Monday, September 26, 2011

Cascade is Recruiting

Entry: six hundred twenty-six.

I found out yesterday that Cascade is recruiting again. To my knowledge, two corporations have left: Serenity Prime and Red Horizon Industries. I also found out yesterday that Militaris Industries, my corporation is recruiting with relaxed restrictions.

Cascade is not interested in becoming a massive alliance like TEST or Goons. We are interested only in combat, and only take sovereignty to fund that combat itch. Militaris Industries is typically tied for first place in kills with one other corporation in Cascade, Paragon Fury. Considering that we at present have twelve or so active members in the corporation compared to Paragon Fury's thirty to forty, this is quite the achievement. Militaris Industries is almost entirely focused on combat, but understands the need to engage in carebear activities to generate the ISK required to fund these combat operations.
In terms of corporate restrictions, the main recruiter for the corp had placed a ten million skillpoint limit on entry. Exceptions did exist, but everything was and is on a case by case basis. The ceo has decided to relax these restrictions and dismiss the skillpoint restrictions. The reasoning is that we simply need more blood in the corporation.

As for the Alliance, with two corporations gone for varying reasons, there's a void to fill. Cascade doesn't aim to be huge, and is only looking for two mid to large sized corporations to fill the void, mid-size meaning thirty-five plus members.

As far as I know, Serenity Prime mostly dissolved due to internal workings breaking down, and Red Horizon Industries for reasons I don't know. Cascade hasn't begun a failscade as far as I can tell, however. Those two corporations have been absent for some time now.

Cascade does hold sovereignty in Querious and a few systems in Delve, Catch having fallen to the DRF. At present however, the Alliance is deployed to Blood Raider space, more specifically 1DH-SX.

Sure, NPC null is supposedly where alliances go to die. It's also where new alliances go to be born. In a point more relevant to the current situation, most alliances worth talking about are in Blood Raider space or staged just a few systems out, excepting the DRF, Against All Authorities, and StainWagon. Goons, Test, Cascade, Atlas, Warped Aggression, Evoke, Ewoks, Fatal Ascension, Morsus Mihi, and Brick Squad are all in Blood Raider space. Black Legion, a notable pirate corporation, is deployed nearby as well.

If you want combat in null sec, Blood Raider space and by extension Delve, is, to be blunt, your only real option. If you want structure grinding, the option of Catch opens up to you, but that is about it.

Cascade is currently allied with Morsus Mihi, Brick Squad, Atlas, Warped Aggression, and Against All Authorities (not present in Delve). Goons, Test, Fatal Ascension are allied as the Deklein Coalition. Evoke and Ewoks are allied with each other as part of the DRF. Black Legion is neutral to all. In summary, there are four parties involved, all excepting Black Legion being involved in the sovereignty warfare side of things.

If you are interested in joining Cascade Imminent or Cascade Probable, you may contact any recruiter from a member corporation. If you are interested in joining or learning more about  Militaris Industries, contact me or join the corporate recruiting channel.

Computer: terminate recording.

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