Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Entry: four hundred seventy-five.

I was in a Hound at the time. I had joined a fleet to go bomb some DRF subcaps, fighters, and fighter bombers, ie cost them a great deal of ISK. After the formup, I found out that the op was cancelled because the DRF wasn't coming. There was a glitch in something invulnerable being destroyed, and CCP ie CONCORD somehow intervened.

I know, I don't get it either.

Op cancelled, I was returning to P-Z in Querious to find out that Kil2 was in a Drake and had entered 5V- from 49-U. I and several others gave hot pursuit.

We chased him through 5V- and into 3-JCJT and found him setting up a drag bubble forty off the L3-I3K gate. A friendly Eris and a Nemesis engaged Kil2 on the gate with me. I set up the target painter and sensor dampener while aligning out, microwarpdrive active. I got off four volleys of torpedoes before his first and last volley of missiles hit me, taking me into high armor. I warped out immediately. The Eris and Nemesis were not so lucky.

More reinforcements incoming, Kil2 jumped into L3- and then into the next system, K-L I think. After a few minutes, Kil2 jumped back into L3- and was engaged by a Cynabal, Armageddon, Drake, and two Hounds, of which I was one of. Kil2 appeared to be fit into a nano Drake, as he was outpacing the other nano Drake that had accompanied us.

I aligned at an asteroid belt behind him, microwarpdrive on, and activated everything. Target painter, sensor damp, torps, all on Kil2's nano Drake. It didn't take long for him to target me yet again, apparently having given up on taking out the nano Drake, Cynabal, or Armageddon. Another volley of missiles slammed into me as his Warrior II's rushed at me and then strangely returned to him.

The armor alarm went off. I warped out, twenty-seven percent armor remaining. Once at the belt, I cloaked up and burned straight down. After a few moments, I considered warping back in to engage yet again when Rumless reported Kil2's drake was destroyed.
Computer: terminate recording.

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