Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dead Zones

Entry: seven hundred four.

It's been a long few path days on the warpath. Combat-wise, very little has happened with the exception of three turkey shoots, one in which my fleet were the turkeys. Aside from those few instances of bullets spraying back and forth, it's been structure grinding. People aren't generally happy with this, but understand the need to wipe out these structures in our goal to retake CZK- and CNC-, as well as reclaim valuable moons currently held by enemies.

Delve and Querious are dead zones these days. Very little fighting happens at all in these regions except around structure timers. This is less a problem for our enemies as opposed to Cascade, as the nearest combat zones are typically near Stain in Catch. While this keep us safe so that we can make our ISK, there's the issue of life in the alliance.

That said though, the grinding really has taken the life out of the alliance right now. It's been hard even getting a respectable number pilots for roams, nevermind emergency CTAs.

I can't wait for this reclamation of our space to be finished so we can back to what we're good at: pissin' in someone else's Cheerios.
Computer: terminate recording.

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