Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pandemic Legion Actually does suck

Entry: six hundred fixty-six, supplemental one.

Over the past week, we've seen a recent resurgence of Pandemic Legion in the area.

When I first moved into Delve, it was pretty clear that they were taking control of one of the Blood Raider systems, PR-. They were around for a little bit, and then suddenly vanished.

Did they move? Did they lose interest? Did they take a break? I can't honestly say, but I can say what I see now.

Since coming back, PL hasn't been up to anything noteworthy except utter unexceptionalism. Kingmakers for hire with the heavy artillery, they seem to have forgotten how to use the smaller armaments more commonly available on markets. I refer of course to Supers and Subcaps respectively.

When PL does get it in them to do something, they don't have what you'd expect from a notorious mercenary alliance. Numbers are low on roams, topping out at twenty to thirty when they do happen. Roams themselves only appear to make it one system over, where large tech two bubbles are anchored on the undock and PL sits at range on the undock with Sniper-fit HACs and Battleships. From there, they simply insta-kill anything that undocks. To further their gatecamping aims, they set up drag bubbles from the gates toward the station, and snag any careless travelers to dock that way as well.

So, let's recap. A roam to the next sytem, to sit on a station in sniper subcaps for an hour or two with anchored warp disruption bubbles, with a fleet numbering between twenty and thirty.

Sounds pretty goddamn boring. To be honest, if that were me, I'd be questioning what the fuck I was doing with my life that THIS was how I got my shits and giggles. Upon examining this question, I'd quit the capsuleer life and go dig ditches. At least I'd get buff and have a sense of accomplishment at the end of the day.

Before you, casual browser of these public logs, thinks I'm raging at getting killed in this fashion, I dare you to find a recorded kill of me being killed in this fashion by PL. It did happen once against TEST/Goons a few weeks ago when the docking session change timer changed from thirty to ten seconds and I wasn't aware, but that's it. If you can find any recorded killmail of me dying to PL on the 1DH-SX undock, I'll eat my words. That said, it won't happen, as of now anyways.

So, back to the issue. What's fun about sitting on the undock for a few hours shooting fish in a barrel? I don't know quite honestly, since they aren't even looting wrecks like the Orphanage does, which declared war on Cascade Imminent today by the way. Maybe they feel like they're ruining someone's day, and maybe they are, but those are some pretty cheap thrills. I'm not sure, but even on bad days I think my right hand is more exciting a prospect.

Considering what PL recently considers elite pilot versus pilot, it's a pretty easy argument to make that Pandemic Legion actually sucks right now. Low morale, no imagination, no excitement, too much isk, and pointless ventures. To those of you in PL having to put up with this, I hope you fix it, or that you find something more worthwhile. If you don't, my condolences for your miserable existence.
Computer: terminate recording.


  1. You can see why they didn't bother us when they were in Amamake, all I saw them do is camp the gate in Supers or Smartbombing BS

  2. Pretty ragey anti-PL post, it's hard to believe you didn't lose an alt or something in a bubble to them. If this isn't a case of very harvestable tears, who really cares if they can't be bothered to roam seriously and are just sitting drunkenly instapopping idiots in blapcats (their name for those ships, check the forum mirror)? They're probably just waiting for the winter patch(es) and playing BF3. Going off their Grath's Kugu posting, they're getting blueballed a lot in Delve when they do look for a fight so it sounds like they might've stopped trying. Remember they were griefers long before they were the FOTM alliance in Eve. Not too sure they'll care too much about an RP blogger's opinion of them either, unless as I say you did lose a ship and/or got trolled badly in local, in which case this would probably amuse them.

    Oh and FYI I'm not in PL/Waffles nor do I aim to be any time soon. Orbit-anchor/shoot-primary/broadcast-when-redboxed PVP doesn't appeal.

  3. It's more that I feel really bad for how things have become for them, and how they're just accepting it. PL have become the dregs of PvP, and they're just LETTING it happen. I don't have any love for PL, but when you get to the point where you have to start anchoring bubbles on stations, you really need to reconsider how you do things.

  4. Fair enough, if they're enjoying it then they're doing it right, and as little fun as it sounds (I agree with you, it's not my idea of spaceship fun, but it is easy), I wouldn't be surprised if they are enjoying it. In which case they don't really have to rethink what they are doing.

    Surely FAIL can get together a little ambush for them in any case? I mean, you surely have the resources to gank alpha BS right?

  5. We can and have, but in doing so you give away free kills. Mostly it's mass undock of alpha ships and start plunking away. Since they live nextdoor however, ambushes are really out of the question.

    pie, if I might ask, are you involved in null-sec? Your comments suggest some familiarity with 0.0, but also that you dislike PvP in 0.0 and are somewhere else.

    About the orbit-shoot-broadcast PvP you were talking about. Those are only for the really big fleets. There is quite a big of smaller gang PvP about, ranging from Kitchen sink fleets to organized fleets, both ranging between 10-50 pilots with an average of 30. For the massive fleets though, the robot PvP you talked about can be gotten around by flying a tackler, or a prober, even a bomber or Logistics.

  6. heh, no I've only lived in Null as a renter not a PVPer actually, I'm Empire dwelling again. I had a lot of friends in my first corp who were ex-IT/BoB bittervets and so mostly I'm just forming my opinions off their rants. The only nullsec PVP I've done has been small gang stuff, and as I was the one with no SP I was always probing and/or cloaky scouting, so never got on any mails and we rarely got fights in any case. Possibly because I was such a shit scout :P As I say, orbit-shoot-brodcast PVP doesn't appeal to me, but I've never really done it so I might be being premature.

    I wouldn't mind moving back out to null one day, maybe when I get sick of lowsec solo stuff, I only really made that comment as part of my "I'm not a PL fanboy" line.

    Also, thanks for responding to me like someone whose opinion was worth considering, re-reading my first post it does come off as a bit trollish in a couple of places. Sorry bout that!

  7. I know a few guys in PL and they are mostly afk playing other games atm.

    I kind of get the feeling that null residents are waiting for the big CCP anouncement on the null revamp. This would put the "fire" back into sov warfare.

    Mind you, I live in lowsec so my opinions might be totally off the mark.

  8. I get the feeling you're probably right. Sov warfare right now is pretty much whoever has the most supers wins. The revamp will make things alot better, but it'll likely still be (or be close to) whoever has the most supers wins.