Thursday, November 10, 2011

Dead Space

Entry: six hundred seventy-one, supplemental one.

Since I logged into the neocom network, very little has happened today. A RAZOR fleet camped the 1DH- undock for a short bit, then a Black Legion gang did it, and then there were constant reports of a well known shifting gatecamp run by Admiral Ackbar and his six or seven other versions of himself. Apparently I had just missed yet another CFC Rifter roam down to 1DH-.

It's amazing how little was going on, and how dead 1DH- felt today, and how empty it feels now. The place is no longer bustling with the activity of a one hundred fifty active inhabitants on average, with the occasional red fleet spiking local to a little over two hundred. As of right now, there's a grand total of fifty-seven active. CZK- was on average this active at all times when that was Cascade's capitol.

With nothing to do, I clone jumped to an old body I left in LGK-. An instantaneous forty jump trip is always nice, beats piloting a pod that far. I podded the rest of the way to TG- to pick up a Crusader I'd left there, and made the trip back to 1DH-, planning to hit the bridge in K-6K16 to F20Y-, which would put me one jump out of 1DH- and avoid that cloaky nine-of-one shifting gatecamp.

The largest population I encountered along the way was forty four in LGK-, followed by approximately twenty three in V-3. All other systems from TG- to K-6K16 had a population of six or less, with only CNC- having a population of six, CZK- a population of five, and the rest having a population of one aside from myself or empty.

Some interesting changes were to be seen, however, largely in claims on space. YHN- has been successfully recovered by .-A-., as well as one or two systems leading to YHN-. GE- was still owned by White Noise, but pretty clearly abandoned. V-3YG7 station was under siege by a group of about fifteen blues, presumably Legio. 

Legio had taken several of the systems leading to CZK- as well, and one system on the path to CZK- was entirely unclaimed. Otherwise, there were no notable changes that I've seen, excepting previous knowledge of Raiden taking over some systems in Querious, most recently L-6BE1 and V-3U8T (not to be confused with the V-3 in Catch, both are often referred to as V-3), and one or two surrounding systems such as GOP-GE.

I just wish that there was something more exciting to talk about than what group owns what space. Politics can be such a bitch.
Computer: terminate recording.

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