Monday, November 14, 2011

The Next Play

Entry: six hundred seventy-five.

I finally heard what Morsus Mihi and Brick were up to the other day. My CEO found them in a low-sec location that I won't name, but it seems they've been moving to Curse. I can't honestly remember who owns Curse, but my feeling is that the Angel Cartel presides over that domain. I'm looking forward to hearing how things go for Morsus Mihi and Brick after they've moved in.

Now that all but the very last few members of those alliances have left Delve, things have been pretty quiet. With Cascade now making up the majority population of Delve at any one time, the population average has dropped from one hundred fifty, to one hundred twenty, to one hundred, to seventy, to fifty. With a population that small, I sense that there won't be many frigate gangs to bomb on the 1DH-SX undock any time soon.

With those allies gone, there has been some serious grumbling within the alliance about what Cascade is still doing in 1DH-. Cascade controls seventy-two systems between Querious and Delve, and the alliance has technically been deployed away from home for over three months. If Cascade isn't going to push back the Freeport mission, or attack Evoke and Ewoks to prevent capital construction in Delve, then what are we doing in 1DH-?

My simple answer is that it is to prevent station flipping over the course of dealing with Raiden. Raiden does control a small portion of Querious and does pose a serious threat, and it would be the best practice to stage out of Blood Raider space to prevent Cascade assets from being trapped in stations by Raiden. My answer, however, may not be the real reason Cascade is still in 1DH-. To be blunt though, I don't want to leave. 

In recent history, Cascade has moved several times since going home so many months ago. First, we staged in CZK- first, then P-Z, followed shortly by FV-SE8. After a month long period in Stain, we redeployed yet again to 1DH-, and we've now been here for a month or two. I and my CEO are tired of moving, and I'm sure much of the alliance feels the same. At the same time, much of the alliance wants to go home, while I don't.

Given the war fatigue settling in with many of the members, as well as depleting wallets, there is an additional factor not yet mentioned: the alliance leader.

Recently, he's been absent for days at a time with no one to take over the reins even temporarily. Additionally, he has apparently not been comminucating with the alliance as to what is going on and what he plans to do and simply attempting to do everything himself. You could say that Cascade is facing a crisis period, to the point where the alliance leader has been disassociated from his main corp and had to move to the asset holding corporation. Things are looking a little dire.

It'll be interesting to see what Cascade's next play will be in the next few days. Will we move, and if so, to where? Will Archie remain the alliance head? If not, will he go peacefully or try to take the alliance with him? If he does remain, how will he remedy his serious issues stemming from trying to run the entire alliance by himself, and will his plan put an end to the threat of corporations leaving the alliance? What is Cascade's next objective, or do we even have one?

Equally as interesting, what will my corporation do if the alliance disbands? Will the member corporations of Cascade create a new alliance free of the current leader? Will my corporation even join it? Who's left to join that meshes with our corporations goals aside from Goons, TEST or Against All Authorities? Will we even join the DRF and have to learn Russian?

Living in interesting times can be such a curse.
Computer: terminate recording.


    SARA [Semi Autonomous Rational Array-B1545]
    Active Locus: Maelstrom; “HDF =Fukmerunnin=”

    :SARA, Take a message for Truen1ght:

    Begin Neocom Message:
    Recipient: Truen1ght; Cascade Imminent [Militaris Industries]; 1DH-
    Sender: TurAmarth ElRandir; Hiigaran Bounty Hunters Inc. [Astraeaus]; Serenity Station;
    On Patrol: Jxxxxxx (encrypted)

    We just came off our third day of Sleeper Ops in a D382 C2 WH. We sold the hole and the new owners are settin up shop but we still have a contract to complete clearing the 60+ combat sites we found during the initial exploration phase.

    We have had 2 corps working this system and have cleared well over 40 sites now… there are still 20+ left before we have the system pacified. The crew is beat and we are all ragged from the constant combat rotations, but moral is high, and the prospect of flashing wallets and bonuses for all does not hurt. =]

    I was taking a break, from the bridge and the endless sea of paperwork, when I came across your B-log report on the Neocom…

    A Spockian, "interesting" w/ one arched pointy brow...

    Your relationship with your alliance may be more inter-dependant in your life in null than ours is for us as a WH Corp. We are often simply too removed from Empire (hi, low or null) goings on to really be all that involved most of the time. Empire space is where we sell our L&S and buy stuff we don’t make, and we can make an awful lot of what we need… so, meh.

    I do find it interesting that in this we have some common ground. As you know we went through an Alliance Join-Grow-(*)-Disband... with the (*) being, in our case, one of "Fatal Leadership Fail".

    Our Alliance Exec went AFK for a few ‘months’ (seriously, months) leaving one guy not-really-in-charge, in charge... a guy who dint want the job and while he struggled mightily to keep it together, it was all just too much and not his job to begin with... the break point was the loss of a really expensive True Sansha Large POS in the Alliance C1 with the loss of many ships and mods...

    I have no idea the actual ISK loss, but it was very high, and it was due, tragically, to the POS being allowed to run out of fuel. Yup, no one around to fuel it... it was discovered, and raided, and destroyed... and so our old Alliance imploded.

    We have very recently reformed and re joined a new Alliance risen from the old... out of some of the corps and pilots who were the most effective and active in the old Alliance, and some new... and we will see what we shall see in the months to come.:

    :SARA, end, crypt, send:

    SARA [Semi Autonomous Rational Array-I1545/Active Locus: Maelstrom; “HDF =Fukmerunnin=”]
    End Neocom Message: Encrypt, -COMPLETED-; Send, -COMPLETED-:

  2. Thanks Naoru. I think things will be fine quite honestly. It takes alot to destroy a group of people that fly together regularly, and I don't think Cascade is in any real danger of falling apart, but it'd be foolish of me to discount it completely as a possibility.