Monday, November 28, 2011


Entry: six hundred eighty-eight.

I'm painfully reminded of Suleiman's comment yesterday. "lol sov". Indeed. I've been scouting for the main fleet for quite some time, perhaps six plus hours, I'm not real sure. Raiden and Evoke went around taking sovereignty away from us in three major systems today: A2-V2, 9CG6, and W-IX. We've only been able to manage a smallish fleet of forty to fifty for this mission of taking back space.

I'm sure Raiden are laughing at us for how long it's taking us. First, we had to destroy the TCUs in those systems, and then we had to flip the stations. So far, we've destroyed the TCUs with torpedo spam, and then reshipped into Battleships to flip the stations, of which only 9CG6 has been flipped back to us from Raiden. 

Currently the W-IX station is in structure being flipped from Raiden to us. A2-V2, but the Neocom network is going down for upgrades in a few hours, and I doubt we'll flip A2-V2 in time for that.

Raiden attempted to get a super fleet up against us for the 9CG6 and then the W-IX stations, but failed and formed up a small bomber squad. While forming up, Black Legion rolled past us into 9CG6 in their Gila fleet, then came back to W-IX and killed a few of our battleships. After Black Legion left, Raiden managed to drop some bombs on our kitchen sink battleship fleet and we lost a few more.
Setbacks sure slow station flipping down.

"lol sov". No kidding. But it's this or gate and station guns, and I'd rather deal with this, especially since the flipping process usually results in combat, just not when your opponent would have to fight you out of their timezone.

On the upside, it looks like I'm going to win the first place prize this month for combat. I haven't necessarily been the most active, but two major strikes with bombs put me over the top for the month. I'm looking forward to perfecting my bombing tactics, solo and in groups, to win these sorts of prizes more often.

Computer: terminate recording.


  1. Gateguns are actually less of a deal than most would lead you to believe - once you get a gang of about 4-5 shield Battlecruisers together, the most irritating thing is them going for your drones.

    As for my comment, I just find it amusing that people spent serious time shooting stationary targets, just in the hope of getting a fight from the opposition, in which your only contribution is pressing F1 and broadcasting when yellow/red-boxed, without paying much attention to transversal, keeping an eye out for warpins, spreading points etc.

    Small gang pvp ftw

  2. Alot of people mitigate structure shoots by doing other things while shooting structures, and I admit I do as well. TV, homework, MLG tournaments for SC2, whatever needs doing or otherwise suits my fancy.

    I've had bad experiences with gate and station guns. I was on Anjali at the time, and I have to admit, I wasn't prepared for dealing with them, especially as she's limited to cruisers for the foreseeable future.

    Just keep in mind that null isn't all structure shoots. There is small gang PvP as well, albeit with pilots less experienced than professional pirates more often than not.