Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tactial Retreat from 6VDT-H

After some number of days of the CF camping 6VDT-H, a decision was finally made to pull out. I feel there are two main reasons to this:

1) After the initial siege, killing trickled off. Pilots were spending a lot of time not killing anything, and if this had gone on much longer, the next called for siege would not happen out of memories of the previous interminably long one.

2) After the initial siege and the few following major battles, CF forces were generally being shot down one pilot at a time, in what seemed every 30 minutes or so to me. In this sense, staying did nothing but provide free kills to the enemy, only bolstering their morale and weakening ours.

Sure, there are other reasons, but really the decision hinged on those two, plain and simple. Searching farther than that for a reason why the CF pulled out to let TEST handle it is like trying to ask why water flows downhill other than that it's the easiest path. It'd be a bit pointless unless you truly revel in small details.

I'll reiterate that most everyone who was shot down was killed because they were acting like old animals in a herd of healthy adults, that meaning wandering off and lagging behind the rest. It's simple animal instinct: if you're a predator who's relying on stealth to catch a meal, you bring down the easiest target, and those are almost always the isolated and slow ones, though humanity has the privilege of claiming stupid ones as well.

Just before we bailed from 6VDT-H, we did get a Thanatos kill. It literally happened just before the emergency shutdown of all systems by CCP, better known as Corrupt CONCORD Police. Most likely the pilot reasoned no one would watch the rapecages at forced shutdown. Said pilot obviously didn't think it through it enough.

I also missed the assault on 7BX. From what I understand however, there was little to no resistance in CF forces taking control of the system and the station. Either IT's will is shattered, or something else is at play, and with my limited understanding of 0.0 politics, it would be beyond my reach to guess. The idea that IT is waiting for an opportune moment to strike however seems exceedingly unlikely.

So, now it's downtime, giving everyone a few days respite from the trench warfare that will be our common fare until IT is buried. In the meantime, those of us that are Pure Blind residents will also have to watch out for Pandemic Legion, as its head FC Phreeze, also known as Heath Ledger, and his relative Xichio, have been seen in 1-N, currently where my corporation resides. It is officially a Fatal Ascension industrial system, and constant t2 large bubbles are kept on the gate out of the dead-end pipe. Tomorrow I'll be organizing some camping activities on that gate while some of the other combat pilots kill Serpentis vessels threatening the 1-N system.

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