Sunday, August 7, 2011

40 Frigates and a Junior FC

Entry: four hundred sixty-six.
System: GE-8JV
Region: Catch
Time: 23:00
Location: Station

FC: "Anyone know where that frig gang went?" 

Me: "They're here in GE."

FC: "Whoa. Ok, everyone, if you aren't docked, dock up."


Time: 23:03 
FC: "Anti-frigate cruisers and battlecruisers, get ready to undock in three, two, one.

I undocked to find the swarm of frigates on the undock. Per FC orders, I and the other ship that undocked went about laying into the frigates. Things didn't go well, however. We both lost our ships. I managed to destroy a Crow before getting the order to deaggress. I hadn't realized how quickly I would go once the pack opened up on me.

I died well before my aggression timer wore out. I should have just opened up on as many frigates as possible, killing as many as possible. At least that Hurricane managed to destroy a few hundred million in ships before going under itself.


Time: 23:15

After wondering how to deal with the frigate-gang, the FC was planning to take out destroyers. This would have been a great idea if there were enough destroyers and fittings on the market. I suggested smartbombing battleships, and the FC went for it. Five or six of the fleet members fitted up EMP smartbomb Geddons with EMP resists and undocked.

The strategy was simple: burn five kilometers off of the station, the activate the bombs as the frigates swarmed. However, the frigates backed off at the last second, and the Geddons didn't take many frigates with them.


Time: 23:30

A bunch of cat and mouse games with the frigs and the Geddons have ensued. Not much has been accomplished except for losing the odd Geddon or two. It turns out we had a spy in our comms. The FC thinks he knows who it is, as it's likely the same person who bubbled the Geddon fleet.


Time: 03:56

Today wasn't very interesting aside from the frigate gang problem earlier. Many lessons are to be learned from this experience though. First, when you undock and the FC gives you orders you don't think you'll survive, or least come out on top in the ISK war in, disobey. Second, spies suck. Third, smartbomb battleships are great at dealing with frigates until the frigates start shooting from beyond five kilometers. Better anti-frigate gangs consist of Drakes with Assault Missiles Launchers or Sniper Hacs. Typically, a Sniper Hac gang is best, but when you're camped in at the undock, it doesn't work because Snipers don't deal with well close-ranges. 
Computer: terminate recording.


  1. You probably could have handled them with a remote rep hurricane gang. :)

  2. That would never have worked. That's about 1000 dps minimum if even ten of the frigates focus on one ship. We would have needed logistics to pull off anything like that. 4000 if they focus fire. That fight was just a losing proposition.

  3. Just a tip, armor Hurricanes work much, much better than shield Hurricanes at killing frigates.