Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Abusing Stront

Entry: six hundred ninety-five.

Three days ago I got greedy and lost a stealth bomber. The why is because I don't rat, or mine, or produce, or any of the other number of ways there are to make ISK.

The how is that it occurred shortly after a "grief Ushra'Khan" / "kill the cyno jammer" / "destroy station services" operation that took place in CNC-, as Cascade is attempting to remove them from its former space. As we were wrapping up the "destroy station services" portion of the operation, NCdot bridged in on a scattered Cascade fleet with its guard down. Multiple losses ensued, mostly on Cascade's side, a few on NCdot's side.

Some of the destroyed ships were of the tech two variant, and when the heat had died down and NCdot returned home, I returned with the intention of salvaging some intact armor plates from those wrecks, each valued on insta-sell at thirty million ISK.

Unfortunately, a cluttered overview resulted in a snipe Apocalypse nailing me while I was grubbing for ISK. At that point, I was down thirty million ISK.

Yesterday there was a very fast formup to knock out an Evoke tower in MKD-. After a five minute formup, Cascade, N3MESIS, and Krysis burned to and met in the target system. The pilots in the newest Battlecruisers warped in at range and the stealth bombers were provided a warp-in from a sub-FC.

The bomber warp-in was very bad.

Instead of being thirty kilometers away from the tower, the warp-in point was twenty kilometers away. This placed us too close to the tower for comfort, and during our confused efforts to get proper range, the FC called enemy targets, targets that were at the tower attempting to repair it. Bombers decloaked and began laying into the enemy, and I was forced to warp off of the field deep into armor midway through the fight. The small Evoke force destroyed fourteen bombers, however, before their remaining elements were pushed inside the forcefield.

Once Evoke was inside the tower, what remained targetable were the Evoke tower and a large group of stealth bomber wrecks. I set about salvaging while providing additional damage, and came out at the end with eighty plus million ISK in tech two salvage in the hold.

The fleet stopped applying damage when the tower shields reached approximately thirty percent. Evoke had managed to repair the tower shields just enough to restront the tower to come out of reinforce in their most active timezone, which coincedentally is not a strong timezone for us. We left, promising to come back in a few hours, at which point we would finish reinforcing it and use their stront levels against them to force the tower to exit reinforced mode in their worst timezone.

Evoke won't have that tower in MKD- for much longer, of that there is no doubt. Question is, how long will Evoke be able to repair and restront the tower before it goes down?
Computer: terminate recording.

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