Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bombing Run

Entry: six hundred thirty-six.

I woke up yesterday with a resolution: wait for an enemy fleet, and bomb them into oblivion. I was hoping to gain insight into two key aspects of bombing: first, that I had set up enough pounce bookmarks along with the correct rally spots, and second that I had correctly set up those rally spots and could remain cloaked at all times until the bomb-insta-warp command was given.

Yesterday was a huge success. Not necessarily in deathing, but in testing.

As is well known, Cascade/Atlas are basing out of 1DH-SX, as are Brick Squad and Morsus Mihi. This means that when the enemy is looking for a fight, they come to 1DH-. They'll pass through the neighboring systems of PR-, A-E, or that other one that starts with a Z, but they always end up in 1DH-. This meant that two things are certain to happen: interdiction bubbles on the station undock, and gatecamps.

Situation A:
Intel came across that a thirty man Goon gang was in 1-SMEB. Goons live in Y-2ANO, which is to say that they were on the wrong side of 1DH- to get home and would have to come through the A-E gate or Z gate. The Z gate is almost never used, so I pounced the A-E gate, then rallied, adjusted my position slightly, aligned to PR- within thirty-five kilometers of the A-E gate, and waited cloaked.

I waited for an hour, watching intel. There was quite a bit of traffic, but nothing worth bombing.

Finally, the Goon gang jumped in. Even better, a friendly dictor warped in and bubbled them. Unfortunately for him, I wasn't going to hold off just because he was there.

Align PR-. Twenty-nine kilometers, decloak, bomb, warp PR-.

That Sabre pilot was pretty pissed. I admit, I would have been too, as I contributed the lion's share of damage to his death. He convoed me and I paid him back for his loss.

After I had warped out, a defense fleet warped in on the gate and cleaned up. Only three Goons had aggressed the Sabre before I opened fire, and it was those three that died to the defense fleet. What were they? Two battlecruisers and a Sleipner. One bomb, three enemy kills, sixty million in payout, and easily three hundred million in Goon losses.

After my bomb, the Goons jumped back to A-E and roamed some more, with the defense fleet chasing them, but it didn't seem as though they were killing the Goon fleet.

Situation B:
Some time later, I saw DBRB (DaBigRedBoat) crop up in intel. Intel put him a few systems out, but DBRB doesn't travel without an entourage. I knew for a fact he would either be cyno-ing a fleet, or a fleet would be with him.

I camped out at a rally ten from the station, but forty-five from the undock, and waited. Perhaps an hour later, he finally showed at the 1DH- undock, and after baiting friendlies on the undock, he lit a cyno. His Goon fleet bridged in and immediately began killing off friendlies.

I had aligned as the fleet began to move. At five kilometers from station, I decloaked, bombed, and warped. I probably hit the majority of the Goon fleet, but only managed to kill a Rifter.

I came back, set up shop, and found them warping to the PR- gate. I warped to my rally on the PR- gate, and waited as they jumped out. It didn't take long before they jumped back in. As they slowboated the re-approach to the PR- gate, I aligned to A-E, and at thirty kilometers, decloaked, bombed, and warped.

After that, I got off another two bombs on the Goon fleet at the station undock, and another two at the PR- gate. My solo bombing wasn't enough by far, but I'd shown without a doubt that my bookmarks are properly set, and that I can bomb them with impunity.

I'd like to think I terrorized them a little bit as well. 
Next Steps:
Now that the bookmarks are set and I know how to bomb quickly, effectively, unrestrained, it's time to get a bomber wing up. For now, I intend this to be a corp only operation consisting of one interdictor and five to seven bombers. We'll be able to accomplish spectacular deathing on the order of entire fleets.

They won't be fights, they'll be massacres.

Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. When ever I ahve been down in 0.0, me and my gangs usualy laugh at solo bombers, as long as you dont panic and activate a MWD it shouldnt do sizable damage to anything (except dictors lol) But i fully suport bomber gangs of 4-10 they can kill allot of stuff.