Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Massive Fight at LXQ

You saw it here first (if you don't watch Expect to see a more in depth report on soon, so I won't try to spice up what boils down to the following:

-a- went to reinforce a station, xxDeath drops a titan, which got murdered and PL came to save it.

The guts of the battle are essentially that -a-/nulli/other blues  vs PL/NCdot/xxDeath in LXQ. PL/NCdot/xxDeath eventually dropped quite a few supers and titans, most of which got bubbled and put under severe pressure from the -a-/nulli subcap fleet.

Over the course of an hour to two hours, this battle took place. A small Cascade interceptor roam burned to help while pinging alliance for support. I arrived for the final five supers to die, picking off enemy bombers as I could. A temporary cease fire was arranged between goons/test/-a-/nulli/cascade/en garde/etc while enemy supers were being destroyed.
Bubbles were everywhere. The grid was ridiculously bad, disappearing some twenty km above the fight, and near the end flickering in and out even while orbiting the last Aeon at ten km. As soon as that last Aeon went down, the free for all ensued. Cascade gtfo as fast as possible.

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  1. Very very nice, looks like your rackign up some good super kills, shame i Hvae never been on one. but i can harldy stay in 0.0 long enought to.