Tuesday, August 30, 2011

How Things Seem

Entry: five hundred ninety-nine.

Things in Stain have mostly been rather quiet. CTAs have been few, roams have been frequent, almost matching that of our "move home" portions during our normal campaigning.

Our normal MO is to deploy for a few weeks to a few months, mess up whoever the enemy is, come home for a month to recoup ISK. During the 'staycation', we normally experience a large number of roams and very few CTAs.

You know what this looks like to me? That we've given up. Red Overlord on the other hand has deployed north and is constantly assaulting DRF assets. This has taken much of the pressure off of us in the South, but we're not doing anything with it. We're not SBUing DRF systems, we're not raiding their systems, we're not doing anything but sitting back and waiting for the DRF to come at us.

Hakawu spoke with me and a few others late last night about this, and he wants to try something. He wants to form up as many bombers as possible and attack the HED-GP station. Question is, how long will it take one hundred fifty bombers to reinforce a station? How long for one hundred? How about two hundred?

If he manages to get that fleet together, we'll find out.

Computer: terminate recording.

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