Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Art of GTFO

I've noticed lately that I have rather good luck in not dying. The luck has been so good that I've actually had to do something suicidal to get killed.

Incident 1:
The farthest back (yet recent and relevant) example of this is roughly a week ago when FA had a frigate roam. At some point about halfway through the roam I got separated from the pack of 40 frigates and was on some gate in null-sec somewhere close to where we were roaming (sorry, it's the best I can do really). As I orbit this gate trying to figure out where everyone has gone, the gate fires. I toggle the guns, scrambler, keep orbiting with the AB going.

A Rapier decloaks and webs the crap out of me. A Sabre hops and decloaks also. Because of how close I had been orbiting the gate (7500 meters) I simply burned for the gate, and even with 2 webs on me I made it back to gate with only a little bit of shield damage. I jumped through, and found myself on the meatier end of a rape stick. I keep my calm, see what's there and report it to the FC who I thought might want to go after it. After doing that, I warped to zero on some other gate, toggling both my small armor repairers and DCU and my cap booster (just in case), and got away with no damage.

I made several safe spots, bounced around a tad, kept dscan on the gate in question and eyes on local, and jumped through when it was clear to rejoin the frigate fleet.

I will admit that my fit, while unusual, was far from super fast. In the lows were 2 SMA II's and 1 DCU II, and I had an explosive rig. Mids were AB II, small cap booster (150's), and warp scrambler II.

Incident 2:
Yesterday there was a suicide fleet, destination someplace (IRC I think, wherever their home systems were). Everyone formed up in the expectation of Jihad tradition, and we set out to meet the Goons. Once we (eventually) met up with the goons to stage an ambush (goddamit NC. keep your friggin JB's fueled) on IRC, we got reports that IRC had turned around because they saw one neutral at our ambush point (we were still 2-3 jumps out), and had decided to turn around because they thought NC was going to drop capitals all over them.

So much for that. Hence the Jihad DBRB decided on, and us lemmings followed. We went to IR'sC base, caused a bug ruckus without killing really anything, then left. We had reports of DRF forces shooting an SBU with a subcap fleet numbering about 120. With haste, we screamed across null and low sec to reach them in time.

4 jumps out we heard they were disbanding because they were tired of shooting it. DBRB actually convoed the DRF FC to tell him we were on the way.

The DRF FC didn't believe DBRB that 1) we were on our way (true), 2) where we were coming from (I dunno), 3) how many jumps out we were (3). So, he sent scouts in the wrong direction, and then warped his fleet to a gate at zero where we weren't coming from. We jumped in, smashed the 70 or so that was left in their fleet, losing only 6 ourselves (80 some with only me and one other as logistics). We wiped them out and only lost something like 6 ourselves.

At this point, we were tired. Our options were to return home through null, or through Jita, both routes being equal jumps. We went to Jita. DBRB acted as bait while the Orphanage whaled on him, and eventually got blown up. We did however smash a 1 billion isk Proteus in exchange for a Claymore, quite the deal, and we made Orphanage looks like the scrubs they are camping Jita 4-4 undock. What's the point of even playing if that's all you do? ISK isn't THAT valuable.

Incident 3:
Today I helped a Logistics operation for BDEAL run by FA. It went well, right up until the point I landed in BDEAL space, which is cut off from FA space by about 4 jumps by Important Internet Spaceships Alliance. Naturally, I took the shortest route home, ie through their space, which is notorious for being active and camped.

I was flying a Jaguar, AB tank PvP fit. I literally warped to zero at every gate, saw quite a few interceptors, and even got scrambled by a Taranis once on a gate. I simply jumped through, and that was that. A Claw on the other side targeted me, and I was slow about warping out, but I warped out like it was nothing.

And I got home. It really was nothing for me. My two corpmates in a Vagabond and a Scimitar almost didn't make it back home, and they went the safer route!

With all that in mind, I'm either extremely lucky lately, not terribly appetizing as a target (mixed blessing, because I'm poor but bloodthirsty but not stupid), or invincible. Until I find out otherwise, I'm invincible!!!

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