Friday, August 12, 2011

Morsus, Brick, and Cascade? The Fate of HED-GP to be Decided Tomorrow!

Entry: four hundred seventy-one.

Today was interesting, to say the least.

Hakawu broadcast a call for an AHAC fleet. Twelve Guardians were required to take the fleet out. Formup was CZK-. 

After approximately an hour, we'd reached the requisite number for an AHAC fleet, ie twelve Guardians, a Blackbird, and the rest in Armored Heavy Assault Cruisers. We moved locations to 8QT-, and ended up being bridged by a Morsus Mihi titan to 1DH-, territory technically owned by the Blood Raider Covenant though truly controlled by Morsus, Brick, and RAZOR.

After the way we had denied the former Northern Coalition space so steadfastly, I had thought the day would never come that we would end up going so far as to use their titans for bridges.

The fight itself was Cascade, Brick, and Morsus against Evoke and Ewoks with a dash of NCdot at the station in 1DH-. Having been piloting a Guardian, I wasn't able to watch the fight play out or pay close attention to orders over comms, but my sense was that we'd lost a good warp-in when our Cov Ops got decloaked, and despite this, the AHAC portion of the fleet burned towards the enemy logistics line composed of Guardians and essentially destroyed it.

At one point, about five minutes into the fight, the Cascade logistics were unable to keep up with incoming damage. It was determined after the fight that this was due to standings issues between Brick and Morsus with Cascade Probable and Cascade Associates. 
Cascade Imminent is the main alliance, Probable is just as it sounds, and Associates are renters.

Because of this standings issue, our fleet was being fired upon by Evoke, Ewoks, Brick, and Morsus. Our logistics line encountered heavy jamming along with occasional alpha striking while the AHAC portion largely encountered raw alpha strikes. To top it off, Evoke and Ewoks jumped in their super capitals, capitals, and Titans.
To say Cascade was wiped out is a severe understatement. I was one of two surviving Guardians, and only five AHACs of fifty-two were spared from destruction.

During and after Cascade's annihilation, a protracted fight took place between the two opposing coalitions. Not having a fleet to repair, I locked random Brick and Morsus vessels and repaired them as needed. As this happened, Morsus and Brick activated their super-capital, capital, and titan pilots. Having intelligence of who these pilots are, Evoke and Ewoks surrendered the field, departing as quickly as they could for a dead end system two or three jumps away, Z3X-, where they promptly docked up. Stragglers were eliminated as per the usual while Brick and Morsus looted the field.

After the fight, and the looting nearly complete, Trader John of Morsus Mihi bridged what few members of our fleet were still in 1DH-. He made clear, while waiting for a cyno in 49-U, that he and his would much rather have us around to fight than the Drone Russian Federation.

To top off this strange day, it seems that the CTA that had been called off the other day was the DRF's second timer win. My figures on time spent by the DRF to take the first timer were corrected over comms as three weeks instead of two, and they were given the second timer as we didn't have the forces to fight them. 

Tomorrow is the final station timer for HED-GP. The DRF is sure to show, no matter what time it is, and so must we. I'd heard that the HED Infrastructure Hub was already destroyed, so it seems like this it.

Tomorrow, the fate of HED-GP may well decided for the rest of the war.
Computer: terminate recording.

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