Monday, May 23, 2011

Day 387

Computer: Record. Auto-transmit to VFK for backup.

Entry three hundred eighty-seven.

I just got word that 4-AB had a few hostiles. My trigger finger is itching for some action, and I'm not waiting. I've moved from the Stiletto to the Hurricane. Standard shield buffer, nonstandard nanofiber for greater speed and maneuverability.

Warp bookmark 4-AB.

"Warp Drive Active."

So far on intelligence, I know that there are two hostiles. It's my guess that there are more, otherwise I doubt the reported Dramiel will stick around.

"Jumping. Recording Paused."


"Recording Resumed. Warping to Stargate"

I find myself wondering how large this gang is going to be, and what the backup will look like though. Ah, there's the stargate now, and there's the drag bubble?? Approach the Caldari battlecruiser wreck. Activate MWD, overheat top rack and cycle. Now just for the waiting...a blackbird? Well, this isn't going to go well.

Approach gate...Jump.

"Jumping. Recording Paused."


"Recording Resumed"

Approach Dramiel. Lock. Activate MWD and top rack . Disruptor, Neutralizer: Active.

I know it's a trap, but I can't help myself. Even if I lose this hurricane, but I kill the Dramiel, I'm coming out twenty plus million ISK ahead, and ISK wars are pretty important. My guns keep hammering at the Dramiel, reverberating throughout my ship. It's difficult to hit him, but I land occasional glancing blows as he hits the stargate. He's not a very good frigate pilot, but he's getting the job done, because he's only now entering armor.

"Loki, Myrmidon, Dramiel, Falcon: on grid."


"Jammed Out."

Approach gate. Request Jump on auto-spam, begin.

"The Stargate denies you permission to Jump because of recent acts of aggression you have committed."
"The Stargate denies you permission to Jump because of recent acts of aggression you have committed."
"The Stargate denies you permission to Jump because of recent acts of aggression you have committed."
"The Stargate denies you permission to Jump because of recent acts of aggression you have committed."

Auto-warp to station on auto-spam, begin.

"External factors are preventing you from entering warp."
"External factors are preventing you from entering warp."
"External factors are preventing you from entering warp."
"Ship is out of control."
"Warping to Station."

GF coming in over local communications network, what the hell, me too. GF guys.

Warp to Stargate. "Warping to Stargate."

Funny how everything seems calm and quiet, yet high strung and tense after you lose a ship.

"Jumping. Recording Paused."


Pause Recording until further notice. "Recording Paused."


"Recording Resumed."

Intelligence claims Robopleasure in TNT space. I didn't have another Hurricane in VFK, so I made the trip out to XCF for my one and only armor cane. Undock.



Warp to CU9. "Warping to Stargate." Robopleasure has been bouncing between FMB, CU9, and XCF it seems, although he's slow on the take about moving. I'm not sure why, but maybe I'll find out.

Once in CU9, pause recording until further notice.

"Jumping. Recording Paused."


To Intelligence: Robopleasure in CU9 on XCF gate.
Lock and approach Robopleasure. Overload top rack and engage.

"Target is no longer locked because it doesn't exist." 

To Intelligence: Robopleasure jumped XCF from CU9.

From Intelligence: shiptype?

To Intelligence: How many times do I need to repeat that he's in a Daredevil?

To Intelligence: Robopleasure CU9, DAREDEVIL, moving to approximately 100km below the XCF gate.

Pause recording until Robopleasure is webbed.

"Recording Paused."


"Recording Resumed."

Overheat top rack and approach. MWD: Active. Just a few seconds now.
"Target is no longer locked because it doesn't exist. Killmail Recorded."

Gimme a minute to cool my nerves. Approach wreck and loot. Once looting completed, destroy the wreck. "Acknowledged."

So, there's a little bit missing in the log there. Upon his last jump into CU9 via XCF, Robo microwarped to about a hundred below the gate. Being less agile, not mention considerably slower, I kept myself in jump range of the gate so that no matter which direction he approached from, I could lock him before he got to within ten kilometers of it, and then double web and scram him as soon as he did get in range.

He played around for quite a while, maybe ten to fifteen minutes, microwarping in and out, trying to draw me off of the gate. I wasn't willing to oblige, but did return some Barrage as an exchange. On one attempt, I did release some some drones at him, but they did minimal damage before one was destroyed, thus I recalled them. Note: drones will not work on a Daredevil except as a distraction.

His final run ended with him being double webbed and scrammed. There was no chance for escape.

He claims that that last run was a mistake, and frankly I'm inclined to agree with him. After how long he spent zooming in and out, one piloting error on an inbound trajectory took him in too close, resulting in the loss of his ship. I didn't even attempt to pod him, the hurricane's locking speed is far too slow to catch the pod of any half decent pilot, nevermind a regular interloper like him.

To Robopleasure: GF
From Robopleasure: GF

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Day 386

Computer: Record.

Entry three hundred eighty-six.

The previous day was a rather nice one.

After waking up and getting cleaned up, I boarded my ship and switched to "Logged in" mode, connecting me to the rest of capsuleer civilization. Intelligence came out only seconds after I logged in that a hostile Succubus was spotted only a jump away. Without further delay, I undocked my Wolf from VFK-IV's station and warped to I30.

Reports came in that the hostile was no longer in I30 as I warped. Since local reported no hostile neocom-link, I warped to the only other likely system, 209G-D.

I jumped into 209G to find the hostile Succubus already engaged with a Dramiel sixty-eight kilometers above the I30 gate. Redlining my MWD, I practically warped within range of the target. At twenty-four kilometers range, my overheated disruptor played across his warp core, preventing escape, and I settled into an MWD orbit at thirteen kilometers, pelting the target with Barrage ammunition.

It didn't take long before the target succumbed. I was especially proud of the final blow being mine. It'd been almost half a year since I landed a final blow, and that was against a friend in a friendly death-match.

Today, however, was not so pleasant.

Upon logging in, I scoured the intelligence channels, and began hunting targets in my Wolf. I traversed VFK, 2R-, YAO-, 2-K, CCP-, TXME, FMB...I caught glimpses of the targets with the directional scanner, but had no luck. Intelligence then came over comms about a twenty man frigate gang roaming our space. A defense fleet was formed, and we pursued.

We trapped them in D06, but they were safed up. Unable to find them, I retrieved a cheetah from VFK, only to learn the frigate gang had eluded us and moved into YAO-. Again, the fleet trapped them, but they safed up yet again. I attempted to probe them out, but they logged off to avoid detection.

Frustrating is about how I would describe that.

I left fleet, and switched the Wolf to "Logged out" mode after docking in VFK-. I didn't waste much time, and headed almost straight for my quarters. I snagged a soda on my way to my bunk, my customary 'wake up drink' and 'go back to sleep' drink. I opened the soda, placed it next to my bunk in easy reach, then lay down on the mattress.

A few hours later, after waking up and collecting my wits, I chugged down some of that previously opened soda and returned to the Wolf. Flipping the ship status to "Logged in", I formed a fleet with two corpmates, Ranger Gama and Dark Masiah. We'd decided to go to the front lines and get some action.

So we traveled to Tribute. As we arrived, all action ceased, and action at Deklein increased. Frustrated, I called for a suicide assault of RED space, and we made our journey down to 6YU.

Evidence of R.A.G.E.'s failscade was pretty clear cut: all of their systems were empty. An interesting fact struck us in RED space however: it was empty. Literally, no one was there. It wasn't as though we were at the fringes of RED space either, we were pretty deep into Geminate.

Frustated, we headed back to M-O. This was perhaps the only part of the journey truly interesting, as we found ourselves gatecrashing away from a Pandemic Legion gatecamp in M-O on the low-sec gate. Unable to return home, or even to Tribute through that system, I scouted Hakonnen, and discovered that it had become a major Pandemic Legion staging area. With local completely filled with reds, excepting myself, I returned to the previous system, docked, and clone jumped back to CU9-.

Two minutes later, Fountain was on fire, and it was at least forty jumps away. Luck was not on my side, and I called it a day.

Computer: Terminate Recording.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Taking on Targets

Life in 0.0 has been fairly boring for me lately. This is, in part, because of my recent attitude, but also because for some reason, people like to run around in cloaky bombers instead of, I dunno, gangs actually capable of combat.

My recent attitude however has been one of frustration and annoyance. There's just a bit of strain going on. Simple things like conversation are sometimes beyond me, although in the worst cases said conversation is more me being interrogated. It doesn't go over well, this person just needs to learn what a conversation entails. Perhaps it's my fault for not being as social as many other people though, I've always enjoyed having the majority of my time to myself.

I must admit though, being the only person awake in my corp in 0.0 5 days out of 7 is a bit boring. As much as I enjoy being alone, humans aren't solitary creatures, as SOME social interaction is necessary just for sanity.

For the last week, when I've had time, I've been cruising the intel channels, trying to find something to kill. Cloud Ring? Gang of bombers. Deklein? Cloaky Loki and bombers. Fountain, hella far away, but bombers and cloaky tech 3 ships. I suppose I could roll out to Tribute, and to be honest I'm strongly considering it even though I'll probably die. Oh, Fade and pure Blind? Bombers.

It's sufficiently frustrating, and combined with my emotional state, it doesn't go down well. I've logged out quite a few times, or just left the ship for hours on end, wondering if I even wanted to be there. It's not a case of wishing the world was something else, it's just a case of wishing things were a little more exciting, or at least active in non "i'm too scared to PvP, so I fly around in a cloaked bomber or tech 3 all day."

Anjali's not had great luck. I've been using the skill queue, so she's not had a chance to get any training done. True, she can fly a tech 2 fit Punisher, but with all the free Rifters and Thrashers I gave her, she's been wanting to train minmatar. And let's be honest, Afterburner and scrambler is a bit limited. Despite her bad luck in fighting (she's tech 1 fit fighting tech 2 fit, she doesn't stand a chance and she knows it), she's been having a good time in her new home at Old Man Star. She'll be moving her PI from Daran to somewhere out near Old Man Star. Really, I told her that 36 jumps was a bit much, but she's stubborn, and is only deciding to move the operation.

Once I've gotten tech 2 large autocannons trained up, she'll get to train away her heart. This log will start including her entries, as clearly mine alone aren't doing the trick.

I wish I had more to record, but, as I said, 0.0 has been really uninteresting lately.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thus a new conflict is joined

Bouncing around the blogs, I found a comment on Mord Fiddle's that "The NC is done for, it's only a matter of time."

I admit a certain amount of trepidation at thought, mostly because I'm in the DC, but also because of some crazy ramifications were this to happen. I won't go into the future consequences, because really it won't change anything by theory-crafting what will and won't happen as a result.

More immediate things need attention, things can potentially make a difference, as completely turn it around.

To my knowledge, the Deklein Coalition have largely kept ourselves out of the fight. We've had relatively little to do aside from POS bashing Triumvirate and IRC, possibly chasing their gangs around, and that's really it. It has actually been quite peaceful round these parts. It's been so peaceful, Anjali's gotten more combat in the last few days than I have, and even though she's died twice, and lost a number of ships in the process, I don't think it fair that a newly turned low-sec pirate is having more combat in her life than a dedicated 0.0 guy.

Today I got notice that Deklein is going to war. TEST, Goons, and TNT at the least are going to join forces with the Northern Coalition, who seems to have been losing soveriegnty left and right. RAGE has fail-scaded completely it seems, and is literally on the way out. Majesta Empire is on the rocks too, if I've heard right. As big as the NC is, the DC is nothing to be sneered at.

Chances are, this influx of fighters should even the field, if not turn it against the DRF and PL. Chances are also that DC will start nailing a lot of Sov structures with multiple sub-capital fleets, keeping the capitals, supercaps, and titans in reserve for hot dropping and quick elimination of various DRF sov structures.

Granted, DC won't want to do it, sov shooting is boring by and large. That said, DC is next on the list if NC goes down, and that's not going to work out too well for us. You better believe we're in this thing for the win

The fact that things have gone this slowly for the DRF against just the NC tells me that with us joining the fights, the DRF is going to be retreating from the space they've claimed, maybe losing some of their own in the process.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Overcoming the Fear of a Faction Loss

I remember, back even before I went into J33557 for an extended stay, I had grinded enough ISK, enough standing, and enough Loyalty points to buy my first faction ship, the Republic Fleet Firetail.

I can't tell you how many hours I wasted away staring at the hull, staring at the stats and fits on battleclinic, madly going over my own skills on EVEHQ to determine how my stats would match up. To paraphrase the Joker, I was like a dog chasing a car, and I certainly had no idea what to do with it once I got it.

I still have it. The sad truth? I've flown it only a few times, and only to move it from one place to another, not to do actual combat in, and it frustrates the hell out of me. It's durable enough for even level 3 missions, flown correctly, but I didn't buy it to re run the same missions over and over to increase an electronic number that ultimately does nothing but wait until I need or want something.

What also frustrates me is that I don't have it in 0.0, and that in 0.0, right now there aren't the fights to be had with it. It's pretty standard to see SHAC or AHAC gangs roaming about. Occasionally, yes, you'll find yourself a lone wolf, but it's pretty rare, and even if I did, the odds are pretty high it'd get blown to hell by a *HAC gang even before odds as small as 3-1 set in.

Hm...I didn't mean to reach into this topic, but what the hell. I don't feel low-sec is broken...entirely broken. Empire is pretty populated, and rightly so. 0.0 is pretty populated, and also rightly so. I think low-sec offers pretty a good place to have a fight, where in the others there's either very little real fighting, or all out war. Low-sec to me is the abandoned warehouse where street-fights take place. The world outside is the Law-Enforced community, and the world below is the Crime-Ridden world that we all know about. In the middle, people are free to duke it out, so long as they don't discredit their peers.

Anyways, moving along. It's been almost a year and half since I bought it. It's hard to believe that I've pretty much never used it. It's not that I was afraid of losing it, it's that I was afraid of giving such a large trophy to an opponent in the case of my loss, and I think, in the end, it's coming down to a fear over imagined status where none exists.

Am I less of a pilot for flying faction ships? I am a better one? Am I better PvPer with or without one?

I try not to think about these things, but I was offered a Tempest Fleet Issue today for a little under the lowest market price, and I drew up 2 fits I liked, and knew I wanted it. It is only in the course of wanting it, and thinking when and how I would use it that I remembered that perhaps I am not yet deserving of it because I would only waste it.

I say this to people all the time: "What's the fun of buying a fancy internet spaceship only to do nothing worthwhile with it?" And stupidly enough, I hadn't taken my own advice. No, it won't look great on alliance killboards when I lose the Firetail, but I think about all the people that lose t3's, and my Firetail really doesn't even deserve compared to those in terms of losses.

The next realistic chance I get to have some dedicated low-sec time, I'm taking my Firetail out for a spin. And I'm going to keep doing it until I lose it, and then maybe I'll buy another. If I can't fly this ship for fear of losing it, I've no business being a pod pilot. If I can't fly this ship fearlessly in the face of certain defeat, I don't deserve the Fleet Issue Tempest that I REALLY want to give a spin.

I've drawn up 2 fits for the Fleet Issue Tempest. The first, an armor-buffer heavy-tackle autocannon-bruiser. 125k EHP omni damage, 900m/s unoverheated, 775 dps unoverheated at 25km. The second, a shield-buffer gank-brawler: 885 dps unoverheated at 40km, 1150m/s unoverheated, and 112k ehp (albeit with probably an average tank of 30dps, unlike the 7 of the armor version).

I think, given the shield version being a slightly weaker slightly slower Machariel, I'm going to opt for the armor version. With 2 webs, a disruptor, 2 heavy neuts, and a tracking disruptor, I'll bet dollars to donuts it'll beat just about any battleship in disruptor range if I can land even one web on it, nevermind two. I'll also bet dollars to donuts it'll give small battlecruiser gangs a hard time, if not crush them outright (thanks tracking disruptor!).

It sounds like a proposition, and in about 2 months (tech 2 large guns, battleship 4 or 5), when my skills are deserving of it, he'll be seeing you on a battlefield with a rack full of very angry autocannons.

Yes those figures were with all level 5 skills. My skills are not far off from that where Minmatar is concerned. I'm certainly not maxing everything out, much less a third of it all, but I want to do it justice.

Peace in New Eden is Rather Boring

Things have been extremely quiet in TNT space. So quiet in fact that I've not had a whole hell of a lot to do in 0.0 aside from random participation in smashing IRC and Solar. If I remember correctly, that was 4-5 days ago. 

I don't like to post every little thing I do, heck not even the majority of the things I do. I like to play more than write about playing, although I do enjoy both. I don't want the writing to become a pain though. So I build up a backlog of events that I can write about, think about, learn from, so on and so forth.

However, as pretty much nothing has happened in 0.0 for me lately, I'll recap that 6 hour operation on Saturday.


Alpha fleet was forming in VFK to go smash IRC. Normally, in Fatal Ascension, I would have expected the fleet to slowly get together over the course of an hour. Things with TNT and Goons are different however, and within 10 minute of the call for formup, the fleet had 190 people. We gained another 20 over the next 30 minutes while we waited to ambush Solar in some other system. I had brought a Scimitar.

So we waited in DKUK for 30 minutes while DBRB listened to his intel, trying to decide what to do.

At last, we were told to warp to a titan and bridge. On landing, we warped to a gate, and jumped. Solar was there with an Abaddon/Guardian/Loki fleet. They were comparable in size, even though I lack specific numbers, but I was certain that the fleet sizes were close enough to make it a real fight. And a real fight it was.

When we jumped in, we immediately aligned Planet 1, DBRB broadcasting and calling targets as fast as he could. Things were pretty even between us and them for a few minutes, each fleet losing roughly the same number of ships, us jamming their logis, them jamming our logis. Our alignment to Planet 1 was met with a slight misfortune however, as the Hellcat fleet managed to get on top of us and stay there for a few minutes. With the Abaddons on us in their optimals, they were alpha-striking our Maelstroms much faster than our 19 logistics could repair them. I felt the tide of the battle turning slowly as each minute passed. Unable to repair the Maelstroms fast enough, our fleet began to dwindle.

And then we broke range. The majority of our Alpha Fleet got far enough away that we Scimitars were able to do our job quite effectively. With 19 Scimitars, we only lost a smattering of Maelstroms from that point forward. Over the next several minutes, we cleaned up what was left of that fleet. Some of it escaped, most of it did not. Naturally, Lokis and other expensive targets were primary targets.

Just as we were wrapping up, Solar and IRC warped in with a reinforcement fleet. Their reinforcement fleet however numbered roughly half of what we still had on the field (190 vs 120). Suffice it say that we took the field yet again, leaving more wrecks to be looted.

The field taken, instead of looting the field, we warped to an enemy tower that was onlining and destroyed it with the help of a small supercap fleet that jumped in. Goons put up their own tower there to take that technetium moon. We looted the field while the Goon tower onlined. I came away with at least 50 million in looted modules.

Eventually, the tower onlined, and the fleet headed for IRC space. I was unfortunately unable to make it, and headed back to TNT space. When I came back, I attempted to meet the fleet out in A1RR, and I managed to get to 4 jumps out when the fighting started and 2 jumps out when the fighting ended. Alpha fleet again smashed an IRC Solar fleet, and looted the field.

DBRB and the fleet took an hour break. I docked up in A1RR. It was here I learned about the Foreign Legion and I attempted to sign up, only to find out it was EU TZ only, and being US TZ, it wouldn't work out so well.

At some point I'll fly that Scimitar back to XCF, but for now it's just gonna sit in A1RR.