Monday, February 14, 2011

So much for Respite

I suppose I should have expected it out of a PvP alliance...

To: Fatal Ascension [-FA-]
Move out guys. If you are not in H-W or D7, start getting here now. Get in fleets, use jump bridges... cap chains are setup, convo myself to get your caps moved.

If you like being in -FA-, come to this op. These are the epic fleets the NC is known to put together.

1. Caps/Supers deploy to H-W. We're getting a tower setup now in H-W which is set to alliance. No password needed.
2. Conventionals (Alphafleet/Shield BC's) get ships stored in H-W. Use jump bridges/scouts.
3. Small gang dudes: Start roaming Vale/Gem/Trib for easy targets who are sniping our stragglers. Keep pipes clean up here.

FW: Re: fyi: Forward Redeployment: H-W
From: Lucian JamesSent: 2011.02.13 20:24
Your NC leader, Vuk Lau, has spoken earlier today:
If you can read this msg, that means your entire alliance redeploys their combat to Tribute.

Get it done folks! Use carrier trains to make it easy on your members by x-poring their crap.

Get large amounts of fuel in H-W or D7- so you can refuel cap pilots after ops.

See you there!

Lucian James
fyi: Forward Redeployment: H-W
From: Komoz KatariSent: 2011.02.13 14:47

fyi: MH Redeployment to aid our Geminate Comrads!

Forward Redeployment: H-W
From: Komoz Katari
Sent: 2011.02.13 14:35
To: -Mostly Harmless-,


It's time to get our pew on and help out our Russian Comrads (Rebellion Alliance) and smite the dispicable bastards who are invading Geminate now. If you guys haven't noticed yet, the Alliance from our Russian Comrads has been disbanded and they have lost half their Sovereignty in the entire Geminate region! Hostile TCU's and Ihubs are anchoring and onlining as we speak. Imagine how that would be if it happened to our Alliance! You would appreciate ALL the help you can get, so let's be BFF's and o0k it up for our Comrads! Corporation activity WILL be noted!


Cap Fleet: Super Capitals Dreads Carriers

Alpha Fleet: Maelstrom Shield Logi Vulture Claymore HIC Lachesis Huginn DIC Tackle Drake (if you seriously can't fly anything else)

Bomber Gang: Stealth Bombers Combat Probers

Form up: H-W, MH POS
When: Now, start moving!
Deadline: Monday (tomorrow) 20:00 EVE

Join NC Fleets to the real front from H-W. NC will be redeploying forward over the coming few days. More information on exact details to come!

o0k it up!

- Komoz


It doesn't bother me, this is after all what a PvP alliance is all about: killing stuff. I just wish I'd had more foresight before I wrote my last entry.

So back into the fray I went. I didn't have time (or the mental composure) to join any operations after I made the roughly 12 jumps from PNQY to H-W after cloning from V6 to PNQY. I fall in the "Tackle" category as an MWD Disruptor Wolf. Anyone reading the above as  "Tackle Drake"...think again. Drakes don't do good on tackling for various reasons, the least of which is a slow lock time.

Before logging off at the -FA- tower however, I did get to hear the amount of boredom that had been occurring at that time, and how poorly the initial -FA- fleet move was conducted. An alpha fleet was being mobilized to break a gatecamp so that one stealth bomber could be brought in from Jita.

All of that for one has to wonder...when will the action really happen? And as for the initial fleet move to H-W, I heard it was like being in a pack of retards it was so poorly done.

When I decide to switch to logged in mode, hopefully there'll be some action.

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