Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Bust, Roam, Month in Review

Entry: six hundred sixty-two.

After a few days away from space-faring combat, I came back and almost immediately joined up on a fleet to break a gatecamp. The FC requested specific ships, one of which was bait. I didn't have anything that fit the bill except a Cyclone. I showed him my fit, and he said it'd be ok.

After a short formup, we headed for 6Q- with me going plus one jump of fleet.

When I get to 6Q-, I didn't see any hostiles because of the wrong overview being up, so I start alignment to 1-SMEB and quickly find myself warp disrupted and being hit by autocannon fire. I called the fleet in, overheating my invuln and warp disruptor II as they started to land on the 6Q- gate in the previous system A-ELE2. A Rapier, Stiletto, and Tempest are targeting me, all firing, thinking me alone and ultimately defenseless.
Just before they jump in, I point the Rapier, who made the silliest of piloting decisions by webbing me at fifteen and keeping within fifteen of me.

The fleet lands on the A-E gate in 6Q- and chases down the Rapier while the Stiletto bugs out and the Tempest cloaks up. Pretty easy kill.

Shortly after that, those of us that were on the gatecamp are invited to a nano roam. As it turns out, the only FAIL members who joined were all from my corporation, as the only FAIL members to break the aforementioned gatecamp were also in my corp.

The roam itself was largely uneventful, more so for us few FAIL guys. Things were quiet, probably because Capsuleers were going door to door in stations getting candy, or, you know, getting drunk. After a trip through Nulli space however, we ended up in Stain and managed to snag a Brutix who was successfully baited on station at RPS-0K and wasn't able to dock in time. The Morsus and Brick portion of the fleet at least managed to snag a Hulk and a Harbinger on the way towards that Brutix kill. After that, we roamed a little deeper, and not finding anything, turned back towards home.
The way back was a failure. We were burning back to 1DH-, and having found almost nothing, and in RPS- ran into a sniper Machariel gang with a Scimitar for support. After a minute or two dancing, the FC decided to engage. Points were called and interceptors largely avoided dying, but critical communications errors resulted in our fleet biting off much more than it could chew. All said and done, we bugged out with zero kills and five deaths.

Thankfully, none of us FAIL guys died. We're either pro or not all that important. Frankly, I felt unimportant, as only one flight of Warrior II's was set on me, barely scratching my shields at all during that minute or two of combat.

Right about the time the survivors burned for 1DH-, the new month began. As it turns out, my corporation, Militaris Industries [UDEAD] managed to break Paragon Fury's [PFURY] four month reign on the alliance killboards. UDEAD scored one thousand thirty-two kills in that month, PFURY scored one thousand seventeen. 

Typically UDEAD would come in a close second to PFURY, but apparently injecting the few new recruits we've gotten into battle has paid off, netting us those extra kills to put us over the top of the also recruiting PFURY. PFURY has many more members than UDEAD and many more active combat pilots, so it's especially pleasant to see that our small group of combat pilots pulled through to take rank one. It should also be noted that UDEAD lost approximately half of what PFURY lost that month, but I'll couch that with PFURY having several Fleet Commanders and UDEAD having none.
I also feel especially good about my record last month. One hundred thirty-four kills, only five losses. That's twenty more kills than average, half the losses, and means that I account for thirteen percent of all the kills for my corporation. Two of my losses were pods, approximately two million ISK each since I fly without implants, and the only loss I can't recall is my friend who lived too long, Rudra the Wolf.
It's been a great month for combat, and it's only going to get more exciting as more null-sec entities are moving down to Delve for a piece of the action. Pandemic Legion is coming back into the mix, and Raiden decided to drop in as well. We're even seeing triple a, Nulli, and Vera Cruz fleets coming our way. The only major powers not down here getting in on the action these days are White Noise, Shadow of Death, Red Overlord, Red Alliance, and NCdot.
Computer: terminate recording.

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