Thursday, February 17, 2011

Waiter, 2 eggs for breakfast please!

I remember my first kills. I made them in a probe, in Wormhole space.

You must thinking to yourselves, "Hmm, how did this happen?" And then you look at the title of this post, and it suddenly comes to you. 2 pod kills.

It happened just before me and company were about to embark into Wormhole space, more particularly, in the few months before we were about to embark, when we were still sorting out startup funds and making regular forays into W-Space.

I was in Eystur, and had determined that Class 1 wormholes regularly opened up into that system. So, regularly, I took a probe in and did some scanning to get used to the rules of W-Space, the scenery, needing to scan everything down. This particular time, something was off.

I ran D-scan, like always, and saw two wrecks on scan. Strangely, one was a Cormorant and one was a Rifter, and to everything that I could tell, they had blown each other up. It only occurs to me now that they probably were destroyed at a Sleeper Site, but that's beside the point. Seeing two wrecks was strange, and not knowing any better, I set about trying to scan them down. What came up on my scan results were 2 Capsules.

Greed knows no season, and I was in a probe with a massive armament of two Hobogoblin I's for RAW TERRIFYING DPS. 

I set about scanning them down, and found them somewhere...I warped to them, set my drones one of them...and one of them blew up! I set my drones on the other capsule, but he warped off.

"pbbt, I'll just scan him down again." And I did. I bookmarked his location, and left to get a rifter.

I re-entered the Wormhole with my rifter and destroyed the remaining pod. Huzzah! Two kills under my belt! Sure they were defenseless, and easy pickings, but I KILLED THEM.

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