Saturday, August 27, 2011

White Noise Defense

Entry: five hundred ninety-six.

Time: 19:06
System:  MB4D-4
Region: Stain
Sovereignty: Sansha's Nation

[ 19:06:50 ] Me to Intel: Eggnaug  MB4D-4 Solar System nv
[ 19:07:23 ]
Me to Intel: 16 man red gang coming from  MB4D-4 Solar System
[ 19:07:29 ] Me to Intel: BaltickMan +15
[ 19:07:39 ]
Me to Intel: looks like a nano BC gang
[ 19:07:43 ]
Me to Intel: drakes, canes, scimis
[ 19:09:44 ] Me to Intel > red gang left  MB4D-4 Solar System
[ 19:09:56 ] Batttlekiller to Intel: they in lgk

[ 19:10:57 ] Me to Intel: vaga tengu x2 scimi cane x3 drake x6 dramiel harbi sabre = red gang in lgk now

[ 19:13:34 ] Nitor1013Z to Alliance: OK LOOK
[ 19:13:41 ]
Nitor1013Z to Alliance: there are 15 baddies heading this way in battlecruisers, and right now we have a chance to form. Are u people really going to wait until they are in fv?!


Time: 19:32
System: FV-SE8
Region: Stain
Sovereignty: Sansha's Nation

Nitor: "When you undock, warp to me. Warp to me guys, before they bubble the undock. We don't have a lot of time."
Computer: "Warp drive active. Warping to Nitor's location."
Nitor: "Alright, everyone align station...everyone warp station, warp station."
Computer: "Warp bubble collapsing...aligning to station...warp drive active. Loading Republic Fleet Phased Plasma M; this will take approximately 10 seconds."
Nitor: "Microwarpdrives on, burn at them out of the bubbles."
Computer: "Warp bubble collapsing."
[ 19:33:34 ] (notify) Nitor1013Z has started trying to warp scramble "Sirlene Akaro"
[ 19:33:40 ] (notify) bassie12bf1 has started trying to warp scramble "BaltickMan"

Nitor:  "Come on microwarpdrives ON guys. BURN OUT OF THE BUBBLES MICROWARPDRIVES ON! Align planet one, burn out of the bubbles align planet one!"
[ 19:34:05 ] (notify) Aligning to FV-SE8 I
Nitor: "Warp planet one!...everyone make it out?"
Darius Ringhal: "Lost a Scimitar."
Nitor: "Everyone with me align back to station."
???: "They've left into FZ."
Nitor: "Everyone warp FZ."


Time: 19:43
System: UF-KKH
Region: Stain
Sovereignty: Sansha's Nation
Nitor: "Everyone warp to the bounce on the O5Y3-W gate."
Computer: "Warp drive active...warp bubbling collapsing. Enemy targets approximately two hundred kilometers Z negative."
Nitor: "Align...planet six customs...warp at fifty."
Computer: "Warp drive active...warp bubble collapsing."
Nitor: "Align back to the O5 gate guys."
???: "They're landing."
???: "We're right on them!"
Nitor: "Primary is the Harbinger! Get points and neuts! Take him down!"
???: "He's down!"
Nitor: "Dark Eirlys in a Drake! Get the Drake!"
[ 19:47:15 ] (notify) You failed to target nothing.
???: Grid crash!
???: "Where'd they go?"
Nitor: "Keep burning! There they are, get that Drake!"
[ 19:47:19 ] (notify) You failed to target nothing.
???: "What's going on?!"
Nitor: "Keep burning and get that Drake!"
???: "There he is!"
[ 19:47:38 ] (notify) You are already managing 0 targets, as many as your ship's electronics are capable of.
Computer: "Warning: ECM drones are jamming your ship."
Nitor: "Come on take that Drake out!"
Computer: "Warning: Shields succumbing to heavy fire."
Me: "Random warp out."
[ 19:47:56 ] (notify) External factors are preventing your warp drive from responding to this command. Warning: Ship is out of control.
Computer: "Warping to Stargate FZSW-Y...warp bubble collapsing...jumping."
 Time: 19:51
System: FV-SE8
Region: Stain
Sovereignty: Sansha's Nation
Nitor: "Well guys, that sucks, we should have had that."
FurionSavage: "The grid kept crashing, which was why we couldn't kill them. If that hadn't happened we would have crushed them, we were right on top of them.
Nitor: "I'm in a chat with their FC, and they said they were getting grid crashes also."
FurionSavage: "It's bullshit...that should never have happened...we would have destroyed them."

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