Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WMDs and Orders

Entry: six hundred seventy-four.

Last night was pretty successful for me. What it took to get success was another issue.

Despite my previously mentioned fears of lack of a CFC frigate gang coming to 1DH-SX again, it did come over from YZ9-, approximately nine jumps from 1DH-. Once here, they proceeded to play the usual game of attempting to catch small packs of bigger and more expensive ships. They did succeed, catching quite a few vessels which included a Hurricane, a Dominix, an Armageddon, and a Cynabal. I attempted to help the Dominix pilot from Morsus Mihi at the PR- gate with a well placed bomb, but it was to no avail.

I have mixed feelings about their success. 
Eventually, there did come a point where the frigate fleet made that fatal step. They have a safe spot approximately one thousand kilometers below the station undock and usually warp up from there to the station to pick off pilots who think they can get away. 

This time they didn't have a warp-in at the undock terminus, and I warped to my bombing spot as soon as they appeared on grid. I noticed that they landed off the terminus and that a significant number of the fleet had activated their microwarpdrives, the bloodlust running strong in them.

I aligned to the terminus, waited one second, decloaked, bombed, began warp.

I was targeted by several, pointed by no more than two with disruptors, and warped out. As I left grid, I saw the damage notifications roll in, and I knew I'd hit the jackpot.

Twenty-two frigates down. Bombs really are weapons of mass destruction. Timestamp of the kills are zero zero forty-nine (00:49) mark eleven fifteen twenty eleven (11-11-15).

Suffice it to say that I was feeling good that night. The CFC fleet even congratulated me on my bomb.


Cascade has finally received new orders. Computer: playback redacted alliance mail.

Computer: Confirmed.
From: ---------- ------
To: Cascade

Firstly, thank you for all you guys who took the time to come down and give me your feedback on everything alliance and otherwise.
Ive got Alot of the same stuff, and some rather odd bits.

The next step
However. Due to the fact that processing this and making a further decision on where to go next with FAIL will take longer than one day, We will be standing down to a chill out Phase for ---- -----. 

The Reasoning

Although many people will get upset and want more stuff to do, many in FAIL have been grinding against hostile incursion attempts for nearly eight months with very little chance to do anything for themselves. I know personally it's cost me alot of ISK, and even my tank is running low.

The Facts

So from, ------- ---- November @ 17:00
------ ---- December @ 19:00.
You are all free to do whatever you wish. I suggest Strongly that you use this time to rat and make yourself some ISK. You should be looking for one to two billion liquid ISK and at least two AHACS, two Logistics, two faildongs, and two hellgeddons. Those FC's who want to run fleets throughout this time: keep them cheap, keep them fun; no grinding towers without good cause, etc.

On ------ ---- December @ 19:00 There will be an alliance meeting to announce what we will be doing over the next three months.

For the time being, all combat fleets will be formed from 1DH-. Bulk and combat assets are not to move anywhere just yet. In case you have forgotten, you all hate moving, and I would hate for you to have to do it two times in as many weeks.

During this time Teamspeak is still manditory whilst online. Take this time to get to know each other.

The exception
There is one BUT to all this. Should the space get attacked, we are no longer in chill mode, but I don't see that happening.


The final Note
So go have fun. Chillax, and smile.

---------- ------ 
Computer: Playback terminated.
Computer: terminate recording.

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