Sunday, September 11, 2011

Testing my Mettle

Entry: six hundred ten.

I just came away from a fight. I didn't win by any measure, but I learned some good things and had a good time.

I was bored today, so I traveled a few jumps from home to go do some Magnetometric sites in OGY3-. After some time being wasted, I noticed combat scanner probes on the directional scan. I spent the next fifteen minutes bouncing around and making safes.
Once I felt the pressure was off, I went to the second site I had scanned down. I killed some Sansha, and had salvaged three of the six cans when a Helios, the same one that had been probing me down earlier, warped in on me.

Yes, I panicked. Also on directional scan were a Sabre and a Machariel, and I knew I would not make it out alive at that point.
After wasting a few rounds of ammuntion on the container, I switched fire to the Helios while burning for my on-grid warpout. I had thought for sure I destroyed it just as a Sabre warped in, but apparently not as I never got the killmail.

Helios gone, Sabre lands and throws up a bubble, further delaying me as a Machariel warps in. I again waste precious rounds on a container before firing on the Sabre. Damn containers are getting in the way. The Machariel burns for me, and he's faster than me I'm pretty sure. Sabre gets a web on me, I set orbit one thousand on the Machariel as he gets close to me. I keep firing on the Sabre, he goes into armor as I start hitting structure, and then he warps out and I explode.

I offer gf in local while heading back home.

What lessons did I learn? First, if you get scanned down and engaged, unlock the containers. Second, carry ECM drones with you, in case something as nasty as a Machariel is going to warp in on you. Third, something I should have done but didn't do, overload everything except maybe the microwarpdrive.

I tell you what though, I thought for sure I got that Helios and that I was about to get that Sabre.

Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Please explain. It seemed pretty reasonable to me for the PvE I was doing. And it didn't do badly in a fight in either. It does lack a point, but PvE or gang work, neither really requires a point. In my view, it did what it was supposed to do, ie take a beating and be able to dish one out, but I don't honestly see what chance a Cyclone stands against an autocannon Machariel.

    Are you trolling me? The fit I have isn't all that different from the +rated ones on battleclinic, just they have missiles and a resist tank whereas I have more of a buffer tank that can be repped.

  2. I apologize for my comment above. I was a bit miffed when writing it. Let me start over:

    How is the fit horrible, and in what ways can I improve it? I want to buffer tank it instead of resist tanking it, but I wanted the shield booster because it could make PvE go faster as well as offer some BC vs BC advantages.

  3. "Are you trolling me?"

    Yea, it was a joke post True. :) Sorry if I offended you. I thought the smilie at the end would mark it as a joke enough to be visible.

    Anyway, Cyclone has a good enough tank that you can do magsites in a PvP fit, so I strongly recommend that.

    Here is one fit I had fun/success with:

  4. Sorry foks. It's hard for me to pick up on jokes and such through text, and it's all pretty much going to take on the tone of voice I have going on in my mind at that time. On the one hand, it was a good fight, on the other hand, I didn't kill anything, so I was kinda pleased and kinda pissed at the same time.

  5. That fit Fok linked you is exactly how I fly mine, better luck to you in the future man.