Saturday, January 21, 2012

Opening Moves

Entry: seven hundred forty-two.

Yesterday our campaign kicked off in force. With the original objective of sieging Teneferis no longer viable, our target has switched to Immensea. Seven systems were successfully blockaded in the immediate area around I-N. Shortly after the blockade units onlined, Infrastructure Hubs and Control Towers were assaulted. I am unclear on whether Territorial Claim Units and Stations were attacked, but if it was possible to destroy and reinforce those structures respectively, it's likely that that happened. Elapsed time between the beginning and end of the first operation in the siege was six hours. No resistance was forthcoming.
Following that, there have been cloaked harassment fleets taking advantage of petrified Red Alliance members. I did not join in on this. There are better things to do than camp enemies in their stations when there is no need or reason for them to come out yet. A few days down the road will make such operations more worthwhile in my view as those under siege begin to panic and attempt to rescue their assets.

There was another operation today, although I don't know what for. Judging by the fleet composition and duration length of fleet, it was another long series of structure shoots, either destructions or reinforcements. Again there was no conflict to be had, which is the point of our campaign. Sooner or later, something is going to give. Either they push back before it's too late or lose everything. After this next round of reinforcement timers, things will become more critical, hopefully eliciting a response. For now, ship spinning is their solution.

I'm looking forward to what comes next. Whether or not Cascade takes those battles, a trail of bloodbaths await.
Computer: terminate recording.

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