Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Reality of Life in Stain

Entry: six hundred twelve.

Many capsuleers make their living fighting off the Sansha hordes, pushing back incursions from high sec, low-sec, even null-sec. Many capsuleers never take into account what happens to the abducted.

They end up here, in Stain.

Stain is controlled by Sansha's Nation, which is to say, by Kuvakei. Those who live here willingly need have no fear of the Sansha, or of the reconditioning given to those abducted during Incursions. All who live here work with and for Kuvakei, by choice or by force.

The exception, in part, are the capsuleers also living in Stain, basing out of Sansha stations. Still, this exception isn't the entirety of the capsuleer population in Stain, as many who live here work willingly for Sansha's Nations, carrying out missions of all security levels for them in exchange for ISK, items, ships, and favors.

Often times, when I venture beyond the sparse quarters provided to me, the screams and wails of those yet to be converted reach my ears. On the rare occassion, one will manage to break free of his captors, only to run into a capsuleer such as myself.

Escapees don't manage to stay free beyond that point. The treaty the capsuleers have with Sansha's Nation demands that we apprehend any escapees and turn them over to Nation alive. I've had to turn over a handful myself, lest I be in violation of the Sansha-Capsuleer Accords and be denied all services at all Sansha stations. At least Nation doesn't seem to mind that I typically break the knees of the escape artist that crosses my path.

Being denied the ability to conduct my own war is a greater evil in my eyes than allowing Sansha to enslave trillions.

For this service to the Sansha, by which I mean making sure I apprehend all nearby conversion escapees, Nation even tolerates me destroying some of their manned vessels when I go out in space to make ISK. I've destroyed somewhere between fifty and one hundred such vessels, ranging from frigate class to battleship class. Nation is apparently pulling in more convertees than we capsuleers are destroying in our effort to fund our own wars, and apparently doesn't mind much as long as their numbers continue to climb.

I wonder when I changed. I used to care about people in general, and now I'm only concerned with myself and the capsuleers I associate with. It doesn't bother me that I am this way, but it does bother me that I can't point to when the change occurred.

Computer: terminate recording.


  1. If I ever see you in space, slaver, we will talk with Barrage M.

  2. lol i lived in Provi for awhile which is also sansha controled, fun times.