Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Blood in the Water at L-6BE1

Entry: six hundred eighty-one.

It's hard to believe it's been seven days since I last made a log public. I suppose it's more proof that I keep strange hours. Also more proof that zero zero keeps strange hours as well.

At approximately twenty-two hundred hours I logged into the neocom network, powering up my Purifer from its logged off state. As I warped onto a pounce spot outside of 1DH- station, I saw what was clearly an AHAC fleet forming up. I activated voice comms without delay and joined the fleet posted in fleet finder, docking and reshipping to a Guardian as well.

Almost as soon as I undocked, the fleet warped to F20Y- to use the jump bridge network. We made our way to L-6BE1 via the back entrance, which lies through 7GCD- while the front door from Delve lies in MKD-.

"...align only! There are titans on field, so grid is going to load slow..." explained our FC, Archiebald Hornby. "DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT shoot anything unless it is broadcasted. Goons are on the field as well!"
I made sure to turn off all brackets on my display system, as well as switch to the celestial only overview feed. Titans meant Supers, both meant drones, fighters, and fighter bombers, and local was well over four hundred already. Keeping reps quickly required the minimalistic overview that only no information can provide. The fight for me devolved solely down to locked targets and the broadcast window.

As we landed, my systems were initially stuttering through the load, information flooding through, and the only reason my systems didn't crash was because I was filtering out a ridiculous amount of information already. Even with all the filtered information, the camera drones clearly displayed twenty plus Titans and Motherships on field trapped in Interdictor bubbles.

Cascade was not alone on the field. Just prior to Cascade warping in, Nulli had warped in with a Navy Hellgeddon fleet. The Raiden subcapital fleet was dropping so quickly our own FC had difficultly broadcasting any targets before they were destroyed. Between Nulli's Hellgeddons, Cascade's AHACs, and the Goon Whelp-Cane fleet, Raiden was getting slaughtered in the subcapital vessel conflict. It didn't take long before all that remained were the Raiden Titans, Supers, and Triage Carriers.

The fight dragged on as Raiden was primaried, capital after capital falling to the sheer number of conventionals arrayed against them. Despite obliterating countless numbers of conventional vessels, Raiden was being swarmed and attacked on all side with no escape route in sight.

For me, the battle was simply keeping people alive. Tobber Harley was the first in Cascade to go. Despite seven guardians for a total of twenty-one reps his Hurricane, after about a minute of slowing bleeding structure even under heavy remote repair his vessel crumpled in on itself.

And then it happened. A Doomsday hit me, the Judgement from a Raiden Avatar on field. My ship was instantly vaporized, leaving my pod exposed. I slowly piloted out of the Interdictor bubbles and warped away. After I was certain the kill for a Raiden Triage Archon was recorded, I warped back to the MKD- gate and allowed myself to be podded back to 1DH-. Evoke had entered the fray with bombers, of which I believe one killed me.
I reshipped immediately into a Crusader. Goons were coming from the Y2-ANO area to reinforce their assault on Raiden, and I had doubts as to whether Goons would let anything bigger travel by them via gates, as I elected not to use the Jump Bridge network to take the back route.

Just as I arrived, Cascade was ordered to retreat. Goons were still reinforcing, Against All Authorities was on the way with Initiative, Evoke was dishing out extreme damage, and Nulli was going down. Half of Cascade's Guardians had been taken out and holding reps was no longer possible.

I scouted the fleet back to 1DH- via the jump bridge network, reshipped to a bomber, and resisted the urge to bomb Goons as they passed through 1DH- to the battlefield.

Dotlan reports over six hundred kills in L-6BE1 at the time of the battle.

Computer: terminate recording.

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