Friday, September 9, 2011

How the Battle Really Went

Entry: six hundred nine.

Evenews24 put out an article within twenty-four hours of the battle at CNC- yesterday. The two forces were the DRF and Southern Coalition, the second of which is more commonly known these days as the conglomerate of Against All Authorities, Cascade, Atlas, Nulli Secunda, Warped Aggression, Red Overlord (deployed in Tribute and Venal), Imperial Order (now disbanded via DRF spy), and Legio Astartes (I think, I only know them as Legio).

Computer, link the news report.

Before I continue, it is my duty to note that I was not actually part of the first part of the fight. I was a scout planted in FAT- nextdoor to CNC-.

I read the news story, and it smacks of ignorance and bluster from the story submitter. Not only did he not have a clue what the objective was, his details on the fight are shady at best, and his claim that the battlereport proves NCdot can fight with subcaps is a blatant lie.

Here's how it really went.

-A- formed its own fleet, Cascade/Atlas/WA (Warped Aggression) formed its own fleet, AHAC by composition. Cascade's fleet bridged into CZK- and immediately jumped into CNC-. Archie, the FC, ordered scouts into all adjacent systems. I volunteered for FAT-GP duty. I was told Morsus Mihi would be coming to join the battle and to ignore them when they made their way to CNC-.

What the Cascade fleet did, I can't be sure, but given that this was a CTA fleet, it's a sure bet they were shooting SBUs, attempting to destroy them and thus save CNC- from DRF control.

NCdot formed up an Abaddon fleet, bridged either into CZK- or very close by, and jumped into CNC- to engage the Cascade fleet. NCdot warped in at range on Cascade, Cascade immediately warped away to a safe POS. Archie asked a cloaked scout for a warp-in.

Approximately five minutes after asking for the warp-in, a cloaked scout reported having a warp-in seven kilometers from the NCdot fleet. Archie fleet warped the Cascade AHAC fleet to the warp-in and landed forty kilometers away from most of the NCdot Abaddon fleet.

Suffice to say, the Abaddons took that battle. AHACs are afterburner fitted, and at forty kilometers, have zero chance of catching and killing an Abaddon fleet fitted with microwarpdrives. Archie did what he could to kill what was there on the field while attempting to drive the AHACs out of the dictor bubbles that were dropped on the Cascade fleet, and eventually managed to get most of what was left of the AHAC fleet away after taking extreme losses.

Archie ordered an immediate reship to Geddons. While this took place, -A- bridged in via Jumpbridge from K717- into CNC- while Morsus Mihi jumped a group of approximately thirty bombers from FAT- into CNC-. Morsus Mihi bombed the Abaddon fleet while it was engaged at the IHUB on planet five, losing most of their bombers in the process, most likely to drag bubbles placed pre-emptively by NCdot and undoubtedly some to delayed bubbled placed at the determined warp-in point.

While the bombing runs were commenced, Morsus Mihi also cyno'd into a fleet of forty Dominix battleships. It's unclear to me if the force was cyno'd in directly, or next door in K717-, CZK- or whatever the other system is aside from FAT-, but they were there. 

-A- and Morsus engaged NCdot together, but at some point -A- abandoned the Morsus Domi fleet, leaving Morsus Mihi's forces to be pretty much obliterated with but a few survivors. NCdot had taken heavy losses at this point, but the composition of the -A- fleet was and is unknown to me. It seems probable that, given the losses, Morsus Mihi's plan of forty Dominix's was a bad idea and that a suitable warp-in could not be obtained by either -A- or Morsus Mihi.

As Morsus Mihi left CNC-, Cascade/Atlas/WA had reshipped to Hellgeddons, and joined forces with the -A- fleet, and at this point it seems likely that -A- was also running a Hellgeddon fleet. The previous desertion of the field can then easily be explained by a bad warp-in on the NCdot fleet, as the Hellgeddons have a short range of engagement compared to artillery Abaddons.

Cascade/Atlas/WA bridged to LGK-, then bridged with -A- into FAT- and jumped into CNC-, at which point I joined the fleet in CNC-. Once in CNC the Geddon fleet warped to the sun, only to learn a few seconds later that the NCdot fleet was landing at the FAT- gate, trying to escape but landing in the heavily bubbled portion of the area some twenty kilometers off the gate. The Geddon fleet obtained a ping three hundred above the gate, warped there, then warped to the gate, annihilating any of the NCdot fleet foolish enough not to abandon the field and retreat through FAT-.

Having taken the field, -A-/Cascade/Atlas/WA warped to and destroyed two of the SBUs in CNC before bridging to LGK- from CNC- (I'm certain the cyno-jammer was cycled for this very purpose).

As for using supers/titans in the battle, not that many were used. Compared to the number DRF members use, our hotdrop was a breeze compared to the power overwhelming they typically field. Yes, it was an "I Win" button, but by then the fight was already won. NCdot was finished the minute the Geddon fleet got a good warp-in.

After bridging back to LGK-, Cascade/Atlas formed another fleet and destroyed two more SBUs in a system I'm not familiar with, a small fleet of approximately sixty accomplishing this task over two hours, and burned back to FV- via LGK-.

I hope this play by play clears up the copious errors in the evenews24 report. Bad warp-ins were the reason my side lost so many ships. It had nothing to do with NCdot's "prowess" at subcapital combat. 

I also feel the need to note that what seems like ninety-nine percent of the people who commented on the battle and battle-report were not there, have no clue what really happened, have no idea how to read a battle-report aside from "x lost more than b", and from what I can gather, have no real idea how large scale battles work, why long range battleships kills close range cruisers, and that interdictor bubbles catch bombers. The incompetence is staggering and inexcusable, matched only by the sheer arrogance of those commentors and the submitter of the battle report.
Computer: terminate recording.

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