Friday, September 9, 2011

Pristine Sansha Ship Remnants

Entry: six hundred nine, supplemental one.

I came out of station somewhat late today. Not as late as the day before, but still, somewhat. Not seeing any fleets happening, I decided to see more about the ISK situation. When the combat is there, I'll go after it. When the combat isn't there, I'll make ISK. It's a nice balance I think, a very "go with the flow" attitude that seems to work out well in Stain, especially with given how quickly the winds of anything can change.

Three signatures in FV-. First one scanned down was a wormhole to null-sec, not terribly interesting in itself. Second one scanned down was a Pristine Sansha Ship Remnants site. I suspected more tech two salvage, and research proved me correct in type, if not quantity.

One particular new member of the alliance who recently joined us from Atlas was running low on ISK. To further aggravate her situation, her only source of ISK generation was missioning in empire. I couldn't allow this to continue, so I contacted her while scanning down the final signature.
Truen1ght > how'd you like to make some isk today?
Truen1ght > you're looking at, from what i can tell, 120 million minimum
Libria Kyzal > /emote stretches.
Libria Kyzal > When? Where?
Truen1ght > fv-, whenever
Truen1ght >
Truen1ght > that describes what i scanned down
Truen1ght > intact armor plates are 27 mil a pop in LGK-, 30 mil at jita. coincedentally, I found a wormhole in fv- also, so a route to hi-sec is probable
Libria Kyzal > What would you like me to bring?
Truen1ght > the author ran it in a domi/raven
Libria Kyzal > Ohhh if we find a route to high I might see how close we are to my noctis.
Truen1ght > so domi is best
Truen1ght > if you want my help, i'll bring a nano cane or guardian
Truen1ght > most likely a nano cane to deal with the scrambling frigs
Libria Kyzal > Roger.
Libria Kyzal > Chuck a salvager onto teh domi then?

Truen1ght > if you want to run it solo, i'll drop you the bookmark
Truen1ght > yep, you need at least one
Truen1ght > the loot/salvage from the ships won't be worth your time compared to the cans
Libria Kyzal > Okay.
Libria Kyzal > D'you wanna come? :P
Truen1ght > lemme scan down this last sig, then i'll set up on-grid warpouts, and then we'll run it, so you have a little time
Libria Kyzal > I'm ready whenever.
Libria Kyzal > But a fleet might be soon >>
Truen1ght > ok
Truen1ght > this won't take long
Libria Kyzal > Plenty of time anyway, he said at least an hour.
Truen1ght > i'll have the on grid warp out ready in a few minutes
Libria Kyzal > Thank you!

Having set up the run on the Sansha site, I finished scanning down the second wormhole, had her warp to me and bookmark the spot, and then reshipped to a Nano Cane.

Nothing happened for the first four cans, one of which yielded seven intact armor plates, a gross sum of two hundred ten million. To be thorough, we attempted to salvage the remaining two containers and triggered the Sansha trap. Several frigates, battlecruisers, and battleships appeared from the aether, systems powering up and weapons priming on me.

I made quick work of the battlecruisers, but the frigates were too slippery for me at close range, so I aligned to the warp-out, microwarp throttle at the upper limit, and managed to kite and kill a few before needing to warp-out, the Centus battleships simply too much for my shields to handle.

Libria had to warp out for ammo and a weapons refit, and came back after my warp-in/gank/warp-out tactics had destroyed all but two of the battleships. Once she landed, we made quick work of the remaining Sansha and salvaged the remaining containers, finding nought but some tech one loot totaling me about ten million. Since I hadn't gotten anything worth writing home about, I asked for one of the armor plates. She agreed, grateful that I had given her that opportunity to make a lot of ISK relatively quickly and easily, and commented that she would be getting into exploration as a source of income for the future.

We docked up, I took a break. I went and exercised.

I came back from my workout, a little tired, a few aches here and there with exhaustion lining the edges. It was a good workout.
The two other signatures I had scanned down were wormholes. I boarded my Cheetah and went to investigate. The first one I'd found, as previously mentioned, led to null sec, chatter indicating that the system was xxShadowOfDeathxx space. There was no data about the second wormhole however, and I warped to it. Visual inspection showed that the connection was to a class three system. Since class three systems tend to drop out in low-sec, chances were good that I might end up relatively close to empire. I went in.

My stomach roiled. It took a minute to overcome the effects of the transition: unpleasant, but manageable. First order of business was to make safe spots, drop probes, and scan away. It didn't take long for allies to contact me, however, a group of which was currently in the wormhole system running Sleeper anomolies. Allies provided warp-ins for the two other connections in that system, and of the two, I chose a connection which emptied into another class three. 

My stomach wasn't happy.
First order of business, same as before. Directional scanner indicated no activity via lack of wreckage and only two industrials sitting inside of a forcefield. Scanning took perhaps thirty minutes, revealing four connections: one to low-sec, one to a class three, one to a class five or class six, and one to null-sec. By the time I had finished scanning, the friendly fleet was reporting unfriendly vessels on direction scan one wormhole back from me.

I jumped into low-sec, wondering at my chances. Was I developing acid-reflux disease?
Sure enough, it dropped out into low-sec. Better yet, it was directly connected to secure empire, and because I was on the low-sec side, I would not have to contend with gatecamps.

I jumped back through, and back through, and back through, and back through into Stain. I took some time to empty my stomach in private while the robots loaded up the expensive loot I'd collected over the last week into a specially fitted Rifter designed for serious travel. Only bubbles and insta-locking ships would stop this.

Undock. Warp, jump, warp, jump, warp, jump, warp jump. Dock. I emptied the ship, the station owners happy to see a capsuleer in need of their services. A nominal fee on my part, under the table of course, and all was right with the world.

Undock. Warp, jump, warp, jump, warp, jump, warp jump. Dock. 

FV- station, home again.
The ISK must flow.
Computer: terminate recording.

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