Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Big Red Rubber Stamp

Entry: four hundred sixty-eight.

I'm a junior recruiter for my corporation, ie I conduct interviews but not much else. After the interview, I give the main recruiter, who handles the background checks and application approvals and denials, my feeling on the applicant. If I give a bad outlook, the main recruiter stops there, and that's fine. If I give a good outlook, he performs the background check, and assuming the applicant passes that, he gets accepted.

The problem with recruiting right now are the circumstances. With the war with the DRF moving into high gear at this point, this seems like a perfect opportunity for spies to attempt infiltration, what with my coalition attempting to field larger and larger number to combat the DRF. Before this, it was the war against the evicted NC attempting to take space in Delve. The concerns were largely the same then as now.

When we're not auto-rejecting former members of current enemies, we seem to get people who want to join not for the combat, but for the carebearing. These are the people I don't understand: you want to move into the most violent sector of null sec so that you can grind ISK?

I've lately taken to asking people what sort of null-sec lifestyle they are expecting upon acceptance. I was surprised at how well this question began weeding out people. I had honestly expected more bloodthirsty people to be coming around, but apparently this wasn't the case, as most were telling me they wanted to rat and not do CTAs.

Not do CTAs. Just take a moment to consider the insanity of that statement concerning null-sec. CTAs are where most of the action is, where most of the news is, where most of the kills are...and they want to avoid that. Suffice to say that anyone that says that they won't do or can't handle CTAs gets a big red rubber "REJECT" stamp.

In addition to these measures to weed out the inactive, we're instituting probationary periods. We're not asking for much, just that applicants attend CTAs when possible, that they remain active on the killboards. We'll give them a month, and if their activity is low enough, they're gone. To be honest though, everyone, including myself, is in a constant probationary period. It's only probation if you really don't enjoy combat. It's a competition if you do enjoy combat, and a fun one at that.

I wonder if and when we'll get a real wave of recruits. One thing is for sure though, these new recruitment methods seem to help quite a bit.
Computer: terminate recording.

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