Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Coordinate Definitions

Entry: six hundred eighty-one, supplemental one.

     Everyone knows bookmarks are necessary. The problem is defining a system of handling coordinates to label bookmarks in an understandable fashion. I feel dense for only recently realizing the most obvious, and perhaps best, coordinate system for bookmarking.
     There are only two constants in all solar systems: the star, and the orientation of Z-axis in space. When multiple bookmarks describing multiple locations on the same grid are defined, the best way to label the bookmarks is by setting the center of grid as an origin unto itself, but treating the star as the origin for the total map.

     I have many bookmarks around 1DH- station. Simple descriptions of range and locations won't suffice, eg. 231 station.
     Lack of clear X and Y orientation about the origin.

     Warpable spots are difficult to determine, paths that cause decloaking are difficult to avoid. Requires initiation and halt of warp to check alignments, actions which are attention intensive and possibly fatal.
     The positive X axis is opposite the star 2 the origin of the grid. With Z and X now clearly defined for any grid, Y is easy to understand, and any bookmark on grid can have a clear RLXYZ definition, where R is radius from grid origin, L is object, XYZ are directions. Double +/- indicate a heavier bias towards an axis as opposed to another. With bookmarks clearly defined in this fashion, bouncing between bookmarks without decloaking is much simpler.

Solution Examples: 
     231 station is now 231 station -x-y. 10 undock bomb is now 10 undock bomb -x-y-z.

     Future bookmarks should be labeled {?X?Y?Z ?Radius ?Location} in the future, as orientations and locations will be easier to read for evasive warping and covert observation. ? denotes variability for use in general naming conventions. 

     Old locations should be updated to match the new scheme.

     Z width of an undock ring is large on some stations, twenty kilometers for 1DH- centered on the terminus. Boomarks do not reflect this knowledge directly, only through actual locations.
Computer: terminate recording.

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