Friday, March 2, 2012

An Almost Fruitless Roam, a Useless Death

Entry: seven hundred eighty-four.

With some free time on my hands for once this week, I and a former pirate friend now corpmate roamed from H-ADOC to Utopia in a Crusader and a Wolf. On the trip up, we found nothing except a gatecamp sitting on a drag bubble which we easily bypassed, and another gatecamp on the Jorund/Utopia gate.

On our way back, we decided to make a bunch of pounces for the route, since Curse seems rife with gatecampers and cloakies. As I warped to the outgate in Hemin, I noticed an Incursus sitting a hundred off. I called for Jason to wait while I burned at him. It seemed pretty clear he was bait, but with me piloting the interceptor, I felt reasonably confident of getting away.

At forty kilometers, I called for him to warp to me. A few seconds later I had the Incursus tackled. A few seconds after that, Jason landed, and that's when the Incursus webbed and scrammed me. With Jason on field I knew we could kill the Incursus extremely fast.

It lasted ten seconds or less. There was enough time left over before the gatecamping gang landed that I tried to loot the wreck. I wasn't quite able to, however, and barely managed to get away from a Rapier and Sabre, having been webbed and momentarily inside of a bubble.

The rest of the trip to H-ADOC was uneventful.

After a few minutes in H-ADOC, we joined an alliance fleet. Waterboard came into local with an eighteen strong gang: Vagabonds, Canes, Scimis, etcetera. The FC decided to take the fight, and warped to them below the station. He called for us to warp to him, and as I was in warp, he called for fleet to leave the field. Fantastic. My cane was pretty brutally murdered, and I didn't manage to kill anything with it. Suffice to say that I was fairly ticked off at the horrendous call the FC had made.

It would not have been such a bad call had the fleet already been in space: something would have died. But half the fleet was docked. Five of us lost our ships for no reason and took nothing with us, four being battlecruisers like mine. That's the last time I join one of his fleets.

My night was a bit ruined at that useless action. I went and got another cane from HED-, only to run through a gatecamp that that FC's then active fleet was chasing. Thankfully, they hadn't reported it in intel at all, so I got to view the enemy gang up close and personal. Also thankfully, the enemy gang didn't jump in after me, probably assuming that their opponents were on the other side instead of running away.

It was fairly frustrating. 
Computer: terminate recording.

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