Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Poor, Rich, Poor Again

Entry: six hundred.
Two days ago, I was dirt poor. I had sixty-two million to my name, and in null sec, that's pretty damn poor. Yesterday, I ran a seven of ten DED complex in FV-, and I was able to tank entire rooms by myself, but needed help on the last room, and as such need to split the profit from the Nightmare BPC we got. Today, I went about trying to make a little ISK in my Munnin in TG-, and made a fatal mistake that got my Munnin destroyed by a Drake.

There's this trick to being in a signature that I heard about. Supposedly, when you go into one, you become practically unprobable while in it. However, drones get no such bonus. I was feeling pretty safe, what with only two neutrals in local and twenty odd in system generally moving around quite a bit. I warped to the site, went to work, and was probably seventy or so from the warp in when the Drake landed next to me. Having completely fit wrong against Drakes, I went down in a handful of seconds. At least I got my pod out, although that doesn't really affect my bottom line since I have no implants.

Aside from a cloaky prober that got on me, my guess is one of two: either I got scanned down and what I had read about the signature radius bit was bull, or my drones got scanned down and I paid the price. Either way, I'm not real happy about the situation, but the guy flying the Drake did a good job.

I'll admit it, it's a shit combat fit, but for dealing with Sansha, it's pretty damn good.

So, now I have a hundred fifty million in my wallet, four hundred million waiting in the wings with this Nightmare BPC, and down one hundred fifty million for the Munnin if I replace it. I'd admittedly bought the Munnin sniper HAC fit, planning to lose it back when I still had three hundred million, but hard times come and stuff happens. My net profit so far, despite this shitty loss, is still at least 200 million.

What lesson have I learned? Don't use drones in signatures unless you need to. Don't fly a Munnin to make a couple million when you can use it for DED plexes to make hundreds of million. Use something more economic, like a Wolf, or a Cane, to do the small fry stuff.

What lesson will I not have to repeat? All of the above, and most importantly, not letting the loss completely get me down, or raging, or going back.

Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Sorry to say so, but what you read about scanning is bullshit. :) Most likely from someone who scans people out. :>

    Only way you could be unscanable used to be if your sensor strength and signature radius was in a ratio less than 1.08. For that you needed specialized T3 fits in most cases. I am absolutely positive that a Munnin with its punny sensor strength couldn't pull it off.

    And, secondly, 3 patches ago they removed that altogether. So now everything is scannable.

    Sorry for your loss, but do not trust the Interwebs again with things like this. ;)

  2. I'll keep that in mind for the future. Thanks foks.

    On a separate note, I'm mad that I got so careless and cost myself 150 million ISK over probably 20 mil in loot tops. I didn't even get to kill anyone with it yet :(