Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Entry: seven hundred eleven.

I find myself somewhat surprised lately that people are recognizing me in fleet. By people, I mean Fleet Commanders. My nature is to typically not make a name for myself, not advertise, not stand out, and yet there I am.

I suppose I've changed given the unwillingness of others to volunteer for a task, the incompetence of some fleet members trying to organize for specific tasks, and breaking the mold of flying the DPS ship.

Most fleets I go on, the FC calls for someone to do something, and no one volunteers. I don't understand this, as it's not as though bad is worse than none at that point. New pilots to the roles asked for should be volunteering, as it's the best way, and usually only way, that you learn to be effective in such a role. I'll give the example of scout. When an FC asks for a scout, we'll usually wait five to ten minutes for a scout before the FC picks out someone flying around in a frigate. Since I fly interceptors all the time, I've been taking this job.

As for incompetence, back when I still had a Guardian, I found myself as one of the last few that actually had a clue how to organize the logistics. Faced with either utter incompetence and failure, or directing it myself, the choice was fairly obvious. Still, even directing it, I was frustrated at our small logistics groups, as one seemed unable to set his energy transfers where they needed to go. I think a disgruntled medical bay assistant must have changed his genetic makeup and made him 'special'.

And as for DPS ships, I think people are too attached to killmails. Sure, you can get on more as a DPS ship, but I'm still surpassing most of them with little effort. Our fleets of late have been short on utility, meaning we have to brawl or otherwise die. We never have enough tacklers, never enough logistics, and almost never a prober.

This alliance isn't the one I remember joining. It was so different before we moved to 1DH-. I don't know what changed, aside from Atlas disbanding. I'm told that in it's struggle to stay alive, recruiting restrictions were greatly relaxed and Cascade took just about anyone that wanted to join, and maybe that's part of it, but surely not the whole story. Hopefully, such restrictions have been put back in place. More bodies isn't enough, you need more skill as well.

I'm sticking with my corporation, through and through, whether they stay with Cascade or leave. I'm just hoping things change for the better soon. 
Computer: terminate recording.

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