Saturday, September 3, 2011


Entry: six hundred three.

It's been pretty slow lately.

I've had the chance to do a little exploration, make some potential ISK that way. Beyond that, not a great deal except for an AHAC roam we took to A-ELE2 in Delve the other day and a failed Hellgeddon Defense Fleet against Stain Empire.
The Hellgeddon Defense happened two days ago. Stain Empire had jumped Dreadnoughts into FV-SE8 and started taking out or reinforcing friendly towers. After some time of forming up, Makalu Zaraya joined our comms with our fleet, and formed up some -A- pilots to help us out, which eventually were bridged in from LGK-, about seven jumps away.

We sat on station for some time, waiting for a moment to strike, and eventually, we found our shot. Stain Empire was on the FZSW- gate at zero, bubbles finally down, apparently spoiling for a fight. Our fleet warped to zero and landed ten kilometers off.

As the first of approached the gate from warp, an enemy cyno went up and additional enemy forces were bridged in. Apparently Romanian Legion had decided to join forces with Stain Empire to attack us, the very people they rely on for hi-sec access. Prior to then, Romanian legion retained blue standings only with Atlas, but given that Atlas flies with Cascade Imminent and the rest of the coalition, that blue status may get revoked, preventing the use of jump bridges, opening up anything cyno'd in from hi-sec to assault by Atlas and Cascade members. If this happens, the immediate consequences will be few since we're all deployed to Stain to fight the DRF, but the long term consequences will be starvation. Romanian Legion will be cut off from the Empire trading hubs, and most likely will crumble shortly afterwards.

Access to Empire is not something normally considered in null-sec politics, but without it, unless you have every blueprint, and the ability to make anything you need, and a massive industrial force, you rely on the Empire trading hubs for supplies. Quite frankly, without them, even simple things like fueling towers will become impossible as Ice mining in null is minimal and suicidal at best.
Having warped into a trap, Archie ordered us to burn for the gate and jump, shortly countermanded himself with an "Align station" command, then uncountermanded with "Burn for the the gate and jump". We lost a few more than necessary this way, but since the commands were so close together we didn't lose but one or two ships more than we would have.

Having been outfoxed and disorganized, we were ordered to burn to UF- and dock. Some thirty minutes later we undocked and returned home.
The AHAC roam roam happened some time after that.. Archie had originally formed the fleet as a CTA for some purpose, but the fleet turned into a reimburseable roam as we browsed through Stain. Partway through Stain on our way towards Delve, we were notified of a Morsus/Brick fight against Evoke/Ewoks and made best speed to 1DH- in Delve.

When we got to 1DH-, we waited on the A-E gate while a cloaky maneuvered into position. Once there, we jumped in and warped at zero, landing twenty kilomters from the enemy fleet. Archie had warned us Guardian pilots that we were likely to be destroyed immediately by the enemy AHAC gang, but we went in anyways.

The battle report shows that the fight was about even though we technically lost and realistically lost that fight. We went into the fight knowing we might well lose, and that there were standing issues with Morsus and Brick, but we didn't travel sixty jumps to not engage, and we made sure we would get some kills, win or lose. We did, however, have to leave the field as most of our logistics were dead, and those not dead were undoubtedly off the field.
Computer: terminate recording.

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