Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Evicting Red Alliance?

Entry: seven hundred sixty-one, supplemental one.

In previous logs I mentioned the Cascade Imminent campaign being diverted from Tenerifis to Immensea. Cascade Imminent, to the best of my knowledge, blockaded seven Red Alliance and Red Citizens systems. As the end of last week approached, those seven systems were liberated. What was done with those systems, I don't know.

Since then, there was a short break before Cascade began sieging more systems. I don't particularly know which systems were sieged, or even care, but there it is. There have a been a few more CTAs called, though the majority occur before I get the chance to get out of my quarters in GJ0-.

In the meantime, Against All Authorities have taken massive amounts of space. 77S-, a once heavily used ratting system for Red Alliance and Red Citizens, has been taken by Against All Authorities, as well as several other systems in that area.

I've heard that the plan is to push back Red Alliance, if not completely evict them if they let us. I also heard recently that Red Alliance had four hundred plus systems to their name, including those that are techincally owned by Red Citizens, of which some fifty of those systems were station systems. The timeframe to relieve Red of all these systems is not insignificant, to say the least...

In the meantime, NEM3SIS is leaving Querious, to the best of my knowledge, for Delve. On a recent Sniper Hac roam, I stopped in NOL- and saw NEM3SIS shooting the station. That'll leave essentially all of Querious to Cascade.

No one is bothering to try and take CVA space, but everyone loves to roam into their space. For all the shit people talk about CVA, they do fight back. Realizing that makes me think Phreeze might feel the same way about Intrepid Crossing that I'm starting to about CVA. They're not the best, or even great, and probably actually downright suck, but they've got spunk, and it's rare enough you don't want it to go away.

As for anything else, the only real info I have is that White Noise split, and those that Cascade like more are reformed into G00DFELLAS. Everything else is too remote from my position to reach my ears.
Computer: terminate recording.

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  1. I fought CVA awhile back, I wouldn't call it spunk, its more like a deep seeded dertermination to never give up providance EVER lol.