Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Entry: seven hundred fifty-two.

It feels as though it's been longer than ten days. Amazing how time can fly like that.

Since my last public log, things have been better. Amazingly, for whatever reason, the rash of CTA activity has vanished while roams have increased. High Command finally seems to have gotten the message that while taking space sounds cool, it isn't, nevermind trying to blitz an entire pocket of seven systems.

The biggest problem was that the CTA blitz started just after a month long CTA campaign. Nothing but structure shoots, as any interesting combat wasn't to be had. Whelps, ganks, or was dull and tiring. 
With CTAs grinding to a halt, roams of all sorts have been going out for killing. It's been a great time through and through, although none of it seemed to have started in earnest until last week, when my corporation, Militaris Industries, started taking out its own roams, alliance be damned.

I and many in UDEAD wanted to roam around and kill something. No fleets were up, people kept saying they wanted to go, and no one was forming a fleet. On one particular day I only had a few hours, and I wasn't about to spend it sitting in station watching the news bulletins. I formed a fleet, and fifteen of us made our way into Curse.

As time passed while the fleet roamed Curse, more UDEAD logged in and wanted to join. I was officially the FC until then, taking suggestions from another member, Tier, about where to go in Curse since I had no familiarity with the region. At that point, I began picking up newcomers and escorting them to fleet, getting a brief spat with calling primaries as I and two others engaged a Sabre-Falcon team a hundred off an outgate, and again as I and another latecomer tackled and killed a Raven burning through Legio space. 

Tier took over as FC at my request while I escorted the late-comers. We didn't get many kills, but everyone was happy. By the time we got back, two other fleets had formed, but ours was very nearly the size of either of those. The only loss was mine: a Crusader tackling a Wolf in Sendaya on a stargate. I had completely forgotten about gate guns. God, I really LOATHE gate and station guns.
Since then, Tier, who was once an FC, has been taking out more corporate roams, our numbers typically hitting about sixteen. We've gotten more kills and have had more fun than most of the alliance, and we've not had to put up with fail jumpers. We did have a roam that got loaded down with killmail-whoring, however, which ended up costing the whores their ships. I think that that taught them their lesson: you don't whore in small fleets, but feel free in CTAs.

I feel reinvigorated again. No six hour stints of crushing structures or hundred plus fleets. Those are all well and good IF you get a fight, but almost unacceptable if you don't. It's just been fun and roaming, having good fights and funny ganks.

We can't rely solely on Tier for corporate roams though. Our timezones don't exactly match. I'm thinking of forming up some corporate roams myself soon as well. I don't like waiting for alliance level fleets to go do something, and there's no reason I can't lead a fleet, however unsuccessfully, when no one else is willing to yet.
Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Now yer talkin... I was gettin worried man, yer posts were, well, you sounded depressed. This is much moar like it!

    This is why I love livin on the other side of the crazy marble... freedom to do as we please, and good small gang fights. My corp may be in an Allaince, but that Alliance is in Empire, and we... well, we weren't.

    Good luck to you, keep on FCing, you cant get better at it unless you practise it. Lookin forwad to your future logs.

  2. 1 scout, some fast tackle and alittle dps, 3-8 people and you can make a good gate and or bubble camp. Not much excitment right away but if you pick a good spot it can be fun.