Monday, February 14, 2011

Now I Understand

I switched into logged in mode and tuned into comms. It became apparent quickly that I was just in time for an op to save -FA- capitals and super capitals from the Drone Russians {DRF}.

Plans set it motion, I rolled out with the savior fleet. Our route was planned.

Halfway through our route, which included jump bridges, the fleet got separated because a Jump Bridge ran out of fuel. Separated, the fleet stuck behind the bridge planned a route involving other Jump Bridges, and the fleet stuck in front of the Bridge free burned to a rendezvous system.

The fleet stuck behind the aforementioned Bridge encountered several more hiccups in the form of deactivated, reinforced, but mostly unfueled Jump Bridges.

After the first one I was groaning at the poor job of holding up infrastructure. At this point, I was pretty much fuming, wondering why the hell we were even helping NC.


Finally we made it to the system just outside of the target system, where several -FA- capitals and supercapitals were in danger of being destroyed by DRF capitals and supercapitals. Hearing the order, the fleet of roughly 100 jumped into Uemon.

My ship was beyond sluggish to respond, I'd never encountered something so soul crushing as this thing I had previously known, in the most academic sense, as lag.

My ship slowly managed to crawl its way into semi-functionality, and I opened fire on a pod. I have no idea if I destroyed it, but I sense not as only 4 bullets manage to strike the target despite my computer telling me I was firing at it.

Order came to warp to Planet 8. I did....eventually.


30 minutes after the warp to Planet 8, little had occurred, and my systems were extremely sluggish. All other pilots in the fleet were reporting the same, however many were worse off than I, as their ships were completely nonfunctional on every level, hanging on boot into the system.

Some time later the warp to 8-8 came, as the supercap battle was going on there. I initiated warp.


An hour later, warp still had not initiated. Completely frustated, I logged out. Hopefully I'm alive, but I won't be surprised if I wake up somewhere in -FA- once lag dissipates.

I now understand why people prefer to live in low-sec as pirates and not in null sec to join these massive supercap battles.

EPIC FIGHTS say the FC's...

EPIC...indeed....unable to do anything for nearly two hours because the system is so overburdened that my ship is unable to connect, and caught in the programming, the ship failed to function, failed to do anything.

Sure it was epic, in the way that sitting around doing nothing is epic while pirates are going about their merry lives raping, pillaging, plundering and ransoming.

I will not be participating in future events such as this one. As important as supercapitals are, there is no excuse for putting up with that kind of tedium. If it results in leaving null sec by being forced out, so be it. I'm sure Anjali had more fun just being able to chat in local with her newfound friends.

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