Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blue List

Entry: six hundred fifty-six.

Yesterday was terrible for fleets for me.

With the news that Nulli was moving down to partake in the Delve thunderdome, and with few Cascade FCs online during my hours of operation, I'm usually left with Brick and Morsus FCs that are tired of roaming against Goons and want to roam against AAA or Nulli or Vera Cruz. Don't get me wrong, they're not bad FCs, and I enjoy flying with them. The issue here in the blue list.

Morsus and Brick are, to the best of my knowledge, blue only with each other and Cascade and Krysis, no longer Atlas since Atlas has been merged into Cascade.

Cascade, on the other hand, is blue to the following: Against All Authorities, Nulli, Vera Cruz, Krysis, Morsus, Brick, and respective renters. Essentially, this means that targets are limited to Goons, Black Legion, and random neutrals in the Delve area, and post DRF alliances left in the northern end of Catch.

I understand the diplomatic reasons, but let's be frank: Cascade members are not pleased with the way things are going combat wise. When most of the region is blue, and your FCs aren't taking out fleets or even online, you get frustrated. Brick and Morsus FCs on the other hand are having a great time, forming fleets all the time and roaming about, and also hunting Cascade friendlies, which we can't shoot at without having to worry about being booted for awoxing or reimbursing friendly deaths.

So you say to me, at this point, "Well why not take out your own roams?"

That's just what I intend to do. I'm starting corp first. Numbers will be small, ie five to six, but I'll be forming suicide fleets since our alliance FCs aren't doing much. When I get the hang of it, I might start taking out alliance wide fleets, and if participation is strong, perhaps blue list fleets. All targets however will be those that Cascade can engage, which is really the limiting factor considering the blue list.

For my first fleet, we'll see how suicide Whelp Canes do. No matter how well we do, it's better than sitting in station all day or roaming twenty jumps out to watch blues engage blues.
Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. I'm one of the US timezone MM guys who gets to fight pretty much anybody, and yes, I feel a bit sad that you Cascade/Atlas guys couldn't join in the fun a lot of the time. It's quite a bizarre situation having half the fleet sit out and wait for the other half to finish up.

    That said, I believe MM/Brick have spoken with the Nulli and co about temporarily blueing in order to combat the CFC invasion. I suppose they feel quite secure in their relatively isolated part of Delve and feel no great urgency to fight alongside us. Which again, seems weird because they were willing to blue up all of Delve when MM/Brick came to Delve in the first place four months ago.

    This is why we are in this awkward situation.