Friday, December 9, 2011

Retraction, PL might not have sucked

I was browsing about a bit before work and came across this particular link.
The particular section I am interested in is minutes 8-9, where one of the PL guys explains why he was camping the 1DH- undock. He doesn't specifically mention 1DH-, but the context was Morsus Mihi had gone to Delve to rebuild, and this guy (Graff?) started doing it to show Morsus Mihi (and Cascade and Brick also probably, just as an added bonus) how unsafe NPC space can be.
If that was the goal, I'd say it was a resounding success. I'd be willing to say that what I wrote a month earlier about PL sucking because of this was entirely uninformed. I have to think back all the way to my days with Morrdack to remember that even in the 34th Massachusetts, this is pretty much what it was about. Griefing and having fun no matter what.
Not that PL really cares about a small fry like me anyways. I should acknowledge when I'm (definitely or possibly) wrong though.

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