Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Thunderdome Is Getting Nerfed

Entry: six hundred seventy-one.

Some political circumstances have come about that are going to cause a reduction of deathing in the Thunderdome known as Delve.

Firstly, Morsus Mihi is moving away from Delve. Multiple sources confirmed this, and that they were in fact moving back North. Sources were suggesting Guristas Space, which is to say Venal if I recall correctly. Why Morsus would move there when all the action and all their remaining space is in Delve is beyond me. Maybe they plan to strike a vengeful blow at the Deklien Coalition. My guess is that the blow will land quite softly upon the CFC, however, and cause more pain for Morsus than the CFC. This change is already taking place and appears almost complete, as residence in 1DH-SX has declined considerably and there has been an influx of public contracts from Morsus Mihi members.

Just in case, for those not in the know, the CFC is the Deklein Coalition. The CFC is what the Deklein Coalition calls themselves. CFC stands for Cluster F**k Coalition, go figure right? It has its charm, don't dog it.

Secondly, Brick Squad is leaving Delve. Supposedly they are becoming Against All Authorities' pets and moving into Catch. Again, this move baffles me, as both the action and their space are in Delve. There won't be much to do in Catch aside from grind out some new sovereignty, which does make sense if Brick is simply tired of defending its space from the CFC invasion. According to the mails, this change will take place within the next few days.

Will Cascade remain blue with Morsus and Brick? I can't say as I know. My initial guess would be "yes", but it begs the question, "To what point?" If both are going to be too far away to help and be helped, there seems little reasoning behind remaining blue except for possible futures which could result in Brick and Morsus moving back to Delve.

Third, Against All Authorities will be resetting Cascade and Nulli and are already on enemy terms with Morsus and Brick. This means that Against All Authorities might well decide to invade Cascade and Nulli space at some point in an effort to, if not expunge us, then just take some of our space to rent out. This change is supposed to take place by the end of the week.

Fourth, Pandemic Legion has already left Delve. Where just last week PR- was filled with Pandemic Legion, now it is barren. I've heard that Pandemic Legion has moved north into Tribute or Vale from a few sources, but no source seems real sure about what happened. Perhaps they are taking their own space up north? Perhaps they got tired of being denied fights in Delve? Maybe some combination?

With those four major changes in effect, I expect to see Evoke and Ewoks escalate in activity, as they are also based in and attempting to take space in Delve. I expect the Raiden invasion of Querious to either slow down or drastically increase, as there will be fewer enemies for them to deal with. Whether it slows down or speeds up depends on if Raiden is intent on holding space in Querious when, to the best of my knowledge, they already hold a good chunk of space in the East. I also expect to the CFC invasion to speed up in the short term as they take what remains of Morsus' and Brick's abandoned space.

In addition, because of the .-A-. reset of Cascade and Nulli, I somewhat expect to be moving out towards Nulli space to defend against .-A-. at some point in the future, but not for some time. Until then, I suspect Cascade will be alone in its endeavors to push back the CFC freeporting invasion, as Nulli has yet to appear on the board. I am unsure whether that results from standings issues with Morsus and Brick, or if they simply do not care about Delve.

Perhaps one of the bigger questions is, "What comes next?" If the CFC does succeed in freeporting Delve, do they go home, or do they continue the campaign? If they go home, enemies will be few except for low-sec, and hard to reach even with jumpbridges given the size of CFC space. I once made a trip from VFK-IV to 6VDT-H in an effort to find something to shoot, and even with jumpbridges, the trip was forty jumps one way. If they continue the campaign however, will members grumble about not being able to make ISK?

We will just have to see how things turn out in the longer turn, but the implications seem clear for the short terms. The Thunderdome will be coming with less Thunder.

Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. Morsus Mihi have become the pied piper of Delve, with all the rats following him wherever he goes.

    This makes it rather difficult to achieve anything when you are attempting to operate in the most accessible parts of Delve and are subject to attack from enemies that, when combined, are many times your number and are determined to shut you down at every opportunity. In this context, a move is seen as a positive step, as our freedom of movement is extremely limited in Delve.

    It remains to be seen if the pied piper will successfully draw the rats away from Delve when he moves north. . .