Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So much is new, and so much is the same.

Entry: seven hundred thirty-one.

Life in Querious remains...quiet. There's been very little to do worth talking about. With the Evoke NAP in place, blue-status with N3MESIS, Krysis, -A-, and Nulli, little remains to be shot with the exception of the normal cloakers that like to roam about. Alliance goals need completing, but from everything I can tell, it's all taking down structures. Suleiman's comment keeps echoing in my head...

While that has remained the same, the alliance seems to have changed drastically. I'm seeing quite a new corps lately, more activity than was there this time last month, and more fleets. Sadly, the fleets are posted by mail, and I dislike waking up to another twenty-two mails blinking by inbox to death. I typically delete them. I love knowing when the fleets will be, but I can't be bothered to sort through twenty-two mails for some fun.

To that effect, I've actually missed most of the fleets. I'm going to need to fix this. I can still see formups for -A- CTAs, maybe I can get in on some of that action. Or maybe I need to deploy to more active regions. Ah, but I forgot, my alliance is 'deployed' to 49-U6U. I must be missing the definition of deployment. I was pretty sure deployment meant "go somewhere other than home".

But, I don't really have anyone but myself to blame in the end. I don't feel like hour formups, or multi-hour waits, or dealing with the regular cloaky gatecamp a few jumps away. There's not been any inspiration. Maybe I got a bit too addicted to the simulators and games in the quarters.

It's a struggle, getting back into the game...
Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. Get a clone out to Heild. Im usually at the sun and I never got the chance to explode ships with you out in Delve. Its slow during the day, but in the EVEnings (like, 6-10pm EST, I think around 20:00, EVE time) it picks up in the MH ring.