Monday, October 3, 2011


Entry: six hundred thirty-three.

I initially came online thinking something might be going on. Neocom stats showed approximately twenty-six thousand users. Granted, this number was twenty-thousand down from last year, but this is the new norm. After being online for a short time, I got the gist of what was going on.

Nothing. Everyone was docked. Everyone was waiting for a fleet. Everyone was shitting up local. Everyone was doing nothing, and making no move to do anything about it. The desire to do anything wasn't there among the locals in 1DH-SX.

I occupied myself with something else, closing down the Neocom but keeping alliance comms open, in case someone actually wanted to do something. Two hours later, Archie put together a roam for Arty Canes.

Form-up took an hour, but the fleet finally reached approximately ninety strong, mostly Hurricanes, a few Scimitars, a few tacklers. We got bridged from 1DH- to just outside PDE-.

The scout reported a Goon Alpha fleet on the other side of the gate. A brief standoff, then Archie gave a farewell speech and Leroy'd us in.

Bubbles went up, I activated the MWD. Burn burn burn sebos online. "Primary, secondary!" called Archie. "New secondary! Tertiary! Get out of the bubbles! Scimitars get reps on me! Primary! I hope you guys got a target caller, or you're warping out. No?"

Someone else called for a warp out as I warped away. Fighters had begun engaging me as I left the warp bubbles, forcing me to vacate the field as I expected little in the way to shield reps given the small fleet of Scorpions. I knew that the Scimitars would be perma-jammed before we had even jumped in. I escaped, shields barely functioning, a quarter of the Hurricane's armor slagged to hell.

Enemy combat probes were deployed. Our fleet bounced safe spots non-stop for fifteen minutes before going silent. Fleet members engaged shutdown protocols, the Neocoms shutting down with them, but managing to keep fleet comms open.

Thirty minutes later, the fleet powered back up. Identifiers populated Local. The fleet jumped one system and docked. Intel reported heavy activity, both Goon and Black Legion. Fifteen minutes later, Goons and Black Legion had a standoff, which was broken fifteen minutes after that when Goons jumped into Black Legion and destroyed them. 

Battlecruiser fleets do not work against typical Goon Alpha Fleets.
Thirty minutes later, we moved out back to 1DH-. Intel appeared clear except for a small camp in PR- between the 1DH- and NOL- gates. Several minutes later, we cross-warped the enemy gang in PR- running the camp as they attempted to warp in at range on our fleet on the NOL- gate.

We didn't care. We wanted to get back to base and be done. We jumped into 1DH- and docked. 

I stood down almost immediately and disconnected from the Neocom. We lost that engagement, straight up. Only a handful of pilots didn't burn out of the bubble while engaging, resulting in obvious ship destruction.
Still, given that we were clearly outmatched and Leroy'd in, we still caused a fair amount of damage.

Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. Thats the part I hate the most in 0.0, they hurry up and wait, I only have about 3-4 hours in a day to play eve and ill be damed if I wait 2 hours for some one to mention fleet, and another hour for it to actualy head out.

    But it did look like you got some good kills in despite the odds.