Sunday, September 18, 2011

Re-Deployment Number Four

Entry: six hundred sixteen.

Computer: play back mail.

"Playing back redacted Alliance mail." 
From: ----------------
Sent: 2011.09.18 00:39 ----------------,  --------,  --------------, ---------
To: Cascade Imminent, ----------------,  --------,  --------------, ---------

So, I'm extremely sorry but also happy to say, as of right now, we are not going to be living out of Stain.

After many talks and the recent --------- ------------- and ---- -- -------, we (the leadership) have decided that it is in our best interest to move the alliance ---- -- ----- --- system ---. Whilst there we will be "modifying" the -- ------ so that you guys can have quick access to the --- ------ to carebear,

Yes this means that our resident neutral friends will no longer be so neutral.

Those of you that need help moving ships, etc, speak to corp leadership, as much of the fuel cost will be covered by alliance by fuel given/paid for by your corps.

I recommend that you sell/self destruct remaining battleships, sell spare mods, etc. Travel as light as possible. Once there we will be using ------ --, specifically the --------- ----- fit which will be posted on the forums shortly.

Please note, Blue standings will be sorted by 18:00 tomorrow, so don't jump into --- just yet. If you have any further questions about why, etc, please go to either you corp leadership or myself, -----, or ------ directly and we will be happy to explain the reasoning.

Again I'm sorry to make you guys move again, but I promise this will be the last I will be moving my shit for the next forever. At least until the Q and D sov is secure and we can relocate to a new system to call home.


P.S.: Guys, please understand that it isn't lightly we make the decision, we want what is best for this alliance and although we all hate moving including me, once this is over and done with we can settle down and get back to business, which after all is what we're here for, I'm afraid I couldn't sit around any longer and watch my friends leaving this alliance because they didn't want to be in Stain. ---- ----- we will build on what we have and grow again like we were before.

P.P.S.: Please don't hate me.

"Playback terminated."
Suffice to say, it's annoying as hell what the current situation is. Still, since I don't want to change alliances/corporations, I made an effort to move my stuff down to the new staging system. I took my Claw around the back route, and about halfway through I ran into a Dramiel gatecamp with a cloaky Eris. Obviously I didn't make it and got sent back to FV-.

I took the back route because the other day the DRF took CZK-, and there's a timer today for 4-07, which is camped pretty heavily by the DRF as well for the next few hours at minimum.

Doesn't matter what alliance orders are. You can't redeploy if you can't get to the redeployment system.

Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Been there, done that, it is one of the crappiest situations you can find yourself in EvE.

    Keep up the optimism.

  2. Sounds more than just a little annoying, best of luck with the whole process.