Monday, August 22, 2011

GE-8JV falls

Entry: four hundred eighty-one.

Today was the final timer for GE-8JV, a station timer. The -A- team was set as the defensive force, the DRF the attacking force.

Archie formed us up an hour early in a bomber fleet. Against All Authorities didn't show. FAIL and FAILP were the only alliances that even bothered to defend GE-. That said, we were seventy strong, and seventy weak at the same time.

After setting up bookmarks and pounce points, and having been told to fit scorch bombs, the DRF came for GE-. Our cover was blown, as the DRF quickly figured out that seventy uncloaked bomber meant a bomber defense. This is to say it wasn't meant to be a defense, but a killing spree if we could get one.

While the DRF handled the station, we warped to the TCU and cloaked. Having seen us, they had bubbled themselves at the station hoping to drag a a few foolish bombers. We didn't entertain them that way. Once done with the station, they warped to the TCU, and I had the privilege of seeing at least six supers and titans taking it out. They again bubbled their fleet, hoping for drags, but none came.

Archie ordered us to warp to a belt, and we all got decloaked. The DRF came after us, and a few bombers were destroyed while most got away.

Some time later, Archie got a warp-in on the DRF fleet, and told us to bomb the rather obvious target. He called out warp-ins by squad.

That didn't go well.

The warp-in may or may not have been good, but the calls for squads to warp in were too clustered together, and after the first squad's bombing run, the rest of the squads got caught in bubbles by the DRF fleet. Being in squad seven, I was literally half a second from warp when a bubble caught me, keeping me from warp, resulting in my Hound's destruction and my exposure to vacuum.

The headache I woke up with in FV- left me unable to think for a few minutes. Shock and pain were my world. 
Just before that last bombing run, I remember seeing a DRF TCU onlining.
Computer: terminate entry.


  1. It sucks being on the receiving end of an eviction. Tends to lower you overall gaming morale.

    Keep it up, and remember it is better to call quits early than let it burn you out.

  2. Thanks foks, I'll keep my head up!

  3. I'm fairly new to the whole Eve Universe and although the concept of these evictions is still at the limit of my understanding, I'm reading these updates with great interest. It's a very good read.