicting 73.1 damage. Your group of 200mm AutoCannon II places an excellent hit on Finger Puppet (Stiletto), inflicting 239.3 damage.

Computer: Warning, hostile Arazu exiting warp.
Me: Oh shit.

[ 22:54:13 ] (combat) Your group of 200mm AutoCannon II hits Finger Puppet (Stiletto), doing 214.3 damage.
[ 22:54:16 ] (combat) Your group of 200mm AutoCannon II is well aimed at Finger Puppet (Stiletto), inflicting 316.8 damage. 200mm AutoCannon II belonging to Finger Puppet hits you, doing 67.0 damage.
[ 22:54:18 ] (combat) Your group of 200mm AutoCannon II is well aimed at Finger Puppet (Stiletto), inflicting 311.3 damage.

Computer: Enemy Stiletto destroyed.

[ 22:54:19 ] (notify) Basic Trust (Arazu) has started trying to warp scramble you!

Me: Align SV5- gate! MWD on!
Computer: Warning, hostile fleet exiting warp.
Me: Oh shit.

[ 22:54:29 ] (notify) External factors are preventing your warp drive from responding to this command.
[ 22:54:30 ] (notify) Aligning to Stargate (SV5-8N)

Alucard Strat: "Fleet hold. I need eyes on that gang."
Computer: Warp core stabilized.
Me: Warp 9KOE!

[ 22:54:57 ] (notify) Small Armor Repairer II requires 40.0 units of charge. The capacitor has only 0.0 units. 1MN MicroWarpdrive II requires 40.0 units of charge. The capacitor has only 13.8 units.

Computer: Warp Drive Active, Destination Stargate 9KOE-.
Me: Fuck yeah!

Do pirates always feel like this? 

I remember Tawa Suyo of The Tuskers telling me about how he does this exact same thing to other null-sec fleets all the time, peeling off their tackle and killing them after they give a little chase. I felt like a complete badass managing to do the same thing, pulling that Stiletto towards me and killing him, knowing that NCdot was on its way using him as a warp-in. The Arazu was a bit unexpected, and I thought I was done for until I got fifty kilometers away from him.

After warping out, I needed a few minutes to calm my nerves as I sat off d-scan between gates. I was shaking from the exhilaration of it, sneaking a kill like that on their scout/tackler and living to tell about it. I'm riding on top of the world right now after that.

Computer: terminate recording.

Evicting Red Alliance?

Entry: seven hundred sixty-one, supplemental one.

In previous logs I mentioned the Cascade Imminent campaign being diverted from Tenerifis to Immensea. Cascade Imminent, to the best of my knowledge, blockaded seven Red Alliance and Red Citizens systems. As the end of last week approached, those seven systems were liberated. What was done with those systems, I don't know.

Since then, there was a short break before Cascade began sieging more systems. I don't particularly know which systems were sieged, or even care, but there it is. There have a been a few more CTAs called, though the majority occur before I get the chance to get out of my quarters in GJ0-.

In the meantime, Against All Authorities have taken massive amounts of space. 77S-, a once heavily used ratting system for Red Alliance and Red Citizens, has been taken by Against All Authorities, as well as several other systems in that area.

I've heard that the plan is to push back Red Alliance, if not completely evict them if they let us. I also heard recently that Red Alliance had four hundred plus systems to their name, including those that are techincally owned by Red Citizens, of which some fifty of those systems were station systems. The timeframe to relieve Red of all these systems is not insignificant, to say the least...

In the meantime, NEM3SIS is leaving Querious, to the best of my knowledge, for Delve. On a recent Sniper Hac roam, I stopped in NOL- and saw NEM3SIS shooting the station. That'll leave essentially all of Querious to Cascade.

No one is bothering to try and take CVA space, but everyone loves to roam into their space. For all the shit people talk about CVA, they do fight back. Realizing that makes me think Phreeze might feel the same way about Intrepid Crossing that I'm starting to about CVA. They're not the best, or even great, and probably actually downright suck, but they've got spunk, and it's rare enough you don't want it to go away.

As for anything else, the only real info I have is that White Noise split, and those that Cascade like more are reformed into G00DFELLAS. Everything else is too remote from my position to reach my ears.
Computer: terminate recording.

Learning Fleet Command - 1

Entry: seven hundred sixty-one.

Today one my corpmates with some connections to a Cascade renter alliance asked in comms if anyone was going to run a roam. I ended up answering a question about how they might perform given their null-sec experience and somehow ended up running a roam for them.

I suppose that works for me. I get to train with people not in my corp, and thus any mistakes I make won't affect them.

We had a small fleet of six: a comet, my Malediction, a Kitsune, one Zealot, a Ferox and a Harbinger. I set destination from 49- to HED-GP, assuming that, as in the past, HED- would be very active.

Mistake number one was not sorting out standings. Before we even arrived in HED-, due to a misunderstanding of orders the Harbinger pilot lost his ship. He managed to get away with his pod however, and I told him to meet us in HED-.

After sorting out standings with Legio, we moved onto HED-, where it turned out to be a sickening blue color permeating local. We spent fifteen minutes camping the Keberz gate while waiting for our Harbinger pilot to reship and meet us in a Retribution. Once he met us, we set destination for Doril.

The trip to was Doril was surprisingly fast up to Jamunda, where we were forced to turn back by an organized battlecruiser gatecamp. We were so close! I ordered the fleet back into the previous system and set our new destination for 9UY. It was along this route that we got our first kill. While scouting for the fleet, I happened upon a pirate in a Vengeance at zero on the gate I just came through. I quickly called for fleet to hold while I engaged him. Scram, SAR active, autocannons blazing Fusion, I waited until aggression was confirmed from him and called for fleet jump. "Jump in and nuke this Vengeance!"

Pirate mistake number one: Malediction with autos tackles and engages a Vengeance. That smells a bit fishy, don't you think? He complained later in local, "blob". I smartly replied to him in local, "it happens".

Knowing that local was most likely not blue to my gang, I ordered a quick warp-out, just in case. Looking back, I wish I had taken the time to loot the wreck myself. That MWD would have been very nice.

The locals quickly contacted us, and ended up sorting out blue standings with my renter-squadron with the promise of invitations to future fleets. My squad was riding high, this being the first time they've gone on a roam, killed something, and survived. I was determined not to let them down, and so we pressed on.

Some time later we found ourselves in 9UY, just a scant few jumps from Empire. A quick look at D-scan revealed an Abaddon towards the station and not much else. I decided to risk it, and warped to the station at zero. Abaddon at the undock, fleet holding just outside the system on-gate, I scrambled and orbited the Abaddon manually as a normal orbit would have resulted into smashing myself against the undock. I poured on the Fusion S.

He engaged! "Fleet jump jump jump warp station! Jump, warp station! Lock this Abaddon and MELT HIM!" A small local spike, and a minute later the fleet landed and went to work while the Abaddon continued to pound on me with drones, my SAR repairing the damage. I can only imagine how frustrated the battleship pilot was that his light drones weren't killing the frigates biting at his heels. He turned his guns onto the Zealot, taking it into half armor before the Zealot warped out.

In the end, the Abaddon pilot wasn't too smart, or was perhaps expecting help soon rather than not at all. We got a nice kill as a reward for his mistake with the accompanying loot.

Fearing the soon to come revenge fleet, I ordered fleet to warp to planet four, and then use as a rolling safe for a few minutes. I scouted the next system and ordered the fleet to follow me through. We made way for Dital, as I wanted to end the roam on the best note possible. The revenge fleet was jumping into 9UY just as I jumped out.

I arrived at KBP7- with the fleet holding in XHQ-. "Warp back to FWS0-," I ordered. "There's a small battlecruiser gatecamp here, we don't have the firepower to take this though." I'd seen a Drake, a Myrmidon, Rapier, Brutix, and Vexor. That pitted against my now four frigates, Zealot in half armor, and wasn't a situation I wanted to jump into. We played gate games for a good five minutes before we managed to mostly break through and get into Dital. We only had one loss: the Federation Navy Comet engaged the Myrmidon in XHQ- instead of jumping past it into KBP7-. He wasn't happy, but he didn't rage, blaming himself for not following the jump command I gave and instead engaging, which I'm certain he did because he was taking fire and under stress that was completely foreign to him. I don't blame him. We've all been there.

With that, I entered godhood for those few industrial pilots, getting immediate votes of confidence and promises that they were my men should I ask. It's a bit hard to breathe with all these high airs I'm getting and putting on.

Certainly I could have done a better job though. I know this, I told them this, but I think the adrenaline was strong with them still and it didn't matter to them.

I should have found a better way to determine where to roam to, as opposed to arbitrarily picking systems I've been to before where action usually was. I should have sorted out standings before the fleet even left. I should have told my new combat pilots to follow my orders despite what their instinct tells them about fight or flight. I should have been a little bolder, taking the few seconds to loot and engaging the final gatecamp, which crumbled at seeing our fleet land on KBP7- gate in a coordinated fashion.

Lessons to take home for the future for sure. I'll be looking to improve this in my next fleet.
Computer: terminate recording.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

RvB Ganked Night meets Sniper Hacs

Entry: seven hundred sixty.

Two night ago was our scheduled sniper hac roam: Zealots, Muninns, Scimitars, Interdictors, and speed fit tacklers.  Originally, we made our way out to NOL- because of some intel the FC had gotten only to find out that the enemies had been wiped out before we got there. Frustrated was a good way to explain our emotional state.

All the way back in Delve, we made our way out to head through the back door. FWST- to D-3 to 8QT- to NDII- to A2-V2 to Keberz and the final jump into HED-. Even now that Against All Authorities owns HED- again, it's still a rather busy system, usually bustling with interlopers of some form or another. Just after we passed HED- and SV5-, having stopped because of a breakoff alliance from White Noise called G00DFELLAS camping one of our outgates towards GJ0-, we got intel that one hundred and eight RvB were trailing behind us in a fleet full of battlecruisers. In particular, a fleet full of Ferox, Brutix, and Prophecy hulls. I could hear the excitement in the FC's voice as he gave orders, and I knew we'd be engaging it sooner rather than later.

RvB came in behind us from HED- landing in WD-V. We jumped back into WD-V and warped to the SV5- gate after a few moments and getting reports that RvB had warped to the gate we were on. We landed at range on the SV5- gate and bubbles went up. Tackle and Interdictors kept on the bubbles while the snipers and Scimitars pulled range quickly.

RvB did not disappoint, and soon landed in our trap. Off gate and constantly being bubbled by Interdictors, FC called primaries almost one after the other, targets exploding extremely quickly while RvB tried to eliminate the tacklers and Interdictors in their attempt to burn for the SV5- gate. They eventually made it to the gate and jumped out, but at a very high cost.
After regrouping and inviting G00DFELLAS to the after-party, we followed RvB and soon learned that they were bunched up on the Keberz gate in HED-. We didn't waste any time in getting there, not wanting them to leave without dying to us a little more, and burned for HED- as quickly as we could, then warping to the Keberz gate at one hundred kilometers.

Intel wasn't the strongest just then, as we discovered that RvB has aligned to SV5- while waiting for us, and several of our fleet was caught red handed and brutally slaughtered by the RvB fleet. Most of us managed to pull range again however, while our Interdictors and Tacklers executed a repeat performance. 
A minute later, G00DFELLAS warped in at range on the Keberz gate as well, and began their alpha-strike symphony.

Targets were vanishing so quickly that the FC gave the order to sort and shoot by range, as he wasn't able to keep broadcasts up to the pace of RvB deaths. With this amount of firepower arrayed against them, RvB burned back for Keberz and jumped through. The wreckage left behind was almost comical.

As a Logistics pilot, I wasn't on very many kills, and those that I were on were only during lulls when no one needed shield repairs with whore gun just to show that I was there as opposed to actively killing anything. Even so, I had a great time. A few of my corpmates had lost their ships in the fights, so I scooped loot to give them, hopefully to make their losses a little more manageable.

Computer: terminate recording.