Saturday, November 12, 2011

One False Step

Entry: six hundred seventy-three.

Yesterday the CFC brought down yet another frigate roam. You know the sort: cheap, tech one hulls with tech one fits, but when there are eighty of them, anything dies fast. I managed to cash in on the opportunity and extract a heavy price from them despite the cheapness of their fleet.

The CFC frigate fleet had been bouncing around a lot, using a one thousand below station bookmark, off station bookmarks, warping to gates, generally trying to pick off tiny groups of bigger ships in the area. I happened to have a spot roughly in the same area as them below the undock, and warped to it. Their fleet was some four hundred kilometers away. I crunched the numbers and quickly determined that it would take me approximately seventeen minutes to reach their position.

I did not have that kind of time, and they were not going to give it to me.

I warped up to a handy bookmark I have, a pounce on the station, and waited. They warped in some time later, and created a few wrecks before warping out, one of which was rather conveniently placed. Once they had warped off, I warped down to this wreck at ten and discovered my new favorite bombing spot. It's below the massive docking ring of the station, but plenty close for bombing the undock while being out of the way of everything and unaligned to any celestial. I made the bookmark, and warped back to a pounce.

Some time later, the CFC fleet warped the undock at zero, which dropped them out about twenty below that actual undock terminus. I warped to my new bombing spot, and noticed almost immediately that much of the fleet was microwarping at the terminus. I aimed for the terminus, decloaked, launched the bomb, and attempted a warp out.

Unfortunately, I didn't have my regular bombing fit, as I'd acquired it via contracts on the cheap. As my bomb exploded, my systems overloaded, trying to keep up with the massive amount of incoming information. My Manticore was destroyed, and I found myself podded due to the crippling lag I'd induced in the slaughter.

I had the worst headache upon respawning in the medical bay. After it wore off, I took a look at my combat logs.

Thirty-two final blow killmails at the same time after an hour of patience. Most were tech one, although there was the occasional tech two, cruiser, or pod. And although several people show up on the kills, aside from one poor soul who died before my bomb hit him, I was the only person actively engaged in killing them at that time. The timestamp on my bomb explosion is zero three thirty-nine (03:39) on eleven twelve twenty eleven (11-12-2011). Additional kills were logged for me throughout the hour as the CFC fleet continued to roam in 1DH-SX.

Me, I was reveling in the destruction I'd inflicted from their one false step for the rest of the night. I went to sleep with a smile on my face.
Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Monster, could you keep us appraised on what Morsus Mihi is up to? No need to talk about anything that would compromise your alliance, but general goals, goings-ons, and status would be wonderful to hear as those things develop.

  2. Holy crap...very nice work.

    Damn I wish we could use bombs in lowsec. We had a fleet camping gates that would have been perfect for bombing.

  3. Thats freakin awesome!


  4. ZOMG!! OK, ok.... I git to get to work with my Hound. It seems sumtime in the last week or so I skilled past the pre-reqs for bombs (but dint know it) so I immediately fitted a Hound stealth bomber... now I GOATTA get in da hole and larn how to bomble stuff without gettin killmails on me, by me... LOL.

    Kudos Tru!!

  5. I'll mail you ingame about how to bomb people without dying Tur.

  6. Thirty-two simultaneous killmails... colour me impressed. I don't often hear of someone actually lagging themselves out with too many kills! (Granted, I live on the opposite end of lowsec from Naoru, so we don't really use bombs...)